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   Chapter 33 I Don't Want Second-Hand Goods

Love Killer: Tricky But Seductive By Jing Buhui Characters: 5536

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At the Bay Apartment.

This was a coastal apartment. It took only ten minutes from the apartment to the seaside. Yvonne and Liana chatted casually under the sunshade. There were a few adults and children swimming on the beach.

After Liana became a princess of the Leng Group, Yvonne bought an apartment with one bedroom and one living room in A City. It was a beautiful place with view of boundless sea and several coconut trees.

Yvonne wore a purple dress and a beautiful mask made of human skin. Liana was wearing a blue T-shirt and a black miniskirt.

"When will you move in with me?" Yvonne had been living on the same bed with Liana since she was a child. Besides, she had an annoying habit of sleeping. If she couldn't touch other people's ears, she would sleep lightly. She would wake up if even just a slight sound was heard.

"Oh, you miss me so much?"

"You know my sleeping habits."

"How about I find you a man to relieve your boredom?" Liana looked at Yvonne insidiously.

"Fuck off! I don't want a man."

"Yvonne, you can't always wear a mask. After all, Henry has chased you all over the world for five years. You should give him a chance." Liana's voice was full of teasing.

Yvonne sighed slightly, "I'm not interested." She still closed her eyes for rest.

There seemed to be someone in her heart, but she forgot him. It was also the part of her memory that she had lost when she was a child, and that person had also lost in her memory.

"By the way, you are twenty-three years old now. You even never kissed a man. It's so shameful to tell others."

"I can find a man to give it away right away."

It was absolu

played like ordinary people. The two entered the sea, Liana bent down and splashed the water to Yvonne. Yvonne dodged, but there were still some drops on her skirt.

"Are you serious?"

"How dare you dislike me?" Liana snorted, splashed water on Yvonne again, and poured water on her as well. Yvonne ran to the beach, but looked at Liana. "I finally know. It's called dissatisfaction with desire."

"I'm not a lesbian. Why would I dissatisfied with desire?" How could Liana let her go? She tried his best to catch up with her. The two of them were playing on the beach, forming a beautiful scene. Many people stared at them. There were not many nature beauties. Some of them were wearing makeup, but they didn't.

Liana who was chasing after Yvonne suddenly stopped. She pointed at the back of Yvonne with his index finger and didn't have time to speak. Yvonne turned around blankly and pressed her lips against two thin lips. She suddenly opened her eyes wide. What happened? Her first kiss.

Liana covered her face with her hands and thought, 'Yvonne, you really gave your first kiss away.'

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