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   Chapter 23 Myron Is Back

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Such a smile was really beautiful. Queenie was a delicate woman. But in the eyes of Ivan, Queenie's smile was particularly harsh, because she was smiling to other men, and she had never smiled so sincerely to him.

When he found that Queenie was meeting this handsome man, he felt even more depressed and angry. He didn't like to see Queenie being so close to other men except him.

Especially now, he felt that Queenie was closer to this man than him.

Looking at the happy look on Queenie's face, Myron felt that everything was worth it. The smile at the corners of his mouth was more obvious.

"Queenie, as long as you are happy! I hope I can always make you so happy! Look, this is the purple clover I personally cultivated. I specially bring it to you. Just take it as an apology that I haven't told you that I have come back. "

Myron said in a brisk tone and looked at Queenie gently. At this moment, only her smile could be seen in his eyes. The longing for her for so many years finally spread at this moment.

"Wow! Myron, I thought you bought it! It's so beautiful! " Queenie looked at the exquisitely packaged flower in disbelief.

She took the bouquet from Myron as if it was a treasure. She approached it carefully and smelled. It was still her favorite fragrance.

She thought that perhaps only the person in front of her could know her heart.

Queenie and Myron sat face to face. Myron could see the intoxicated expression on Myron's face, while Ivan could only see the tenderness in Myron's eyes when he looked at Queenie.

How could he not understand such a pair of bare eyes? This man liked Queenie, or even loved her. Fortunately, his eyes were very pure, and he would definitely not do anything to hurt Queenie, which made Ivan relieved a lot.

But he was still very anxious. He couldn't see the expression on Queenie's face now, because she basically turned her back to him after she sat down. He could only see her back.

He didn't know if Queenie was as affectionate as this man. Did they love each other? This recognition made him feel heartbroken. He didn't like this feeling.

But in an instant, he suppressed the abnormality in his heart. He remembered that Queenie had just called him "Brother Myron". They should not be the relationship between lovers.

Unconsciously, he breathed a sigh of relief and felt a little relaxed.

However, his eyes narrowed slightly and there was a trace of viciousness in them. He would like to see who this man was. He was so familiar with Queenie.

Looking at Queenie, the two of them were still talking happily. Afraid of being discovered by Queenie, the place where Ivan sat was not very close to Queenie's table, so he could not hear their voice, nor did he know what they were talking about.

In fact, Queenie and Myron didn't talk about anything. They just asked about their own situation.

"Myron, are you leaving this time?"

In Queenie's impression, every time Myron came back, he had something important to deal with. When he finished his work, he had to go back in a hurry, as if he was always very busy.

Myron didn't tell Queenie what he was busy

with, so Queenie didn't ask. In Queenie's eyes, they were good friends. They had similar interests, but they were more intimate than friends. In other words, she regarded him as her brother, which should be more appropriate.

"Queenie, do you want me to leave? Or do you want me to stay? Tell me the truth. Have you forgotten me since I left? You don't miss me at all? Huh? "

Myron asked deliberately, as if he was joking. In fact, he was extremely nervous, afraid of hearing the answer he didn't want to hear.

Even in the eyes of others, this might not be a very important problem. But he had left Queenie for a long time. He wanted to hear her say that she missed him, but now he could only express it in this way.

It was also his way of testing if the time had come to bring out her, who he had been keeping in his heart, and the deeply buried feelings he had for her.

With a helpless smile, Queenie gently put the bouquet in her hand on the empty seat beside her.

"Myron, why do you look like a child after studying abroad for a few years? Did you go to the kindergarten? Ha ha. "

Unfortunately, she couldn't understand what he meant.

"Queenie, how dare you make fun of me? You haven't answered my question yet! " Myron was a little anxious. After all, he had been waiting for a long time.

It was so long that he had forgotten how long it had been.

When he realized that he was in a hurry, he said something. But he didn't need to worry about what Queenie was thinking about. After all, if she could think of anything like that, how could she not understand what he was thinking until now!

"Myron, you always make fun of me! After you left, of course I missed you! I miss the days when we drink coffee together! Besides, although you can learn a lot abroad, I certainly don't want you to leave! After all, you are the only one who lives there. No matter how good your life is, you don't have any family to accompany you. It's better to go back. "

She didn't think too much. She just felt that his words were a little strange.

"So you want me to stay, right?"

Excitement flashed in Myron's eyes. At this moment, he was really like a child, longing for the answer of Queenie.

"Myron, what's wrong with you today? Why do you always ask these strange questions? I take you as a family member, of course I don't want you to work hard outside alone! It's so nice of you to come back! "

Noticing that he was a little out of control, Myron restrained his expression and said with a smile, "it's okay. I'm just back. I'm a little excited to see you."

Queenie still felt a little strange, but since Myron had said so, she couldn't ask any more.

Then he called the waiter and ordered a cup of coffee and some desserts for Queenie.

Queenie saw that what he ordered were all her favorite taste and his own.

"You've been abroad for so long, but your taste hasn't changed at all. And you can even remember my favorite taste exactly. You have a good memory! No wonder you learned everything faster than me! "

"Even if I forget everything, I won't forget anything about you." Myron said to Queenie seriously.

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