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   Chapter 12 The Plot Of Rebecca

Love Killer: Tricky But Seductive By Jing Buhui Characters: 5511

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France It was already midnight.

Beside the Seine River, George V Seasons Hotel was the best place to visit in Paris. It was famous for its luxury since it was built. It was a miracle in Paris. It suffered World War II. It was not until De Gaulle held a celebration party here that it regained its popularity and returned to its former prosperity.

George V Seasons Hotel had the highest suite price. Guests who wanted to experience the royal style lived here and enjoyed the service that only the king could enjoy.

The SPA of the hotel was in the style of Louis XVI. The swimming pool area was decorated with vivid sculptures and bright murals, like the courtyard of the Palace of Versailles. In order to meet the guests' needs, the hotel massagist's massage techniques were inspired from Chinese Buddhist cultivation techniques, and combined with the effects of essential oil. As soon as the party was over, Lucas and Rebecca entered the hotel and went straight to the presidential suite.

Rebecca was wearing a gorgeous black dress, showing her curvy figure. With light make-up, she looked charming and attractive. With her hands around Lucas's neck, Rebecca said, "Honey, come with me tonight."

"Stop it." Lucas said helplessly. His deep eyes were still under his bangs. He took off his suit and pulled his tie.

"I have promised you that I will go back to Eastern Europe after this cooperation. It will end tomorrow and the day after tomorrow." Rebecca had pretended to agree since Lucas told her the truth. But to win the cooperation with Ellie, as long as she stayed with him, she would have a chance. Moreover, this cooperation case would benefit both Lucas and Dragon Gate, so Lucas didn't refuse.

Since she came back, even if they slept on the same bed, Lucas had never touched her. Sometimes she was also confused. What kind of feeling did Lucas have for her? If he said he didn't love her, he could leave Sophia. But he didn't want to divorce. He wanted her to go back to Eastern Europe. He wanted to live with Sophia for a lifetime. At first, she didn't know about Sophia's pregnancy. Maybe it was because she was pregnant that Lucas wanted to live with her. Thinking this, Rebecca was in a good mood. Today, Sophia was determined to lose her baby. "I'm tired." Lucas refused.

"I just want to talk to you."

Looking at the aggrieved look on Rebecca's face, Lucas felt sorry for her. After all, she was the woman he once loved. And men had a different feeling for their first love.

Biting his lips, Lucas seemed to be thinking about something. After a while, he replied, "Okay, I'll take a shower." The president's room was divided into two bedrooms and one living room. Each of them had a room. He turned around and wa

lked into the bathroom.

A faint smile appeared at the corners of Rebecca's mouth. If she was also pregnant with Lucas's child? That glass of wine...? She walked to the bedside with satisfaction and picked up Lucas's luxury phone. As expected, there were many missed calls from the Ling family and Laura. Except Sophia. Lucas never brought his phone with him when he attended banquets. Maybe Sophia... Well, isn't this the result she wants? She pressed the shutdown button hard with her fair finger.

Lucas opened the shower and the warm water flowed down his body. The water wet his hair and made him more sexy.

A warm current of uneasiness rushed out of his body and became hotter and hotter. He changed the water into cold water, and his body was a little white and red. He felt thirsty.

"Damn it!" He couldn't help cursing.

'What's going on? How does it feel like taking philter?' He didn't drink anything that would make him hot tonight.

He walked out of the bathtub. The water from shower couldn't control the heat in his body. The bathtub was filled with cold water. He held up a handful of water and poured it on his face, and his body was getting more and more restless.

"Lucas, are you all right?" The voice of Rebecca came from outside.

Lucas didn't answer, but felt more and more uneasy. He was sure that he had been drugged and he had only drunk a glass of wine tonight. At this time, the door had been opened. "I saw you didn't answer. I came in."

Looking at the plump and sexy Rebecca, Lucas became more restless. He closed his eyes and tried to calm himself down.

Rebecca walked down the steps step by step and hugged Lucas from behind. Her plump breasts moved on his body restlessly. "Get out!" Lucas shouted. He couldn't stand such temptation, but he had to put up with it.

"Lucas, if you feel uncomfortable, just do it. I won't ask you to do anything."

"Do you know there is medicine in the wine?" His eyebrows swept sharply.?

"I don't know. Ellie told me after that." She did know, but she simply asked Ellie to put it. At first, Ellie did not agree, but later she said that she just wanted to find something new. He thought that the two of them were like the rumors, rekindling the old relationship. He agreed to help her.

Lucas took a deep breath. The dose of the medicine would definitely be three times the normal dose. Otherwise, he wouldn't be so uncomfortable.

"Lucas." Rebecca stroked his broad chest and leaned against him.

Hearing that, Lucas shivered. Water drops fell down from his hair and rippled in the bathtub. Then he turned around. He kissed Rebecca's lips. Rebecca made several sounds, which irritated Lucas even more. He took off Rebecca dress and called, "Sophia."

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