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   Chapter 34 The First Kiss Is Gone

Love Killer: Tricky But Seductive By Jing Buhui Characters: 5529

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Liana thought for a while and thought, 'No, this is a dazzling car.'

A faint smell of tobacco came, and the man was pushed away by the Yvonne. He wore a purple shirt, a demonic face, and thin lips. Yvonne was in a daze. As a matter of fact, the rabbit didn't eat grass at the edge of its den. She didn't mean to bump into him.

Adam looked at the woman who dared to kiss him with his cold eyes. As soon as he got out of the car, closed the door and turned around, he was kissed by the woman. This woman was so bold.

When Liana saw the man in front of her clearly, the corners of her mouth twitched. It was absolutely not her fault that she couldn't recognize her brother at the first sight since she just knew him not long. But it didn't have to be such a coincidence? Although she was willing to match them, it didn't need to be so dramatic. Did he just kiss her like that? Yvonne would kill people.

The two stared at each other but others might think that they were a couple. One was wearing a purple dress, and the other was wearing a purple shirt. The temperaments of them were alike...

Was there something happening between them? Or love at first sight? Attract each other?

"Woman, don't you have eyes?" He said coldly. Adam's voice was somewhat warm.

"Mr. Leng, I have eyes in the front, but not in the back." 'After all, you are standing behind me. Now you're still angry. It seems that I'm the one who suffers losses, and I'm the one who should be angry.' She thought.

"Did you do it on purpose?" Adam raised the corners of his mouth.

"I didn't see you behind me. You can dodge." It was not all her fault.

"Why don't you d

was not up to her mother whether he was handsome or not.

Seeing that his sister's face pulled down, Adam comforted her, "If you don't like him, we can break off the engagement. But you should see him first. After all, he has been looking for you for many years."

Although Liana was unhappy, she still agreed. She wanted to know how to deal with this dinosaur. She wanted to teach him a good lesson since he dare to ask for her attention.

Liana looked at Adam and then looked at Yvonne. Adam understood what she meant. She wanted to take Yvonne with her.

Adam glanced at her with his demon like eyes and said, "Miss Pam, how about join us?"

"No, thanks." Yvonne was still angry. It was an accident that he kissed her for the first time, but he kissed her the second time. Her first kiss was really gone.

"Miss Pam, do you dislike me?"

"I dare not."

"Then get in the car." His words were intimidating and gentle.

"Pam. Let's go." Liana pulled Yvonne to sit in the dazzling Lamborghini.

Adam looked at her flushed face from the front mirror. Body scent? Was it a coincidence?

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