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   Chapter 5 A Mistress Can Also Save Problems

Love Killer: Tricky But Seductive By Jing Buhui Characters: 5009

Updated: 2020-07-17 00:03

Lucas opened his eyes and looked at Sophia who was still sleeping beside him. She had lost weight in just a month. But this woman was still so beautiful that he couldn't get tired of seeing her. He gently kissed her lips.

Sophia was sleeping soundly. She dreamed that someone wanted to take advantage of her. Suddenly, she hit Lucas's face. Justin's face twitched. Damn it! She slapped him. He looked up and saw Sophia sleeping soundly. How could she hit him in her dream? And it was not light. There must be five fingerprints on his handsome face.

Sophia's long eyelashes fluttered. Why did her hand hurt so much when she was sleeping? Lucas stared at her. He wanted to kill her with his eyes when she woke up. Finally, Sophia opened her eyes slowly and closed them again. She opened her eyes again. Lucas's face was close. She looked at him, and then looked at her pajama.

"Why are you here?" Sophia asked.

"Stop asking such stupid questions." Anger flashed through Lucas's deep eyes. Why are you here? What a classic dialogue of one night sex.

"Did you sleep here last night?" Why didn't she remember at all? She seemed to be in the piano room. Why did she go back to the room?

"What? You don't want to sleep with me?"

"No, I'm just afraid that Miss Rebecca will be angry." Sophia said with a smile. It seemed that she were saying that she was great.

"Sophia, let me tell you. You deserve it. Don't pretend to be so kind. Don't think I can't see what you have done behind me." Lucas asked, grabbing Sophia's shoulder.

What? Deserve it? "Lucas, don't sling mud at me. Tell me how I pretended to be kind."

Lucas's naked body was half pressed on Sophia. She knew that she would lie quietly in bed if she couldn't offend the man in the morning. "You know what you have done." Lucas had never been so out of control to any woman before. He had always been very tolerant. When he met Sophia, everything was changing.

"Well, I don't want to know if you don't tell me. Get out of my way. I want to get up." Sophia stared at him expressionlessly. He had a firm face and dark eyes. For the first time, she found that she didn't know this man well. For the first time, she found that this man had a bad temper.

"You just slapped me. Shouldn't you give me an explanation?" Lucas's thin lips curled up slightly.

Sophia was confused. Wasn't she dreaming? Well done! It was a good slap. But this smile... Lucas pressed his lips on hers, pried open her teeth peremptorily, and k

issed every inch of her skin in her mouth flexibly. A warm current swept across Sophia's body. She gradually calmed down and tried to push the man away. But Lucas held her restless hand. Damn it! Her physiological reaction. Lucas kissed Sophia like this and took the sweetness out of her mouth. Unable to move, Sophia cursed Lucas many times in her heart. She knew that it was over, and she was going to be addicted to it again.

"Lucas, are you there?" The voice of Rebecca came from outside.

"…" Hearing that, Lucas stopped what he was doing. Sophia was happy to know that sometimes a mistress could also save problems.

"Why haven't you gotten up yet? Do you want to show her our live broadcast?" Sophia looked at the lustful eyes of the man leaning against her. She hated this man. Why did Lucas provoke her when he had Rebecca?

Lucas stood up and glared at Sophia with obvious anger in his eyes. He slammed the door again and left. The corners of Sophia's mouth twitched.

Sophia went downstairs and went into in the kitchen. Mary had already prepared the breakfast. But she wanted to have some porridge.

"Mrs. Sophia, breakfast is ready. You can go and have it." Mary looked at Sophia kindly and said.

"It's okay. I want to eat some porridge. You can go back to your work."

"Mrs. Sophia, please go out and have a seat. I'll cook for you. I'll call you when it's ready."

"No, thanks. I can do it myself. Go ahead with your work."

After Mary left, Sophia began to clean rice and put it in the electric rice cooker. She thought for a while. She opened the refrigerator and thought it was good to have some food with porridge. She took out dried radishes and red pepper from the fridge.

When Sophia was chopping the vegetables elegantly, she glanced Rebecca standing at the door with complaints.

"Miss Rebecca, do you also want to make breakfast?" Sophia greeted politely.

"Sophia, I really underestimated you." Rebecca approached Sophia step by step. This woman could actually make Lucas so angry. She had never seen him like that. Yesterday, when he took Sophia back from the piano room to sleep, she saw tenderness in his eyes that she had never seen before.

"Miss Rebecca, you flatter me. We are the same." Sophia said while cutting the food.

Seeing that Sophia didn't answer her question completely, Rebecca was annoyed. With a contemptuous smile on her lips, she said, "No matter what, you are my substitute."

Sophia stopped and put down the knife.

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