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   Chapter 47 'The Baby' Was Gone

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"Hello, Queenie. What's wrong? "

After Ivan said that, not only Queenie, but also Ivan was stunned for a moment. It seemed that he had never called her "Queenie", although her friends and family all called her like this.

On the other hand, Queenie was stunned with the phone in her hand. It was the first time that Ivan had called her like this. Her heart seemed to be melting because of this "Queenie", and there was a strange feeling in her chest.

However, the most important thing for the time being was to deal with Isabel, so Queenie temporarily put down the abnormality in her heart and continued the call.

"Something happened to Isabel in the T R Coffee Shop. I've called 120 and she will be sent to the hospital. You can go to the hospital directly later. It's better for you to inform father and mother. I won't call them. "

"You said something happened to Isabel? what do you mean? ... what's wrong with her? "

"She seems to have hurt the baby."

Queenie said concisely and didn't explain the whole thing.

First, time was limited, so she couldn't tell Ivan too much details. Second, she didn't know what to say.

Should she tell him that it was not her who pushed Isabel, but Isabel who framed her? He wouldn't believe her. At that time, if Isabel said that it was her who pushed her, she would make trouble for herself.

She decided not to say anything and solve the problem first. The truth would be figured out by then. She was not in a hurry at this moment.

"What's wrong with the baby? She... Forget it. I'll go to the hospital first. I'll go to the hospital first then I inform my parents, so that they won't worry about it. "

"Okay, that's it. I'll hang up."

After saying that, Queenie hung up the phone before Ivan could say anything. Then she turned to look at Isabel.

"I've called 120. They'll send you to the hospital later and I have called Ivan. He'll go straight to the hospital."

After hanging up the phone, Ivan ordered his assistant, Edward Liu, to dismiss the people in the meeting room, and told Edward that he had somethin

y not be so alienated? Would there be more contact?

"Hello! Are you the family of the patient, Isabel Tang? "

At this time, a clear voice suddenly sounded in his ears, waking up Ivan, who was still in a trance, and making him realize in surprise how absurd his idea was just now.

"Yes, I am her... friend. How is she now?"

Ivan said as he watched the doctor push Isabel out of the operating room. Her face was pale and she looked fragile as if she would be blown away by a gust of wind at any time, which made Ivan's heart ache slightly.

"Sir, we have tried our best, but... the baby is not saved, and the adult is still safe. However, she is a little weak, and you need to pay attention to the patient's mood and nutrition in the later stage of recovery. The patient hadn't woken up yet because of anesthesia. Now you could go to the ward to have a look, in case that she would be emotionally unstable when she woke up. If there is something out of control, please call the doctor for help in time. "

Hearing that the baby was gone, Ivan felt as if all his strength had been sucked out, but he still tried hard to stand, but his face became serious.

"Okay, I know! Thank you, doctor. I'd like to know where I should go for the admission procedures. ”

"No need. That lady has already done it and paid the fees. The patient is now in the VIP ward. Please come with me."

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