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   Chapter 4 Speechless

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Sophia lied on the bed and looking at the ceiling. Her face was burning. Rebecca's bedroom was just next to hers, but the damn ambiguous sound came.

"Hurry up, Lucas!" Rebecca said in a coquettish voice. Panting heavily, and she cried out. The man gasped heavily.

Sophia couldn't stand it anymore. She stood up and went downstairs. Rebecca gave a demonstration to her. How could she not know that? She admitted that she loved Lucas and didn't quarrel with him, but it didn't mean that she didn't mind.

Seeing Sophia coming downstairs, Mary asked, "Mrs. Sophia, what's wrong with your face?" Worry was shown all over her kind face.

Sophia looked back and smiled, "It doesn't matter. Bring me some ice."

Holding the ice in her hand, Mary carefully put it on Sophia's face and asked, "Mrs. Sophia, did Mr. Lucas hit you?" Sophia had been married to the Ling family for 6 months. Mary was very kind to her, just like her mother. Sophia didn't say anything.

"Mrs. Sophia, if you have anything to say to Mr. Lucas, just tell him. I believe that he is not such a reckless person. He did something wrong, but I believe that one day he will find that you are good." Sophia smiled. Even if he found out, it would be too late.

"I'm fine, Mary. I'm going to the attic." Mary didn't say anything more and let her go.

The attic was next to the main building. Sophia opened the door. When the light was on, a new piano appeared in front of her. She sat down and tapped on the keyboard. The piano's pop up sound poured down from her fingers like spring water. She could only play one song. The only one she could play was taught by Lucas. She was wondering why everything was related to him. When did her life become so full of him. It was a romantic song, Only You Are My Life. This was her favorite song, which Lucas taught her to play. Her favorite song was also played on the wedding day. It was a song that she and Lucas played together. Now only she was playing, and the romantic music seemed to become desolate. Her slender fingers danced, but her back was so lonely.

The woman at the door looked at Sophia quietly. Why did her brother hurt her so much? She was like a fairy, but was dragged into the mortal world step by step. She gave up the whole heaven, but she couldn't get happiness.

"Sophia." Laura called. Sophia stopped playing and looked back at Laura.

"Laura, why don't you go to bed? Did I wake you up?" Wearing a black dress and long curly hair, Laura looked more feminine. She had a ch

ildhood sweetheart named Simon Duanmu. The two of them had a good relationship.

"No, I just came back. When I saw the light was on, I came to have a look." Laura stared at Sophia's red and swollen face and asked in surprise, "Did my brother hit you?"

Sophia shook her head and smiled, "I'm ok."

This woman could always be so strong. How could she smile when things went on like this. Laura thought her brother was just nostalgic, but she didn't expect that Rebecca would move in.

"Laura, I want to know their story." Sophia asked.

Laura avoided Sophia's eyes and asked, "Maybe it's good that you don't know something. If you know it, you will be hurt."

"If you don't tell me, it will be the greatest harm for me. Why did everything change as soon as Rebecca appeared? Shouldn't you give me an explanation?" Sophia looked at Laura with begging eyes.

"Sophia, you have to trust my brother. He won't divorce you." But how could Sophia believe him.

"Laura, you know more than me, don't you?"

Her words rendered Laura speechless. No one could guarantee that. In such a situation, his brother had indeed gone too far.

"I think it's better to let my brother explain." They owed Sophia an explanation. But she had no right to tell her. It was her brother and Rebecca who explained to her.

"I won't force you." Was she afraid that she wouldn't know when she wanted to know? It was just that she was coward and afraid to know.

"Good night, Sophia. I'm back to my room. My brother has just gone out. You can talk with him when he comes back."

Sophia nodded. Lucas went out? Then the sound from the room just now? At least Laura was good to her. She touched the keyboard again and played it gently. Clear melody was touching. It would be easy for her to know about them, but she also wanted to hear from him why everything had changed.

"I'm sorry. My brother didn't tell you, so I won't tell you either."

Sophia walked to the window and said, "Two years ago, I saved him by the sea. When he woke up, he looked at me obsessively. I thought I was obsessed with him. He crazily pursued me, gave me all his tenderness and love. At that time, he only had me in his world. Later, we got married. When Rebecca appeared in the Ling family, I felt his excitement. When I met her, I knew that I was a substitute, a substitute of Rebecca. Laura, why don't you tell me? If I'm divorced and I have to be dumped like this?" Sophia felt ridiculous when she said that. She was really defeated by a man.

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