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   Chapter 46 Tragedy play, Miscarriage

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Seeing that Queenie only asked about it after she said so much, Isabel had a plan in her mind.

"I woke up and was going to find Ivan in the master bedroom. When I saw your two bodyguards packing up in the room, I asked casually. When I woke up, Ivan has already gone to the company. He should not know that you have left, right? "

Queenie didn't want to answer Isabel's tentative question. She picked up the coffee on the table and tasted it.

She was waiting, waiting for Isabel to tell her the purpose of asking her out today.

Seeing that Queenie didn't respond to her, Isabel took a deep breath, and swallowed the anger. She had a plan today. She couldn't mess it up because of anger.

"Queenie, are you blaming me? I really didn't mean to do that. Ivan and I really love each other. As you know, love is hard to control when it is deep. Ivan and I don't want to hurt you. I beg you to go back with me, okay?

Before Ivan knows you left, come back with me. Let's pretend nothing has happened and get along well with each other, okay? I swear that I will never tell Ivan about your departure, as long as you agree to go back with me. "

Isabel swore solemnly. Her words were even a little pleading, and she looked pitiful. If it weren't for the investigation Queenie had done today and knew her well, Queenie would have believed her words.

But Queenie felt a little uncomfortable when she always heard how much she and Ivan loved each other. Her husband and another woman really loved each other and had a child. How could it be as if she had stepped in other people's relationship.

"Isabel, don't pretend to be innocent anymore. There is no Ivan you love here. You don't need to act for anyone. And you don't need to beg me not to move out. Isn't it exactly what you want for me to leave? You and Ivan can have two lives together and no one will disturb you.

Besides, Ivan doesn't know your true face. If he knows

around and was about to leave.

However, some nosy people couldn't stand it anymore. A young man stood out and grabbed her who was about to leave.

"Girl, you can't leave. You pushed her down. Now she is like this. Don't you plan to send her to the hospital? Why are you so cruel? "

The rest nodded in agreement.

"Exactly! Send her to the hospital! "

"Yes! This little girl is so pitiful on the ground. How could she turn around and leave? How inhuman! "

Being grabbed by the young man's wrist, Queenie couldn't leave for a while, but she didn't want to stay here to watch the tragedy play directed and acted by Isabel.

However, when she saw more and more blood stains on Isabel's body, Queenie still felt a little sorry for her. Her hand struggled slightly, and it's not appropriate for the young man to use force against a woman, so he let go of her hand.

Queenie took out her phone from her bag, and called 120, briefly explained the situation, and then told the address, and then called Ivan for no reason.

Ivan was having a meeting in the company. When he saw that it was a call from Queenie, he unexpectedly stopped the meeting. He just thought that under normal circumstances, Queenie would not call him. If she called him, there must be something important.

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