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   Chapter 10 Accident

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At the winding intersection, a figure suddenly appeared a thousand meters away from the car. Sophia hurriedly braked, but she found that the brake was out of control. She finally understood what Rebecca meant. There was a cliff on the left, a mountain on the right, and a person in the middle. If she fell off the cliff, she would surely die. If she hit a rock, she would definitely lose her child. If she hit the person, she would inevitably be sued and would be on the headline of the news.

She turned the turntable left without hesitation. When the car was about to hit a stone, Sophia grabbed the pillow on the passenger seat and protected her abdomen. She rolled out of the car quickly. With a bang, the car hit the cliff and the smoke came out. The car window was broken. Sophia's arm was still cut by the broken stone. She took a deep breath to make sure that her child was fine and stood up. The blood flowed down her arm and dropped on the ground, but it was so enchanting.

She walked up to the man and looked at him. A middle-aged man was so scared that he squatted on the ground and dressed very ordinary. His clothes were a little shabby. It seemed that he hadn't washed his hair for a long time. Sophia squatted down and pulled his clothes, "Tell me, why are you here?"

The middle-aged man trembled with fear. He still kept his head down. He held his head in horror.

"Did someone send you here?" There was almost no one walking on this road, unless the car was described. Judging from his clothes, Sophia didn't think he could live here.

The middle-aged man still shook his head. He didn't dare to look up. Sophia asked angrily.

A red Ferrari slammed on the brakes and stopped in front of two people. Two bright women, one enchanting and the other cold, got out of the car. Both of them wore sunglasses to cover half of their faces.

"Liana Leng? Yvonne Yi?" Sophia called uncertainly.

"Hi, Sophia." Wearing a sky blue dress, Liana Leng took off her sunglasses. She greeted Sophia in a sweet voice, leaning against the car with her plump lips and dark face. She gave Sophia a pure smile.

"Why are you here?"

"It's a long story. We came here as soon as we got off the plane. Let's get in the car." Liana Leng frowned when she saw the blood on Sophia's arm.

"Wait!" Sophia walked towards the middle-aged man.

Yvonne Yi said in a cold voice, "Don't ask anymore. He's insane. It's useless to ask."

Sophia glanced at the middle-aged man. Fortunately, she was fine, or she would definitely let him pay the price. She glanced at him in disgust and turned to get in the car.

As soon as Sophia got in the car, the car started.

"I'll send someone to deal with it. You bind it up first. Go to my place now." Yvonne Yi drove the car. Liana Leng sat on the passenger seat and handed the gauze to Sophia.

"Well, I'll stay there for a few more days." Sophia took out her phone and turned it off. Even if something happened to her, Lucas wouldn't care. Even if he cared about her, it was for the baby in her belly.

After applying the disinfectant, Sophia said in a low voice, "Give me the gun."

Liana Leng smiled coldly, took out the gun and threw it to Sophia. Sophi

a caught it smoothly. "Yvonne Yi, 0.8 meters to the left."

Yvonne Yi turned the car left. Sophia looked at the rearview mirror and fired two shots without a frown. A black figure fell from the tree about three hundred meters away. The man's right eye was shot, and there was a shot right in the middle of the brow. Sophia fired another shot, and the man on the road was quickly died with blood.

"I didn't expect that you've fallen in love for two years and your skills are still so good." Yvonne Yi joked.

"Are you praising me or mocking me?" Love?

"In fact, you can only give him one shot."

"I hate being stared at by others." She would punish everyone who hurt her. She wanted to let go of the man with mental problem. But she thought that if she didn't kill him, Rebecca wouldn't let him go. Rebecca was no exception. She would play with her slowly.

Liana Leng turned her head away innocently. Safety was the most important.

"Sophia, you child has been torturing yourself like this before he comes out. You'll pay for it after he born. It must be more difficult to deal with than the two kids."

"Aunt Liana, you are speaking ill of me again." A childish voice came through. Yvonne Yi slammed on the brakes. The three looked at each other. It was the voice of little Angela, but there were only the three of them in the car. Did they hear it wrong?

They really misheard her. Angela was in Provence. How could they hear her voice?

"Aunt Sophia, are you sitting there? You're killing me. Boo... Hoo... "

"Damn it!" Sophia stood up and pushed the door open. She opened the back cover of the back seat and a small head came out. Liana Leng and Yvonne Yi looked at the pink little girl, about three or four years old, coldly and easily stunned. The girl's curly hair was tied into two braids. There was a beauty mark on her left face. She giggled, and her red face was very cute.

"What are you doing here, little Angela?" Liana Leng asked in disbelief.

Yvonne Yi took off her sunglasses. Her violet like eyes shone with all colors. She still looked cold.

"Oh, Aunt Liana, you and Aunt Yvonne are too stupid to be followed." The girl closed the hood and her white princess dress was a little dirty.

"Aunt Sophia, come back to your senses. Come on up." She waved her hand at Sophia and Sophia looked at her. Well, what kind of person could give birth to such a child?

Sophia sat back in the back seat again. Little Angela threw herself into her belly excitedly. "Why didn't mommy tell me Aunt Sophia is pregnant? Otherwise, I'll bring a gift to my dear future husband."

Everyone was silent. What? The corners of Sophia's mouth twitched. She wanted to be angry, but she didn't know who she should be angry at. What kind of education she has received.

"Why are you here, little Angela?" Sophia was sure that she had sneaked out.

"I came here with Aunt Yvonne and Aunt Liana." She shook her head and put her ear on Sophia's belly. Sophia also let her hold her.

"We didn't take you with us. Little Angela, be a good girl. Tell Aunt Yvonne, does your mommy know that?" The corners of Yvonne Yi's mouth lifted into a smirk. She looked at little Angela insidiously.

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