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   Chapter 35 What A Weird Scene

Love Killer: Tricky But Seductive By Jing Buhui Characters: 5265

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The Lamborghini stopped at a villa by the sea. Osmanthus fragrans were planted in the garden, giving off a pleasant fragrance.

As soon as Liana and Yvonne got off the car, they saw Rebecca, Nina and Charles coming out of the villa.

"Adam, you're back." As soon as Adam got out of the car, Nina threw herself around his neck. Liana gave Nina a disdainful look. She didn't like this woman. Adam didn't show any displeasure on his face. He just said gently, "Don't be naughty. There are so many people here."

Nina took back her hand sulkily. Everyone knew that she was his nominal fiancee, and engagement would happen sooner or later. Adam had never been close to a woman, and only had contact with her.

"Where is Lucas?" Adam looked at Charles.

Charles pointed at the beach. Sophia was sitting next to Lucas. Sophia didn't say anything, nor did she want to talk to him. She had to leave sooner or later. When she recovered, she would walk out of the tomb and forget love.

"Wow, it's so romantic. It's so hot. Why are you still basking in the sun and looking at the sea?" Liana whistled. There was still surprise in her heart. She didn't expect that Sophia was also there. She hadn't seen Sophia since Sophia was discharged from the hospital. She looked at Rebecca with her eyes full of sarcasm. They hadn't seen each other since Sophia's accident. What was Lucas doing? Model couple?

"Let's go and have a look." Adam took the lead. Everyone followed him. Rebecca took a glance at the villa, but no one noticed it.

"Lucas." Adam called out.

Looking back at

into the sea with Yvonne. She had stood in the middle and tried to steady herself with Sophia and Yvonne, but Yvonne was also shocked. Sophia didn't fall into the water until she was held in Lucas's arms.

The two of them poked their two heads out of the sea and looked up at the people on the shore. "Liana, are you okay?" Adam asked.

"I'm OK."

Behind Adam stood Robin, who wore a faint smile on his face, with violet pupils and a beautiful face. He was wearing white casual clothes. His nose, eyes and mouth. Damn it! It's a man's version of Yvonne.

The two looked at each other and then looked at Sophia. Sophia shook her head in confusion. She had heard of the name "Robin" from Lucas for two years, but she had never seen him before. She heard that he had been living in the United States, and she had never heard from Lucas that he had come back to A City. She had only met Charles and Adam.

The two of them swam ashore. Their curvy figures could be seen clearly now. Charles whistled loudly. Everyone looked at him with disdain.

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