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   Chapter 11 . Liana's Thought

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The little girl shook her head again. "Mommy won't allow me to come to A city."

It seemed that Angela was not the first time that she had sneaked out. She always avoided being noticed by others and went anywhere with you. Like now, she must have come by the same plane and she got on the car faster than them.

"Come on, or your mommy will beat you up."

"Aunt Liana, Mommy scared me so much." Angela felt wronged and looked at Yvonne and Liana.

"I'll send you back tomorrow. Don't say no." Liana pinched her face. Her skin was very warm.

"Aunt Sophia." Little Angela turned to Sophia. Sophia couldn't bear the grievance of little Angela all the time, and Angela's tears could not fall in her eyes. She didn't know how Angela did it. Sophia touched her head affectionately and said softly, "Okay, okay. Let's talk about it when we get back. You have to be obedient, okay? Otherwise, your mother will come to you in person, and you will have a hard time."

"My mommy won't come here." Little Angela answered affirmatively.


"My mommy said there was a beast here, worse than human beings."

'Damn it! Is there anything more beautiful than human beings? Maybe Molly Yun wouldn't come to A City, but the most miserable thing was that Yvonne and Liana's ears will suffer a lot.

"In fact, there is no beast here. I should ask my brother to come with me."

Without saying anything more, Yvonne started the car and drove forward. Sophia was speechless and Liana stared at her. If she brought her young master here, the whole city would be turned upside down? On the way, little Angela kept chattering, and Sophia also answered her fiercely. Sophia hadn't seen Angela for a long time. She had watched her grow up and liked her very much.

After returning to the hotel, Yvonne found the ointment and bandaged Sophia's wound again. Little Angela fell asleep in the car. No matter how excited she was, she was not as strong as adults.

"You have been pregnant for six months, right?" Liana stared at Sophia's belly. Sophia was tall. It was not easy to find she was pregnant. If she wore more clothes, no one could see that she was pregnant. In addition, she was malnutrition of her pregnancy, so the baby was a little malnourished.

"Okay." Sophia answered indifferently.

"Are you going to live like this?" Yvonne asked while cleaning up the medicine.

"I don't know."

"Sophia, divorce. Now his first love is back. Why are you staying here? Don't hurt yourself."

"I will handle it." She didn't want to talk about her relationship with Lucas now. All she wanted was to give birth to the baby safely. Maybe she should find a chance to leave.

"Don't say you don't want to leave him. While, I will kill him.

"Liana." Sop

hia stopped her and said, "I can handle my own business."

"Sophia, we don't want you to be hurt." Yvonne gently patted Sophia's hands on her own legs.

"I know, but people are so helpless. I love him. At the same time, I don't believe that he is so ruthless. Do you think I'm stupid? He has been holding me in his hands for two years, and now he has left me in the cold palace without saying a word. I'm not reconciled, really not reconciled."

"Sophia, don't push yourself too hard. Let others go, and let yourself go." Looking at her dim eyes, Yvonne thought, 'Sophia didn't like this before. She is as free and unrestrained as Liana'

"Yvonne, when you fall in love with someone, you will understand how I feel now."

"Sophia, I find a very complicated problem now. If you don't want to divorce, you will have a hard time. If you divorce, and that woman can live in your house, spend your money, and sleep with your husband. As far as I know, in the financial crisis of the Ling Group, you almost spent all your money. It wouldn't be worth it if you left. His company has ranked top ten in the world in the past two years. Is it so well distributed?" Liana analyzed it for Sophia. Yvonne rubbed her forehead. And Sophia kept in silence. Liana' thoughts were really hard to believe. It was not the right time to talk about money.

Liana looked at the two indifferent people. One was a fascinating monster, and the other was a peerless beauty. The two looked at Liana in disbelief. Liana asked blankly, "Did I say anything wrong?"

Yvonne and Sophia shook their heads at the same time. Liana looked embarrassed, as if she had been ignored.

"Why are you here in A city?"

"I have received the information. Rebecca always thinks that she can control everything with her own hands. How can she not suffer a little?" Liana smiled coldly.

"I didn't expect her to do such a thing. She is really crazy."

Yvonne said, "But she is wrong. You are a skilled person."

Sophia nodded. Rebecca must have thought that she was just an ordinary woman, like a flower in the greenhouse, who could kill her with any simple action. But she just fell into her own thoughts.

"Is there anything happening in the organization?"

"No, it's just anger. Sophia, they hope you can go back. You know it."

"Give me some time. I'll handle it." The only person who really cared about her was her family, and all the members of her organization were her family.

"We will kill Cindy Zhao in the Sea Hotel tomorrow." Liana said it indifferently.

"Well, why? Tomorrow is her wedding." Sophia asked with a frown. It was so unkind.

"Give her an unforgettable wedding. I don't know why I killed her. Molly asked me to do it."

Sophia was speechless.

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