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   Chapter 26 A Love Drama

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Therefore, she chose to close the cafe and go back to her hometown alone to be with her parents.

At that time, Myron had been begging her to sell the coffee shop to him, and asked her to continue to stay here and help him run it. At first, the landlady had been against it, but later she couldn't stand Myron's begging.

She didn't expect that this man who looked like the son of a rich family would beg her so humbly. She guessed that there must be some stories in it. She was curious about the reason.

So she told him, "if you can tell me the reason why you want to keep this cafe, maybe I can give it to you. After all, it didn't exist for making money. I planned to close it because I didn't find the right person to accept it. If your story can make me moved, then you are the best choice. "

Therefore, Myron told the story of himself and Queenie to the landlady.

In fact, it should be his story alone. Because Queenie didn't know all his feelings.

He didn't mention the name of Queenie, but the girl. He said that the girl liked this coffee shop; he said that his feelings for her began from here; he said that he wanted to help her keep all the beautiful memories...

He said so much that even he himself was surprised. How could he tell all his deep feelings to a stranger!

Maybe it was because he didn't have the courage to speak it out even though he had loved her for so long.

Yes, he had loved her for so long, but he always keep it in his heart. He was happy for her happiness and sad for her sadness. Perhaps, from the beginning to the end, it was just his love play.

He still remembered that at that time, the landlady laughed at him for being spineless and told him that if he liked her, he should be brave to chase after her and not wait until he lost her.

At that time, he told the landlady, "I'm leaving and I don't know when I can come back. I don't know what will happen in the future. I want to arrange everything well before I love her with all my heart and soul."

The landlady could see through his eyes. She knew that he was not making up a story. So when she said she'd give him the cafe, he didn't accept.

He said he would buy it for her. When he came back, he would send here as a gift to her. He was already very happy just thinking of her smiling face.

Later, he bought it. He didn't change anything. He told the landlady that he would come back at any time.

So his years abroad were more than just studying. On the one hand, he studied hard and did as well as anyone else. On the other hand, he cultivated his own ability in all aspects, and even secretly cultivated his own force.

He didn't know whether she needed it or not, but he hoped to give her the best he could, if she needed it. He thought that if one day she wanted something, at least he had the ability to get it for her.

He had been abroad for so many years. He seemed to be more successful than others.

But in fact, only he himself knew that he could hold on until he thought of her in the study nights.

He had learned a lot. One of his good friends abroad didn't want him to work so hard, so he tried to persuade him several times, "Myron, you are already excellent. Why do you still work so hard? Can't yo

u just relax for a while? "

He only smiled with self-mockery. "You don't understand. I want to give her the best."

Almost everyone who had a good relationship with him knew that there was a person in his heart. He was constantly fulfilling himself for that person, just to give her the best. In fact, he was good enough, but he always felt that he was not good enough.

In his eyes, Queenie deserved all the best things in the world, because Queenie was the best.

But now, he finally arranged all the things and solved all the problems, just in order to come back and accompany her well.

But what did he hear? What did he see again? He also met her husband when he got the news of her marriage.

It was ridiculous. At this point, as the landlady said, it was impossible to regret after losing it. It was he who had only made his own plans and did not have the time to tell her the truth.

But what could he do now? She had been married. It seemed that she was living a good life. What about him? What was the meaning of his return?

Without her, where should he go?

Could he still be with her in the future? Could he continue to be her brother? After all, she was married. It was impossible for him to stay with her as if nothing had happened. He would also feel painful when he saw her happy with another man.

Besides, he didn't want her to be in a dilemma. He was afraid that staying with her would affect her life. After all, except for herself, all their friends could see that he had feelings for her. Only she called him brother every day.

Myron was absorbed in his memory and looked at the bouquet of purple clovers carefully put aside by Queenie. But now it looked lonely.

Just now, he felt that they were blooming so coquettishly. Myron guessed that maybe it was because of his mood.

Just now, when he saw the bright smile on Queenie's face, he felt that everything around him had become bright and dazzling.

At this time, when she left him, he felt that the surroundings were somewhat desolate.

Myron recalled the scene that the man called Ivan held Queenie's arm and left just now. His sight slowly moved up from the chair that Queenie had just sat to the position where she had stood up.

Following the direction she left, his eyes spread to the door of the cafe. Their intimate backs when they left seemed to appear in front of him again.

It seemed that something was about to gush out of his eyes. Myron tried his best to control himself to cry for her and lost face. Now that she was happy, he should also be happy, even if the person who made her happy was not him.

After getting out of the car and arriving at Queenie's side, Ivan] still gently opened the door, as if he was protecting some rare treasure. He carefully took Queenie out of the passenger seat.

He looked at her intently, as if she would slip away if he was not careful. He didn't know why he had such a feeling, but he couldn't ignore the abnormality in his heart.

Ivan was about to take Queenie back to the master bedroom and let her have a good rest on the bed.

In fact, he walked very slowly on purpose. He didn't want to walk fast, because he seemed to have been cursed and enjoyed such a quiet moment with her.

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