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   Chapter 18 Losing Her Virginity

Love Killer: Tricky But Seductive By Jing Buhui Characters: 5116

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The sound of police cars came to their ears, and Yvonne and Liana left the building quickly. The two separated. The police had surrounded the building. It was not difficult for police to locate the place of the assassination, although they had turned off the cameras. If they couldn't recover it in a short time, they didn't deserve to be police.

Liana rushed into a presidential suite, and the light was a little dim. She couldn't see clearly the surrounding furnishings and didn't know if anyone was there. She looked around the room carefully and pressed the switch, only turning on a light yellow song.

'No one should be there.' Liana thought to herself and couldn't help but feel relaxed. Purple curtains, purple sheets and purple decorations. "Damn it! You have a good taste." Liana couldn't help complaining. Such a match did not lose color, but had a sense of temptation.

"It's not a room to Yvonne, is it?" Yvonne always liked purple. Most of her clothes were purple, and occasionally she only wore black. Her room was also equipped with purple devices.

Liana looked around the room in a cold manner. How could there be no one in such a luxurious room? Then she saw the red wine on the table. It turned out to be RomaneeConti, which was not available in the market. Only the treasures could be found. People said, "RomaneeConti is the wine of a millionaire, but only billionaires can drink it." If anyone had a cup of wine and a sip, he or she would feel like an emperor in every way. There were red roses and white candles on the table. Liana couldn't help but take a sip of the wine. It was really good wine. Then she drank up the glass of wine. The fragrance of the withering roses was so intoxicating that it lingered. Even after putting down the glass for a few minutes, the wine was still fragrant.

"Liana, how are you?" A cold voice came through the earphone. It was Yvonne.

"I'm out of danger. I'm drinking. It was red wine, RomaneeConti. Good, it's really good wine." Liana couldn't help laughing coldly. Someone's candlelight dinner might be ruined by her.

"… Come back early."

"Okay." Liana hung up the headphones and stared at the food on the table coldly and obscenely. It was a waste of time if she didn't eat such a rich thing.

Liana quickly ate all the food and touched her belly. A sinister smile appeared on her face. After all, there was no person. No wonder she had no resistance to delicious food.? She looked at the time and found it was time to go back. She walked towards the door in her high heels

. When she was about to open the door, she couldn't help but feel warm.

There were drugs, aphrodisiac and knockout drops.

"Damn it!" She had no strength at all. She was also a little confused. Would she be fucked by someone? She had to leave here and go back to find a way. But she couldn't move, and that damn commotion came. She didn't even think about why someone would set up a big meal here for no reason. How careless she was.

Under the dim light, the woman's skin was as delicate as a baby's. Her neck was long and fair, and her eyes were full of naked desire.

The bathroom door was opened, and a slender and charming man came out, with a purple bath towel around his lower body. The first feeling he gave Liana was that he was a genius His face was covered by his wet bangs. When Liana saw the man's face clearly, she felt cold and terrified. Was it an illusion? How could it be Yvonne? Enchanting purple eyes, exceedingly beautiful cheeks, giving people a sense of coldness. Had she been with Yvonne for a long time? Homosexuality? So that she could see her face. Besides, this man didn't turn on the light in the bathroom, so she thought no one was there.

The man stared at Liana with a pair of purple eyes. At first, he was angry, and then slowly turned into surprise. Unable to understand his expression, Liana closed her eyes heavily. She knew she was doomed.

In the enchanting purple light, the woman on the bed was disheveled, revealing her naked butterfly clavicle. Beautiful and charming. Liana's long eyelashes fluttered and she opened her bright eyes. The she saw everything in the room. Suddenly, she stood up and felt a pain in her lower body. The quilt slipped down. "Shit! I lost my virginity." She had kept her virginity for twenty years, but it disappeared mysteriously. She stood up and quickly picked up the clothes scattered on the ground. Her eyes were filled with anger when she saw the dark red stain on the purple bed sheet. She kicked open the bathroom and kitchen door. 'This man run away as soon as possible. Shit! Don't think I can't find you.' But why she saw was Yvonne's face. How could this be? 'Even if I don't know what happened, I can still find you and torture you to death slowly.'

Liana rummaged around the room, but didn't find any relevant information. Her cold face flushed with anger.

She cursed in a cold voice. Then she left the hotel angrily.

A figure floated out of the door, with purple eyes and exceedingly beautiful face. Liana, his Liana was back. She really came back.

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