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   Chapter 21 Leng Group

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In the Leng Group. This was a large media company, located in the top ten global companies, and the CEO of this company was only twenty-six years old. He was the most valuable man in A City.

Liana was wearing a standard Beige business suit, a medium cut Queen's head, and her curly hair was scattered on her shoulders. She was exceedingly fascinating and charming. She entered the Leng Group. She had applied for a job, so she smoothly went up to the CEO's floor on floor 58.

Liana could entered the CEO's office through Secretary Department. The job she applied for was the chief secretary. Standing at the door of the Secretary Department, she warmly greeted everyone, "Hello, everyone. I'm the new secretary. My name is Liana. Please give me more advice in the future."

All the beautiful women raised their heads and couldn't help admiring Liana.

With a cold smile on her face, Liana looked around and found that there were many beauties in Leng Group. Each of them had a hot figure and appearance.

A sound of high-heeled shoes came to the Secretary Department. An enchanting woman walked out of the corner. She was a little plump, but just in time. Her eyes were big, and her lips were also plump. She looked like a first-class beauty.

The beauty walked up to Liana, looked at Liana up and down. Liana carefully looked at the red card hanging on her body. It was the Art Director, Nina.

In Liana's first impression, she had a good impression of this woman. But when Nina looked at her up and down, Liana was a little disgusted. She didn't like others to look at her like a prisoner.

"Are you the new secretary?" Nina finally said. Nina broke the eerie atmosphere around. The Secretary office suddenly became terribly quiet.

"Yes." Liana was still in a respectful posture.

"You are twenty years old, but you have a master's degree. You are proficient in ten languages, lyre, chess, calligraphy and painting?"


"Miss, you are really a genius."

"I'm flattered."

"You are also good-looking."

"I am much inferior to you." Liana smiled politely and said in a polite tone. Everyone thought she was a well-educated and reasonable beauty. But Liana sneered and thought, 'Don't be deceived by my appearance.'

Nina couldn't help but put on a contemptuous smile. She looked at Liana in a fascinating way. Liana was a little taller than her. But her high-heeled shoes were high, so they were at the same height. Nina's appearance was inferior to Liana.

"You just graduated. How did you get in without any experience?" 'Most of the young people nowadays take advantage of their own beauty. And presumably this one in front of het was the same.' Thinking of this, Nina felt a little balanced. At least, Adam didn't like skittish women. So they wouldn't get involved. That man was hers.

"Director, the General didn't bring any soldiers with him. Who requires experience?" A confident smile appeared on Liana's face. Liana knew what the woman was thi

nking. Didn't this woman think that she had sneaked in "that way"? This woman really underestimated people. Yesterday, she used saliva to make those examiners obedient to her.

"You have a sharp tongue. Well, I'm looking forward to your working ability."

"I won't let you down."? Nina walked to the nearest desk, took out a piece of tissue, kneaded it in her hand, and threw it on the ground casually. She looked at Liana and said, "Pick it up."

Liana found that the people in the Secretary Department seemed to be afraid of the so-called Art Director. Since she came in, no one dared to look up.

"Director, it seems that I am not here to apply for a cleaner." Liana stated her stand coldly.

"Don't you know that your subordinate has to obey your superior's arrangement?" Nina looked at Liana defiantly. Liana immediately understood that this was the highest level of the human. "Do you hire a master level graduate to do the cleaning? You even have high requirements for cleaners. So, director, your education seems to be inferior to mine. Don't you even deserve to clean the bathroom?" Liana was not a weak person. No one could defeat her. If such a person took advantage of her, then she wouldn't call Liana.

Nina's face turned pale and blue. All the secretaries finally dared to look up at Liana. For all the time, Liana was the first one who dared to contradict the director. A beauty who was closest to the door of the CEO's office secretly gave a thumbs up and winked at Liana. Liana looked at the beautiful secretary with sharp eyes. Nina saw this secretary. Then this beauty lowered her head.

Nina looked at Liana again, "Do you know the consequences of contradicting your superior?"

"Even if you are the king, I'll take the blame if you doesn't do right things."

For a moment, it was like a decisive battle between the two.

"Believe it or not, I can get you out of here right now." Nina was so angry that she wanted to tear Liana apart. No one had ever talked to her like this before. Everyone knew that she would be the acknowledged hostess of Leng Group in the future.

"I disdain to work with a low-level person like you." Liana had never been treated coldly by anyone. How could she swallow insult and humiliation? She had never been the kind of person who would yield to others.

"Liana, are you crazy?" The damned voice came from the earphone again.

Sophia murmured, "Just say she is unreliable."

Liana raised her hand and turned off the contact device. So what? It was not necessary to enter Leng Group. Liana felt uncomfortable, so she made that person feel even worse. This was the way of living.

"Kristy, come in." A cold and magnetic voice came from the CEO's office. The beautiful woman who had just raised her thumb to Liana walked into the CEO's office.

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