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   Chapter 19 Kiss Me

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Liana returned to the hotel in a hurry. She opened the door and slammed it again. She completely ignored everyone.

Yvonne and Sophia were lying on the sofa and looking at her doubtfully. Little Angela looked at her with a pair of black eyes. Liana was still in her black suit, but her hair was disheveled.

Liana walked to the door of the bedroom and turned back, walked to the front of Yvonne and squinted at her. Yvonne also looked at her quietly, silent. Only the sound of TV could be heard. The two looked at each other in this way. Sophia looked at them and wondered why she had a strange feeling when she looked at the two? Did they meet? Was there really something wrong with their sexual orientation? As the saying goes, love will grow as time goes by. Yvonne and Liana stayed the whole day.

"Aunt Liana, are you going to kill Aunt Yvonne with your eyes?" The atmosphere between the two was so intense that Angela couldn't stand it.

Liana turned around and glared at Angela. Then Angela covered her mouth obediently. Angela threw herself into Sophia's arms. At this moment, Liana was in a rage. She had sex with a man and that man ran away unexpectedly.

"Yvonne, give me a kiss." As soon as Liana said this, everyone was so scared that they didn't dare to breathe heavily.

Yvonne couldn't say anything.

Sophia thought, 'It was indeed...

Angela said, "Aunt, there is a gender gap between you two."

"Shut up, or I'll tear you apart." Liana shouted. Angela pouted her lips in grievance.

"Aunt Liana, I was scared by you."

"What's wrong with you?" Yvonne ignored her and stared at the magazine.

"Hurry up! Kiss me! Kiss my face! No, kiss my mouth!" Liana looked a little confused and angry.

"Liana, it's not appropriate for children. But then again, when did you...?" Sophia asked in a flirtatious tone.

"Ask her." Yvonne pointed at Liana, saying coldly. Sophia held back her laughter. The news was breaking. Liana got closer to Yvonne. But Liana still didn't feel anything special, just as usual.

Yvonne didn't dare to move. Was Liana bewitched? Liana almost kissed Yvonne on the face.

The three looked at Liana. Then Liana turned around and walked back to the bedroom. A voice of Yvonne came from behind, "Bitch, what are you doing?"

"I was eaten by a wolf."

Liana just came back two hours later than her? Was she eaten by a wolf?

"What's wrong with her?" Sophia asked softly.

"I don't know. Is she crazy?" Yvonne replied coldly.

"When will you go back to Provence?"

"The date of return is uncertain." "You still have a task?"

"Liana has taken over the position of the Chief Secretary of Leng Group. She will go to work tomorrow." Sophia frowned. The Leng Group? It was the world's largest media group.

"Are you bored and to be a secretar


"No, it's Stanley who told Mitchell that there is a mysterious dark power behind the four big groups. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been so calm as to be the leader. None of their CEOs is 30 years old." At such a young age, they could break through the pressure from all walks of life and improve the company's performance. No one would believe that there was no backer behind.

"You want to start with the Leng Group? But I always feel that Liana is not as reliable as you."

"The Ling Group and the Yang Group are impossible. We can't let you get hurt. The Yi Group is so mysterious, so we can only start from the Leng Group. There is a beautiful man that everyone droops in Leng Group. How could Liana let go of this opportunity?" Yvonne smiled faintly. Sophia was the hostess of the Ling Group. Little Angela and Yvonne looked at Sophia and they were filled with a trace of heartache.

"I'm fine. As long as it's a threat to the team, you can do it. Don't worry about me." Although the place was covered with blood, they were all her closest people.

"Sophia, don't push yourself." 'Don't pretend to be strong. You have fallen in love with Lucas. It's your misfortune that he treats you like this. How can we dig up your scar? If there is really dark power behind them, then they are our enemies.'

"You kill Cindy today, so her father and husband will not let you go. After all, she was the daughter of the leader of the poison curling gang. Be careful. Her husband is powerful. It is said that he is very popular in the underworld."

"Then they have to find us." Yvonne snorted coldly. They had always been efficient in doing things, and how could they give themselves away when they had decided to do something well.

"After all, their power can't be underestimated. Her father is the biggest drug trafficker in the underworld, and he has made friends with other drug dealers. Lady tiger from the Holland and Henry from Italy. We can't underestimate them." When Sophia asked about Cindy, Yvonne and Liana didn't know why Molly wanted to kill her. They just helped Molly.

"Cindy never intervenes in the underworld, doesn't she? How did she hurt Molly?"

Yvonne replied, "It's up to Molly. We don't know." Molly said people she didn't like would be killed. If Molly didn't want to say, they wouldn't force her.

"You just need to be careful. Once the news about Cindy is spread out, the news about you in A City will be uncertain. Be careful that that person will come again." Sophia said in a soft tone.

"Are you gloating?"

"Absolutely not."

"You have written it on your face. I'll go to see Liana and see what she's going to do."

Sophia was tongue-tied.

Yvonne stood up and walked towards the room.

Sophia shook her head. A City would suffer a troubled time.

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