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   Chapter 5 Nominal Couple

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Queenie held her breath and looked at herself in the mirror. She had a Glistening jade body and a perfect face. In the best age of a woman, she was so beautiful her smooth skin showed her extraordinary nobility.

In the mirror, her eyes were as starry as the stars, her eyebrows were as remote as mountains, her nose was as hanging from the gall bladder, her lips were red and her teeth were white, and her eyebrows were clear and beautiful. Such a girl deserved her husband's best pampering on their wedding night. Moreover, Queenie had kept her perfect virginity for her husband.

But Queenie knew that the marriage was not only about the political and commercial value, but also her love which she needed to grasp it by herself.

It was not a problem whether the man in the wedding room loved her or not. Queenie smiled confidently.

When Queenie walked out of the bathroom, the light in the bedroom was dim, and the atmosphere was ambiguous and hazy. Queenie was wearing a beautiful dress, which was decorated with bright rose patterns. In contrast, she looked as plump as a bright rose.

Queenie looked at Ivan with her sharp eyes and found that he was sleeping on the bed. He snored slightly like a piggy.

She suddenly felt that he was very cute. She walked forward and wanted to lift Ivan's half hanging feet to the bed.

However, as soon as her slender hand touched Ivan's thigh, Ivan muttered, "Isabel, I love you, Isabel."

Queenie's heart jolted and her face darkened.

Then she pretended as if nothing had happened, took off the shoes on Ivan's feet and put both of his feet on the bed.

After she put his feet down, she gently tucked him in. When she was about to leave, she was pulled back by Ivan as soon as she turned around.

"Isabel, don't leave me. I need you. I want you. " A series of sweet words came out of Ivan's mouth, but Queenie felt that it was so difficult to hear.

It is said that the lording of the Han clan is notorious for being a playboy. But how bad is it that all he thought of was another woman on his wedding night!

Queenie tried her best to hold back her anger. As a daughter of an eminent family, she knew deeply that a woman should know how to grasp her husband. She couldn't afford to lose him.

"Have a good sleep." She whispered in Ivan's ear gently and pulled her hand away.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she finished speaking, Ivan woke up nervously as if he got an electric shock.

"Who are you?" Realizing that the person beside her was not Isabel, even Ivan, who was sleeping, suddenly woke up.

Then he calmed down and finally recognized the appearance of Queenie. He had met her for two times and he had an impression of the woman who his family wanted him to marry.

"It's you? I'm sorry. " He said slowly, which seemed to be the warmest words Ivan had said to Queenie for so long.

"What? You don't even know your bride?" Queenie teased, staring at Ivan with a pair of beautiful eyes.

Ivan lay back calmly and looked around the bedroom.

Then he said to Queenie slowly, "In fact, we don't have to pretend. You know what kind of attitude I've always had towards you. "

Ivan's col

d words were piercing and hurtful. But Queenie's expression didn't change. There was still a sweet and soft expression on her face. Today was her wedding night, and she didn't want to leave a bad impression on her husband. It was her duty as a wife to make her husband feel happy and sweet on their wedding night.

"It doesn't matter how you treated me before. From now on, I'm your wife. You have to treat me as your wife. " Queenie just hoped that at least Ivan would care about her existence, even if he went to the hotel to fool around with other women on the wedding night.

With a scornful smile on his face, Ivan said, "Well, my wife." He murmured these words.

In his heart, only one woman could be his wife, and that was Isabel.

Everyone knew that his marriage with Queenie was just a political and commercial marriage.

He had only met Queenie for two times, how could she become his wife all of a sudden.

He smiled contemptuously.

"I won't let a strange woman be my wife and control my own life. You probably don't know that I love freedom. " Ivan, who was used to be a noble man, looked totally unruly.

Such a look made Queenie a little touched.

After all, she really thought she was married to Ivan.

"I don't care." In order not to make Ivan disappointed, Queenie said resolutely.

"I won't restrict your freedom. How can I control your freedom? " Queenie smiled bitterly.

Ivan was a little surprised. He thought this seemingly weak and pure woman would be irritated by his words and lose her temper like an ordinary lady. To Ivan's surprise, Queenie looked calm.

This made Ivan a little unhappy. He was like a child who wanted to play a trick but failed again.

"We are just nominal couples." Before Ivan's facial expression darkened, Queenie blurted out.

She was wearing a sexy low cut dress. When she said this, even Queenie began to hate this dress. But she still looked indifferent, making people think that her attitudes towards life was even more charming than her appearance.

A trace of doubt flashed through Ivan's eyes. Nominal couple? What's this? It was probably the first time that he had heard of this. But he soon understood.

He didn't understand how important this woman's words were. Could she really only be his nominal wife? The smell of Queenie's light perfume gradually permeated into Ivan's nose.

He sniffed. But soon he realized that this woman was not as simple as he thought. At least, she was not as shallow and spoiled as the lady of an ordinary rich family. It seemed that this woman in a thin silk dress was not simple.

However, Ivan was still very unhappy. He thought that he could use this trick to force Queenie away and let her know that it was not a good thing to mess up this fake marriage. However, He didn't expect Queenie to be so calm.

Which made Ivan feel bored.

Unexpectedly, Queenie said directly, "Mr. Ivan, have a good sleep tonight! I'll sleep in the guest room. "

Then she smiled at Ivan.

Ivan didn't say anything and just watched Queenie leave.

He suddenly felt that the woman's back was clean and determined. She looked like a chivalrous woman.

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