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   Chapter 7 Pregnancy

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Charles Yang, who had just arrived at the villa, roared. He had a slender figure, an enviable baby white skin, and his slender eyes always gave people a warm feeling. He had a straight nose, light lips, black and shiny hair, and always smiled heartlessly. His peach blossom eyes were full of affection, and his beautiful features were as beautiful as carved. He looked at the dark faced Lucas.

"Dear, you can't just call me over as long as your wife is ill. Don't you know that a moment of sex with a beauty in my arms is invaluable?" Ignoring Lucas's anger, Charles Yang put his hand on his shoulder and lazily sat on the sofa. There was an unrestrained smile on his evil and handsome face.

"Where are your beauty? Shut up! Look at her. If you call me Dear again, I'll shoot you." At this moment, he was not joking at all. All he cared about was the unconscious person in bed.

"Don't worry. She won't die." "If she is dead, you and I will be buried together." Lucas stood in the dark, giving off a strong murderous will. He lowered his head and covered his eyes with bangs. The beige woolen overcoat was open, revealing the well tailored white shirt inside. Lucas wore a black tie lazily in front of his clothes, showing his slightly protruding collarbone and a small part of his strong chest at the collar.

Charles Yang shrugged with a typical smile.

With Lucas's sharp eyes sweeping across the room, Charles Yang stood up at once and said, "Well, tell me what happened."

"She suddenly fainted."

Charles Yang looked at the girl on the bed. Her face was a little pale, with gauze on her shins and a little blood streak.

"What's wrong with her legs?"

"I don't want to hear your nonsense." Several words blocked all the words that Charles Yang wanted to flirt with him.

Charles Yang did a simple examination for Sophia. Looking at her delicate face, he suddenly lifted Sophia's clothes.

Lucas held his wrist. He snapped, "What are you doing?"

"I'm here to do a check. Don't get in my way." Charles Yang shook off hi

s hand. The possessive man couldn't be hurt.

There is a word in Lucas's eyes, "No."

Charles Yang shook his head. He turned around and sat on the sofa.

"What happened?" Justin asked eagerly.

"Tell me something about you and Rebecca first."

Lucas's handsome face was as cold as ice. But Charles Yang totally ignored. Laziness and elegance were not lost.

"There is nothing to talk about with her."

"As far as I know, you have left your beloved wife at home for four months, and you have been staying with your ex-girlfriend."

"Shut up!" said Lucas, almost wanting to pounce on Charles Yang and tear his gloating face apart.

"Dear, you have a bad temper. Your wife is great. She can stand you for so long. I can't stop you from rekindling your relationship with Rebecca, but you have to care about your wife from time to time."

"Stop! I want to hear the result." If it was someone else, Lucas would beat him up directly. There was no more nonsense.

"She lost too much blood, and you were so fierce. It's strange that she doesn't faint." Looking at Sophia's red and swollen lips, Charles Yang said. He had guessed it.?

"Well, you can get out now."?

"… After all, I came here early in the morning. If I don't have lunch, I have to have breakfast before leaving, right?"

'Mr. Lucas, you can't throw me away after I'm done. There's no such a good thing in the world. '.

"Fuck off. I'll pay for your medical expenses."

"…" Well, Lucas's thought was not ordinary. Although Charles Yang didn't lack money, he was an idiot if he didn't accept money. "Well, I'm leaving now. My beauty is still waiting for me in bed. Oh, by the way, it was not appropriate for her to do intense exercise now. She has a slight miscarriage."

"What did you say?" Lucas glanced around.

"I've said that you would care about your wife from time to time. You don't even know that you will be a father. Maybe you don't know when your wife gives birth." He just wanted to see if the baby was fine, but Mr. Lucas was too possessive.

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