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   Chapter 44 Back To The Villa

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When they walked up, they could feel its softness, as if stepping on a floating cloud. They could not help but feel relaxed and happy.

The sofa was also apricot. There were light blue and apricot pillows on it. Beside it, there were several chairs, wooden apricot chairs, pattern backers, and light blue cushions.

On the tea table in front of the sofa, there was a blue transparent vase with a few white roses in it, which made the room more elegant and beautiful.

The main bedroom and guest room were on the second floor. Each room had an independent desk and a special study. Paintings of famous artists were hung on both sides of the corridor. The third floor was for entertainment and leisure. The roof of the top floor was a transparent glass roof, covered with some ornamental plants. There was a small table, a few chairs, a swing, a hanging chair, and a rocking chair. Just looking at them, people couldn't help but want to have a try.

It had to be said that Myron really cared about Queenie. The whole house was decorated in the style Queenie liked, simple and elegant, especially the transparent glass design on the third floor, which made Queenie like it very much.


"Myron, thank you for your kindness. I really like the design here, but I still can't live here. If I can avoid something, just try to avoid it. I don't want to cause too much trouble."

Queenie, who was sitting on the swing on the third floor, said to Myron with a smile.

"Queenie, there will be no problem. Trust me, I will handle it well. Okay? "

Queenie still looked at Myron with a smile and didn't say anything. Myron didn't say anything more and quietly enjoyed the moment with Queenie.

After taking Queenie to see the house, Myron asked her again and again, hoping that she could take the key to the house in case of need. However, Queenie thought she couldn't accept such a big gift for no reason, so she didn't agree.

It was already even

s not the Virgin Mary who loved everyone regardless of anything.

When she returned to the new house, it was almost lunch time. Normally, the servants had already prepared lunch or were preparing lunch at this time.

But for some reason, there was no movement today. She just thought that Ivan went to work, and Isabel was free to go anywhere. She didn't want to care.

Until Ashton came to her. "Mr. Ivan has been sleeping. Miss Tang went to bed when she came back this morning."

Knowing that they were all resting, Queenie didn't say anything more. After thinking for a while, she told Ashton and Ashley to pack up her things and take them back to her own house after Ivan woke up.

And she specially told them that there was no need to do it in a hurry. It would be best when Ivan was not at home. Before that, they needed to continue to stay here, pretending to wait for her to come back.

But Queenie didn't stay any longer and left after she finished her words. Because she suddenly remembered that Ivan didn't let her go last time and smashed her things. In order to avoid what might happen when he woke up, she'd better leave first.

It was almost three o'clock in the afternoon when Ivan woke up. Perhaps it was because he hadn't slept well recently that he fell asleep so deeply.

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