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   Chapter 36 Male Yvonne

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Liana walked to Robin and found that Yvonne was standing behind her. She stared at Robin. Her eyes were full of doubts. There was also anger.

"Is your face real?"

"Liana, you can't say that he has a fake face just because he's more handsome than your brother." Charles crossed his arms and looked at the three people with interest.

"It's true." Although he was smiling, the man was cold all over. Noble and elegant, which was exactly the same as that of Yvonne.

"It was you that night?" She was curious that even if she was drugged, it was impossible for her to have an illusion. Now it seemed that they had the same face. It was not an illusion.

"Of course, baby. You are my woman." The man laughed.

Liana was stunned, and even his smile was the same. It was so beautiful that she couldn't move her eyes away. But it was this face that made her hesitate for many days.

Liana grabbed his collar coldly. 'Damn it! I have kept my virginity for twenty years, but it's so easy for him to take it.'

Adam and the others looked blankly at the conversation between the two of them. Liana was angry. She seemed to lift Robin up with all her strength.

At night?

My woman?

It seemed very ambiguous.

"You bastard!" Liana almost wanted to hold his neck, with a murderous look in her eyes.

"Baby, do you want to murder your husband?" Robin's face shook in front of Liana. Liana was a little stunned. This man was so beautiful. Just like Yvonne, they had special mature temperament.

On a second thought, Liana thought she couldn't kill him. He must have

side the door.

"Okay, get out now." Nina opened the door. She smiled at Adam and held his arm. Adam glanced at Yvonne without saying a word.

"Let's go." Adam went downstairs with Nina.

"Yvonne." Liana called her name.

"Since they don't want to admit it, why should I care? Liana, we are already abandoned. How can we let others abandon us for the second time? As long as we hurt others, we can't let others hurt us. Their reaction clearly expressed their inner thoughts, which is anger. And I don't like to recognize him. That's a true feeling from the bottom of my heart."

"Well, but let's see how I will punish that man to death. How dare he touch me?"

"That means you are charming and lucky enough to be touched by your fiance." Yvonne smiled. Liana was speechless.

"I'll give you this good luck." Liana whispered in her ear coldly, "I think you and my brother are a perfect match. Maybe one day you will be touched by him."

Yvonne was stunned...

If Liana didn't leave, she would be punished. It was better to run first.

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