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   Chapter 24 I'm Her Husband

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"Of course. If you dare to forget me, I won't forgive you." Queenie answered naughtily.

Ivan, who was sitting near the door, saw them chatting for a long time. Judging from the man's expression, he knew that they had a good conversation.

Ivan felt that he was holding back his anger. The more he looked at the man, the more unpleasant he was to him. On a spur of the moment, Ivan stood up and walked directly to Queenie.

He wore casual clothes today, a white shirt, fluttering clothes, and black trousers, clean and straight. He was slender and hair scattered on his forehead, looking lazy and graceful.

Of course, Myron, who was opposite, saw Ivan first. He stared at Ivan with confusion and hostility in his eyes.

Perhaps it was because Ivan's imposing manner was too obvious. Although Myron didn't know him, he thought that Ivan came for Queenie and was hostile to him.

If Queenie noticed that Myron's face suddenly became a little tense, she would find that he was staring at somewhere else. As long as she followed the direction he stared, she would definitely see that Ivan was walking towards their table with great momentum.

It was not until Ivan approached that Queenie felt someone coming over behind her, because Ivan blocked the light behind her. His long figure was projected on the square table in front of her.

She slowly raised her head from the state of concentrating on eating dessert and saw Myron looking at her back with confusion and hostility.

Then she slowly turned around and saw Ivan standing there. The sun was shining on him, like a prince in a fairy tale, striking.

When she saw his gentle smile to her, for a moment, she thought it was her illusion. The next moment, a slender and white hand reached out to the corner of her mouth and gently wiped the crumbs from it.

Queenie only felt that Ivan's hand was cold and hot, and there was a burning heat in the place where he touched. Where she couldn't see, Myron saw her ears turning red.

Myron stood up at once and patted on Ivan's hand. "Who are you? !"

There was a hint of imperceptible eagerness in his tone, as if he was afraid that something of his would be taken away by others.

However, Ivan was not in a hurry to answer Myron's anxious question. Instead, he pretended to be very coincidental and talked with Queenie as usual.

"Queenie, what a coincidence! I didn't expect you to like this coffee too. If I had known it earlier, I would have brought you here! I thought you girls wouldn't like coffee. But... ."

As he spoke, Ivan turned his eyes to Myron, who was ignored by him.

"Honey, why didn't you tell me when you came out with your male friend? Huh? Don't you know that I will be jealous? "

As he spoke, he put one hand on Queenie's shoulder and touched her nose with the other. They looked affectionate, but in the eyes of Myron, it was harsh.

Looking at Myron's reaction, Ivan realized that he liked Queenie. Huh! He didn't expect that this woman was quite popular.

Queenie had been looking at Ivan slightly. She motioned with her eyes and wanted

to ask him what he was doing and why he followed her here.

In the eyes of Myron, it seemed that they were communicating closely with each other through eyes. For a moment, it hurt a part of his heart, as if a hand was tightly holding his heart, making him difficult to breathe.

He tried hard to hold back the discomfort of his body and looked straight at Ivan, "Hello, I'm a good friend of Queenie, and also her brother. Myron, may I ask who you are?"

Myron still didn't give up. He wanted to pretend that what he had just heard was just an illusion. However, no matter what he thought, Ivan only cared about his identity and the relationship between him and Queenie now, in case that she was "targeted" by other men.

Then Ivan turned his head and looked at Queenie affectionately, "I'm Queenie's husband!" Then he looked at Myron again, "Myron? Nice to meet you! " His eyes were full of provocation.

It was a heavy blow to Myron. With the last glimmer of expectation in his eyes, he looked at Queenie and said in an indescribable trembling voice, "Queenie, you... you really... Are you really married?"

Although Queenie felt that Ivan was very strange today and didn't know what he was doing, what he said was true. She couldn't refute him, and she didn't intend to refute him. After all, it was true!

"Yes, Myron. I was just talking about you. I forgot to tell you that I'm married. This is my husband. "

Myron felt that something in his heart collapsed all of a sudden. He had a crush on Queenie for so many years, and finally ended his study abroad in advance. He planned to come back and wholeheartedly pursue Queenie. He wanted to be with her, take care of her for a lifetime, and give her the happiness she wanted.

Today's gathering was just to test Queenie's attitude towards their relationship. He was very happy to hear that Queenie wanted him to stay. He thought he would have a good start.

But he didn't expect that before he could show his true feelings, a piece of news came out that Queenie had been married. Moreover, her husband came to him and told him personally.

They seemed to love each other very much. Myron began to regret a lot. Was it because he shouldn't have left her in the past, or because he had left for too long that things had changed?

If he hadn't chosen to leave and study abroad, would he have already expressed his love to Queenie? Would he have been with Queenie? Maybe she didn't marry anyone.

So, the one who could stand by her and hold her in his arms aboveboard wouldn't be the man who had the imposing manner of king in front of him. But Myron.

But regret was the most useless emotion in the world. What had been lost and what had happened couldn't be like what happened in fairy tales. There was magic that could make everything go back to the past and start again.

Not all stories had a happy ending. Not all love could be exchanged for deep affection.

When you had decided to bury your love deeply, you shouldn't let it appear in your life all the time.

But Myron couldn't do it. He really couldn't.

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