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   Chapter 3 Wife And Mistress

Love Killer: Tricky But Seductive By Jing Buhui Characters: 5877

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Only Sophia and Rebecca were left in the room. Sophia wanted to see how the mistress begged her to give her husband. As expected, Rebecca asked, "Sophia, do we have to do this?"

"What do you think?" Sophia said lightly. She continued to eat.

"Sophia, we can be friends. Do you have to do this to me?"

"Miss Rebecca, can you treat me as your friend?" It's ridiculous. Friends? Fuck friends! How filthy they are.

"Sophia, you know that Lucas loves me all the time." Rebecca said pitifully.

"Are you telling me that you are the hostess of the Ling family?" Sophia asked with a smile.

"Sophia, do you have to be so aggressive?" Anger was burning in Rebecca's heart. Lucas loved her, but he married Sophia.

"Rebecca, you know better than me who you are. If you want my position, you can seduce my man first with your ability, and then grab this position. I'm always there. If he divorces me, I'd like to do it." Sophia put down her chopsticks and looked at Rebecca with contempt.

"Sophia, I don't want us not to be friends." When Rebecca recovered her pitiful look, this was the most skillful expression on her face.

"Well, since you have sex with my husband, we can't be friends anymore. And, don't call me Sophia. Miss Rebecca, if my memory serves me right, this is the second time we meet. We are not familiar with each other." How could she easily forget that scene? It hurt so much. They wanted to be forgiven, but she would not let them get their wish.

Rebecca didn't expect that Sophia would ask such a question directly, which made it clear that she was "cheating". Sophia stood up and went upstairs. She turned around at the stairway and said, "Rebecca, don't play it too much. Don't set yourself on fire. Besides, there is a saying that if you do such a shameless thing well, it is just that your psychological quality is too good. Miss Rebecca really has a heavy psychological burden."

Rebecca's face turned pale and blue. She bit her lips. Gritting her teeth, she stared at the back of Sophia and wondered why this woman was so confident. Lucas would give her whatever she wanted. Why was Sophia so confident that she would play with fire and burn herself? Even if she had been absent from Lucas's life for the past three years, he still treated her as a treasure. But Sophia only had the same eyes as her. Otherwise, how could Lucas pay attention to her and even marry her? An orphan? Why was she so confident?

Sophia went back to her bedroom and opened the curtain. She looked at the beautiful roses in the moonlight. She liked the roses and Lucas planted them for her. Perhaps only now did she know that this garden was not planted for her. Rebecca also liked roses. What had changed? Why did everything change as soon as Rebecca came back? There was no explanation. Two years of love, several months after marriage, tragedy came. Was all marriage a tomb? His eyes were full of tenderness in

the wedding picture hanging on the bedside table. No one believed that she was just a substitute. He gave her tenderness, love, care and made her fall in love with him. But now there was silence.

"Lucas, can I imagine that you actually love me?" Sophia murmured. The wind blew her hair. Her long eyelashes moving, and she looked at the night calmly.

A loud sound of door opening pulled Sophia's thoughts back. Lucas walked towards her like a king. He was 1.86 meter tall, with a handsome face. His collar was unbuttoned, revealing his wheat colored chest. Sophia was obsessed with handsome men. "Well, my wife, are you satisfied with my figure and appearance?" With his hands in his pockets, Lucas looked at her seriously. He stressed the two words "my wife".

Without changing her expression, Sophia walked up to him and looked at him up and down. "Yes, you're right. But my husband, you only have eight points in appearance and figure."

Squinting at her dangerously, Lucas asked, "Have you ever seen someone more handsome than me?"

"Don't you know there are so many handsome men in the world? There were many people outside. ?"

All of a sudden, Lucas grabbed her arm, which made Sophia feel painful. "Don't you know how to be tender to women?" Sophia asked angrily. After all, she was a human being. If she was pinched so hard, her arm would be broken.

"Don't tell me that you have been studying men during the months when I was away." Lucas pointed at the laptop on the table, on which a photo of a male star was posted.

"Well, you can find another woman, but you don't allow me to find another man?"

She just said it casually. Today she was bored to watch the entertainment, but she didn't expect that it could also be used to make him talk.

"It seems that you are lonely and want to find a man to vent your anger?"

"What is loneliness? I don't know." Sophia replied fearlessly.

Lucas let go of her hand. This woman could always make him angry. "If you are here to talk about your baby, then I don't think it's necessary."

"Baby?" Lucas asked in confusion.


"Woman, are you jealous?" Lucas looked at her.

"Ha! Jealous? How can I be jealous? I want to thank her for helping me and undressing to serve my husband. Sophia said with a smile. Hearing that, Lucas's anger, which had just been suppressed, rose again. He raised his hand and slapped on Sophia's face. Immediately, five fingerprints appeared on Sophia's face. Lucas was stunned. Damn it! How could he hit her. It was also out of Sophia's expectation that Lucas would hit her. For Rebecca. Huh!

"It's time for you to leave. If you want her to move here, let me sleep in the guest room. I don't mind." Hearing her words, Lucas's face darkened and looked at her. He slammed the door and left. Sophia held back her tears and stroked her swollen face. She giggled to herself and would no longer have extravagant hopes.

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