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   Chapter 20 Breakfast Without Appetite

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But she didn't show it on her face. Instead, she continued to say to Ivan in a coquettish manner, "well, Ivan, I'll listen to you. You don't have to buy these things in a hurry, but you have to promise me that you will buy them with me at that time. I'm the mother of the child, and you are the father. I hope we can prepare things for him together and take care of our child when they grow up."

"Okay, I see. Let's talk about it later." Ivan answered perfunctorily.

Seeing the attitude of Ivan, Isabel thought he was unhappy about what happened before. The anger in her heart hadn't been relieved yet, and she didn't mention it any more. She took Ivan's arm and led him downstairs.

"Well, Ivan, let's go downstairs for breakfast! I can even smell the delicious breakfast here today! Maybe the baby is hungry! "

Isabel was really in the play, as if she was really pregnant with the child of Ivan. And as if she was deliberately telling Queenie downstairs, so she mentioned the so-called "child" all the time.

Somehow, Ivan took a look at Isabel's belly, as if he could see through the baby inside. In fact, he was not very happy when he heard Isabel say that she was pregnant.

On the contrary, he was worried that he didn't know how to explain it to Queenie, although she might not need his explanation at all.

And the fact also proved that she did not need any explanation from him. She even accepted it more frankly than he did. Instead, which made he feel more sorry for her. She didn't want anything and didn't care about anything, which made him feel like he was punched in cotton.

When Isabel went downstairs, she saw that Queenie was still indifferent. She had almost finished her breakfast.

'Doesn't she wait for me to have breakfast together now?' Ivan thought gloomily.

Then he sat down with Isabel, and the servant brought their breakfast. Ivan was still eating a steak, but today there was no vivid carving.

He remembered that the first time it was a little rabbit, then there were cats and dogs, flowers, trees, buildings and other forms. This time, there was nothing. He knew that he could not blame her, but he was very concerned about it.

When he didn't have Queenie before, he ate the same steak, which was still his favorite taste and style, but he strangely lost his appetite now.

"Miss Isabel, this is the nutritious breakfast specially ordered by Mrs. Hertha for you. It is good for the baby in your belly and for your health. Mrs. Hertha also told me that your diet will be specially made by chefs. Please take good care of your baby. "

Although Isabel didn't like breakfast for prevention of miscarriage, after all, she was not really pregnant, she looked at Queenie complacently when she heard the servant say so.

"Then thank Mrs. Hertha for me. Please rest assured. I will take good care of the baby in my belly! After all, this is the first child of Ivan and me! "

"Okay, Miss Isabel. Enjoy yourself!" Then she looked at Ivan and Queenie, "please enjoy yourself, Mr. Ivan and Mrs. Queenie!" Then she left.

Hearing what Isabel said, Queenie knew that she said it on purpose. She had seen through Isabel for a long time. She was just a vain and hypocritical woman. Perhaps only Ivan

was stupid enough to be kept in the dark by her.

The breakfast was almost finished. She didn't want to stay here any longer, so she stood up and went back to her room.

Looking at her receding figure on the stairs, Ivan felt that something was slowly losing. He was wondering how to tell Queenie that he wanted to invite her to dinner.

Judging from his current relationship with Queenie, he didn't seem to have any suitable reason, which made him very helpless. And he didn't know what to do.

After all, it was indeed his fault.

Noticing that Ivan was staring at the back of Queenie, Isabel was a little angry, but she knew that she couldn't lose her temper with him at this time. He might be still angry with her!

If she lost her temper and Ivan Han was not in the mood to talk to her, he would only feel that she was very annoyed. By that time, the result would be the opposite, and she would lose more than gain, let alone find a way to make Ivan Han change his mind.

"Ivan, have breakfast now. It's getting cold. Your stomach hasn't been feeling well these years. If you eat cold, I'm afraid you'll feel uncomfortable again. In this case, I'll be very distressed."

Hearing Isabel's words, Ivan took a few more bites of the steak, but he didn't know how it tasted. He was thinking about how to ask Queenie out for dinner.

"I'm full. Take your time. I'll go upstairs to see her."

Of course, Isabel knew who "she" meant. "Why did you go to see her? Isn't she fine? "

"Isabel, it's not what you think. After all, she is the daughter of the Dong family and married into our Han family. She pretended to know nothing about our relationship. Now you are pregnant and live here. She must be aggrieved. What if she gets upset one day and goes back to tell the Dong family?

At that time, things wouldn't have been as easy to fix then as they are now. I'll go to see her and comfort her. After all, it's our fault. You can't really ignore her existence. "

What [韩一凡] didn't tell Isabel was that he was going to have a heart to heart talk with Queenie during the dinner. After all, they had been married, and he couldn't go on like this. In this way, no one would be happy.

Isabel thought for a while and agreed with Ivan. No matter what, it was a fact that Queenie was the real wife of Ivan.

If Queenie told this to the Dong family, she couldn't be like this. At that time, she might have an abortion, and she couldn't achieve the purpose of pretending to be pregnant.

At that time, she would lose more than gain. At that time, not only could she not stay with Ivan like now, but she might also be suppressed by the Dong family. Something unexpected would happen.

That was not what she wanted, and she would not let that happen.

"All right! Ivan, what are you going to do to comfort her? If you want to have sex with her, I'm telling you, neither I nor the baby in my belly is allowed. "

Isabel mentioned the baby in her belly on purpose, in order to let Ivan remember that the person he should care about most now should be her, not Queenie.

"Isabel, what are you thinking about? I have nothing to do with her except nominal marriage. Go back and have a rest. Don't run around when you are pregnant. "

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