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   Chapter 6 Divorce

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The corner of Rebecca's mouth curled up, then her face full of sarcasm. That was exactly what she wanted. She was looking forward to this woman shouting hysterically and crazily. She didn't believe that any woman could stand her husband taking another woman home.? But Sophia let her down.

"Miss Rebecca, you have overestimated yourself. Although my figure is not as good as yours, my appearance is not worse than yours. What could a pair of eyes mean? We are not like each other in character." Sophia said in a relaxing tone and smiled.

"Don't forget that Lucas and I have been in love for five years."

"Miss Rebecca, do you want to say that your relationship is deeply rooted?" Sophia interrupted her, "If he loves you very much, why don't you get married early. You were twenty years old then, weren't you? He really loves you? Why don't you have a baby? I'm thinking that he is wearing condoms when he sleep with you, isn't he? Miss Rebecca, I'm sorry to tell you that because I think it's dirty. He can't get on my bed without condoms."

"You..." Rebecca trembled with anger. She didn't expect a woman to say something like that.

"What? Are you angry from embarrassment?" Sophia smiled and looked at her up and down with interest.

"It's none of your business."

"…" It turned out that the nature of this woman was like this. Keep pretending.

"Don't play tricks with me behind my back. Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude to you." Sophia glanced at her contemptuously. She couldn't bear anyone to hurt her, unless she was willing to.

"Ha!" Rebecca gave a wry smile. "What can you do to me?"

"I know Dragon Gate will support you. Although Dragon Gate is the biggest gang in the underworld, Miss Rebecca, don't bully others with your power. The scene that Miss Rebecca directed and acted by yourself yesterday was very wonderful. But unfortunately, there was no live broadcast of it."

Rebecca's face turned pale.

She suddenly grabbed the kitchen knife. Sophia's eyes narrowed and her arms crossed in front of her chest unhurriedly. Huh? Killing?

"Sophia, don't forget. I'm older than you. Of course I am smarter than you."

"You should say that your shrewdness is more sophisticated than me. You want to kill me?" Sophia looked at her with disdain. They stared at each other.

"I'm not that stupid." Rebecca said. As soon as the kitchen knife was cut, the blood flew down from Rebecca's palm. She looked at Sophia. She handed the kitchen knife to Sophia, but held Sophia's hand tightly. Suddenly, the scene was that Sophia wanted to hurt her.

"What are you doing?" A loud roar resounded through the whole villa. Since Rebecca was back to him, Lucas couldn't see her expression. He could only see the blood drop on the floor. He only saw the evasion in Sophia's eyes. Rebecca released her hands. Sophia didn't hold the kitchen knife at all. She released it. The kitchen knife fell and left a long crack on her slender leg. Blood gushed out.

"Lucas, Sophia didn't mean to do that. Don't blame her." With blood all over her hand, Rebecca grabbed Lucas. Lucas stared at Sophia angrily. The blood pierced his eyes.

"I just wanted to help cut the vegetables, but I didn't expect that S

ophia didn't need it and accidentally scratched me. Lucas, don't be angry. I don't blame her." Rebecca thought that Lucas was just angry with Sophia, so she gave a poor explanation.

"Really?" Lucas looked at Sophia.

Sophia raised her head and looked straight into Lucas's eyes.

Hearing the noise and seeing this scene, Laura and Mary were stunned. Sophia's shin was covered with blood. Lucas pushed away Rebecca's hand and walked towards Sophia. When he was about to reach out his hand, Sophia waved her hand and snapped, "Don't touch me."

She didn't expect that Rebecca would have such a childish and classic plot, such a good time arrangement and an excuse. Sadly, Lucas believed her. He believed Rebecca.

Regardless of her resistance, Lucas picked up Sophia and said, "Mary, take Miss Rebecca to deal with the wound."

"Yes, sir." Fury was boiling in Rebecca's heart. Sophia! Why could she always get the tenderness of Lucas so easily.

Lucas carried her back to the bedroom and found the medicine box. Sophia didn't say a word and watched him deal with her wound. He acted so gently as if he was afraid of hurting her.

"Let's divorce." Sophia said numbly.

Hearing that, Lucas stopped bandaging the wound all of a sudden. His eyes were as cold as ice, "What did you say?"

"Lucas, we are not living a polygamy life now. I disdained to live such a life, and you let me do nothing here. Is this the happiness you said before? What was happiness? Perhaps it was the pain of cocoon breaking. The flowing light was waiting for the spring to bloom. It was the joy of meeting a person in the most beautiful years, the slight sour waiting after years, and the joy of reuniting again. It was the confidence of a person that no matter what happened in the world, she was unparalleled. Since you can't do it, let's divorce." Sophia said expressionlessly.

Sophia was afraid that she would say something more. This man would kill her. "No way!" These words were simple but firm.

"Do you think this kind of life is interesting? If I don't make trouble, it means that I can stand it. It would be fine if we don't divorce. But Lucas, if I really want to leave here, you may not be able to stop me." Sophia looked straight into his cold eyes and seriously announced her decision.

Lucas almost jumped up to pinch her neck. The bottle of disinfectant broke on the floor with a bang. Sophia knew that he was really angry.

Lucas stood up and looked down at Sophia, who was sitting on the edge of the bed. He wanted to say something but swallowed it again. He walked back and forth in the room.

"You have Rebecca and you can live a happy life with her. Anyway, you will marry her in the end."? Lucas asked, "Who told you I wanted to marry her? Huh?"

"Lucas, you are really conflicted. Let me go. I'm tired. I really don't want to live such a life."

"Sophia, let me tell you. You are my woman after you were born, and you are also mine when you are in the underworld. Don't try to leave me." Lucas held Sophia's hand. Sophia frowned. Lucas kissed her.

"Let go of me. HMM..."? Sophia's body was so soft in his arms. "Mary, Mary, call the doctor." Before Sophia passed out, she only heard Lucas's roar.

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