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   Chapter 28 A Real Piece Of Work

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Ivan thought that Queenie might just leave in a fit of anger and would definitely come back in the evening. If he drank the wine, or even drunk, many things would be difficult to deal with.

He'd better stay at home and wait for her to come back. When she came back, he should tell her and apologize to her. He didn't mean to hurt her by saying those words.

After turning around and leaving, Queenie was very unhappy because of Ivan's questioning.

Not long after she left, she called her best friend Bella and asked her out to sing karaoke. How could Bella not know Queenie's temperament? If there was nothing else, how could Queenie take the initiative to invite her to sing K!

So, maybe, Queenie was in trouble! And the problem might have been solved, but it still made her very irritable. She needed to vent her anger in some way.

But now, it was obvious that this way was to ask her to sing K together. As her best friend, of course Bella didn't mind these. As soon as she heard this, she immediately went to the bar mentioned by Queenie.

This bar was not like a big bar like the Dark Lord Bar. It was just an ordinary small bar. Most of the people in it were ordinary people, so they wouldn't get into any big trouble.

And they must have their own ways to solve the small trouble. After all, it was not the first time for them to come here. The two of them were beautiful and had a good figure. Wherever they went, they would get into some trouble.

She had been used to it and learned some skills to deal with it. Most of the time, they would deceive others and escape.

Every time they ran away, they would smile at each other and instantly forget all the troubles.

After hanging up the phone with Bella, Queenie took a taxi to the unknown small bar. When she was about to arrive, Bella called and told her that she had arrived. She asked Bella to book a small private room and wait for her.

After a while, she received a message from Bella, "Honey, room 666. Wait for you! " With the expression of a kiss.

Across the screen of the phone, Queenie seemed to feel Bella's passionate and evil kiss, which made her angry and funny. However, this girl had recovered from the breakup. That was good.

When Queenie arrived, she found a waiter and followed him to room 666. After saying thank you to the waiter, she turned around and entered the private room. She locked the door in case someone who shouldn't have broken in.

When she arrived, Bella had already ordered wine. She was sitting there alone and singing a sad love song. Looking at her like this, Queenie's eyes turned red unconsciously.

Even if Bella didn't tell her, Queenie knew that Bella still often thought of that man. After all, love was one thing, and memory was another.


"Wow! Belle, you did it on purpose! I'm in a bad mood, but you still sing such a song for me! Do you just want me to cry?! Boo... Hoo... "

"Oh, my good Queenie, don't cry! I'll just sing a happy song! Come here and give you a hug! "

As Bella spoke, she stood up to hug Queenie.

Queenie didn't dodge but caught her.

"Belle, tell me, how have you been these days? Why are you so heavy now? !"

Bella looked up at Queenie innoc

ently and said, "Humph! You always bully me! "

"Of course not! How dare I bully you! My sweetheart Belle! "

The two of them laughed and talked about what happened today.

Bella asked Queenie what happened. She had always been calm, but there was someone who could make Queenie so angry that Queenie took the initiative to invite her to the bar.

"It's all because of my nominal husband."

"What? What's his matter? Did you two fall in love? " Bella teased Queenie.

Queenie knocked on her forehead.

"What are you thinking about! How is that possible? Me and him? It's impossible! "

"Then what happened? Did he upset you? Aren't you a person who doesn't care about anything? You won't have any extra emotions, will you? "

"Let me tell you. He is just a lunatic. I don't know what's wrong with him. He has an affair with a woman called Isabel outside. The other day, the woman's pregnancy was known to Phipps and Hertha, and then she asked to live in our bridal chamber.

I didn't say anything more. After all, these are his personal feelings and have nothing to do with me. But today, he criticized me for what i did and took care of my business seriously. He also said that I was flirting with other men. Do you think it's annoying? !"

"Damn it! How could he do this! He has made her pregnant and she even came to your house. How dare he scold you? But why did he say that you were flirting with other men outside? What happened today? "

"Today... Myron is back! Then I didn't know he was back. He just asked me to go to the cafe to get something. I didn't know he was back until I got there. Of course I was happy to see him!

Then, I sat down and chatted with him. We had a good conversation, but the man, Ivan Han, suddenly interjected and called me wife. He said that I didn't take him with me when I went out for a cup of coffee. Then he introduced himself to be my husband, pretending to be very affectionate with me. Then he took me away.

The point is that when he came back, he even asked me about my relationship with Myron and said that I was flirting with other men before I got divorced! "

"Damn it! This Ivan is a real piece of work! No, no, I can't stand it anymore. Queenie, wait a minute. I'll help you teach him a lesson. "

At this moment, Bella was like an angry lion. Queenie looked at her with anger and laughter. She stopped her in a hurry, in case Bella really went to get even with Ivan.

"Queenie, don't stop me. I'll teach that Ivan a lesson!"

Queenie chuckled, "Just you? And teach him a lesson? In my opinion! It's more possible that you are taught a lesson by him! "

Bella frowned and her forehead between her two curved eyebrows twisted. Her cherry pink little mouth pouted and looked pitiful. She looked at Queenie, who was making fun of her.

"Well, Queenie, how could you say that to me. You don't believe me at all! Humph! "

Queenie smiled helplessly and said, "All right! All right! My dear Belle! I trust you the most, okay? I just don't think it's necessary! What the hell is he? No matter how powerful he is in front of others, he is nothing to me! I'm not sad for him. If it weren't for my father's sake, I wouldn't have been so angry! "

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