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   Chapter 37 Honey, Do You Think So

Love Killer: Tricky But Seductive By Jing Buhui Characters: 4498

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The decoration structure of the villa was very complicated. The decoration was luxurious and complex. The walls, windows, window tops, eaves and other places were delicately carved, showing a luxurious aura. The walls were made of stones, and the walls were often identical. It had two forms: flat or low slope roof; and the mansart roof. The style emphasized the unique beauty of arched.

It was obviously a place for women.

The atmosphere on the table was very weird. It was not as active as before. However, Liana and Yvonne were not influenced and had a good meal. They had always been at ease during different situation. Liana was wearing a white dress, but it couldn't hide her charm. Her hair was still a little wet, so she casually draped it over her shoulders. The color of bright red was a little repulsive to Yvonne, although she looked good no matter what she wore.

Sophia returned to her previous attitude, neither cold nor warm, without saying a word. Her face was still a little pale. Lucas kept picking up her favorite dishes and shelling lobsters for her. Sophia didn't refuse or express her attitude. Seeing this, Liana and Yvonne were stunned.

Those man's temperament were different. One was calm, one was warm, one was cold, and one was seductive. Their appearances were not comparable.

"Liana, why did you ask..."

never been a match for Sophia's question. Lucas stood up angrily, took Sophia's hand and walked out. Sophia turned around and looked at Yvonne and Liana. She nodded slightly.

She got on his Mercedes Benz. No one spoke.

The car didn't stop until it was in a deserted sea. Lucas said in a deep voice, "Get off the car."

Sophia opened the door and got off the car. Standing next to the car, Lucas leaned against her and said, "Sophia, you are my woman." His fingertips slid across Sophia's face and went straight to her chest. Sophia took a deep breath.

And she snorted. Sophia, his wife, had never showed such an expression in front of him. She treated him like a stranger.

"Lucas, you are really good at acting. What do you want?"

"Don't ever think about divorcing me." He raised Sophia's chin and kissed her on the lips. "Wait for me here." He turned around and got on the car.

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