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   Chapter 8 Go Back To Eastern Europe

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Lucas's angry eyes became extremely gentle. He carefully tucked Sophia in the quilt. It was very hot, but her hands were always cold. She had said that because her hands were not clean. He smiled and said, "How could such a beautiful hand not be clean." She just smiled and shook her head.

He kissed on Sophia's forehead. This woman was more than four months pregnant, but he didn't know why no one told him, or why no one knew, even herself. Charles said she was too malnourished to be so obvious. When he came back these days, he saw that she was wearing a loose dress, so he naturally didn't notice it. Now he saw her slightly raised abdomen with indescribable warmth.

"Lucas, is Sophia okay?" Now, Rebecca stood at Sophia's bedroom door.

"She is fine. She passed out because she lost too much blood." Lucas regained his cold expression.

"Let's go out for a walk." There were a few dewdrops on the roses in the morning. They were delicate and charming. The sunshine went through the water lotus, and the white petals were crystal clear. The air in the morning was fragrant.

"Lucas." Rebecca called his name carefully. The two strolled in the garden.

"Rebecca, go back to Eastern Europe." Lucas stopped.


"I think we'd better let it go. No matter what Sophia has done before, she is my wife now and the person who will live with me for the rest of our lives."

"Lucas, are you in love with her?" Rebecca asked anxiously. She didn't expect that.

"Yes, I just feel guilty for you."

"How could it be possible? You just know each other for two years. Lucas, we have been together for five years. Can't we compare to your relationship of two years?" Tears were welling up in Rebecca's eyes.

"Two years is indeed not as long as five years. But it doesn't take time for me to fall in love with someone."

"If Sophia hadn't appeared, we wouldn't have been separated at all. And we would have been married and even had a child now." Tears streamed down Rebecca's cheeks.

"Forget it. After you left me, you have your family. But I'm the only one left in Sophia's world." "Do you think she is an orphan so that you want to take care of her? Lucas, it's unfair. It's unfair to me."

"You know it's not like that. I have said what I should say and I want to say. Four months is enough."

"No, I don't believe it." Rebecca shook her head desperately.

Rebecca didn't expect that she could hear so much from Lucas in such a situation.? She buried her head in Lucas's chest, tears streaming down her face. Lucas just stood there quietly. He knew she needed time.

The person on the windowsill looked at the two people who were hugging each other tightly and sneered. Why did sh

e still stay here? Maybe she was just a mistress? Let go of others and herself. She, Sophia, would like to be a good person as well.

When Lucas went back to his room, he saw Sophia leaning against the headboard and reading a magazine. Her small face was covered by her long bangs.

Sophia didn't raised her head. Lucas walked to the bedside, quickly took off his coat, lifted the quilt and sat beside her. "Sophia." Lucas didn't dare to irritate her. Charles said that pregnant women shouldn't be excited. … She continued to read the magazine.

"Sophia." he called her again. Lucas's voice was pleasant to hear. When he spoke in a cold voice, it was a kind of deterrence. When he was gentle, people couldn't help but want to throw him down. Sophia didn't think the impure thoughts in her mind. What was she thinking about? "I have nothing to do with Rebecca." Sophia looked up at him. He was looking at Sophia affectionately. The Sophia, "What?" He called Rebecca so intimately, hugged her, slept with her and said it was nothing. Did he take her as a three-year old child?

"You don't have to explain. I just want a divorce. It's all."

"Don't you know that you are pregnant?"

"I know."? Lucas's figure was immediately covered with a layer of ice. His bangs covered his eyes, so Sophia couldn't see his expression clearly.

He turned Sophia's body and stared at her eyes, trying to see through her.

"Sophia, you are pregnant with my child and want to divorce me. Stop dreaming. I won't divorce you even if I die."

Lucas kissed her lips, opened her mouth with his tongue, and enjoyed her sweetness. Sophia was dizzy by his kiss, making a low sound. She hated him. Men were always firm, weren't they? Why was Lucas so indecisive? One husband and two wives? Sophia disdained to live such a life. Even if she loved this man very much, without self-esteem and courage, she would not allow betrayal.

Lucas let go of her lips, but Sophia didn't say anything. He held her in his arms, and the bedroom was silent. After a long while, Lucas said, "Sophia, give me some time. I'll handle it well. You have to trust me. I love you. I can't live without you."

It was the first time that Lucas had said such affectionate words with a faint plea. He couldn't let her go. Without her, his life would be dark. He loved this woman. No matter what she had done, he had forgiven her.? Without answering, Lucas looked down at the little girl in his arms. She had already fallen asleep again. He held her tightly and kissed her hair. This feeling was warm and relieved. Lucas said these words, but Sophia didn't hear him. It was because she didn't hear these words that she misunderstood him more and more.

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