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   Chapter 2 He Was Back

Love Killer: Tricky But Seductive By Jing Buhui Characters: 6865

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The decoration of the villa was simple and elegant. Laura sat on the sofa and looked at the woman in the kitchen. She was waiting for Sophia's delicious food.

Sophia only made a simple steak and she seldom cooked. For her, cooking depended on her mood. But recently, she had no appetite for other people's food, so she cooked by herself.

After a while, Sophia took two plates to the table. Laura pushed forward excitedly, and her face full of excitement. She asked, "What's this?" She opened the lid while asking. The steak was delicately laid on the plate in bright color. Seeing this, Laura couldn't help but drool.

"Let's eat." Sophia said with a smile.

Laura started to eat without hesitation. The two of them buried their heads on the table, but didn't notice the person at the gate.

Wearing a silver gray suit from Italy, Lucas had medium long black hair and a pair of unpredictable cold eyes under his bangs. He had an enchanting features. He exuded a dark force. Just like a king in the darkness.

Hearing the footsteps, Sophia suddenly raised her head and looked right into the deep eyes of Lucas. So quiet. No one said anything.

"Laura, what are you eating so seriously?" Rebecca said in a delicate tone.

Laura raised her head and saw Lucas and Rebecca. She grabbed a tissue and wiped her mouth. "Brother, you're back." She didn't answer Rebecca's question.

Rebecca became a little embarrassed. In Laura's eyes, she couldn't see the joy in the past.

Lucas nodded.

Sophia ignored them and continued to eat steak. As soon as Lucas entered the room, he had been staring at her with cold eyes.

"Laura, long time no see. You are getting more and more beautiful." Rebecca said. She walked up to Laura and held her hand, pretending to be intimate.

Laura smiled and nodded. "So do you. Ha!"

Sophia calmly ate her food and thought, 'What a pale dialogue!'

"Laura, are you eating steak? Lucas and I haven't had a meal yet. We are so hungry." A sweet and gentle tone that could piss a woman off. She felt goosebumps all over her body.

"I didn't do it. Sophia did it."

"Sophia, your cooking is good. I wonder if I'm lucky enough to eat the food you cook." Rebecca was wearing a blue gauze T-shirt and a black miniskirt. A plump and eye-catching woman.

Sophia was confused why Rebecca called her "Sophia"? She didn't seem to be that familiar with her? She put down the fork. She forced a bright smile and asked, "Miss Rebecca, do you want to eat?" The same noble and elegant.

"Yes, we haven't eaten anything yet. Will you cook for us?"

Sophia looked at Rebecca and then at the silent Lucas.

"Miss Rebecca, if you want to eat, you can cook it by yourself."

This woman seemed too naive. Sophia wiped her mouth. She turned around and went upstairs. As soon as she reached the stairway, Lucas said in a deep voice, "Move Miss Rebecca's things in."

Sophia paused for a moment. He finally couldn't stand it anymore? He finally showed his true face. She still went upstairs without looking back, leaving them a very stubborn figure.

"Lucas, why don't you say anything?" Rebecca put her hands around his neck and asked.

"Nothing. Let's go upstairs." Lucas held Rebecca's waist and went upstairs.

Leaving Laura alone in the living room.

Sophia went back to her bedroom and took a shower. It was hot. She turned on the air conditioner and fell asleep on the bed. Sh

e hadn't slept so soundly for a long time. In a daze, she felt as if someone had entered her room and held her cold hand, which was very warm. Sophia suddenly opened her eyes and saw Lucas's face. It turned out that it was not a dream, but him. Sophia asked angrily, "Why are you here?" Lucas stopped kissing her.

It seemed that Lucas's eyes were about to burst into anger, and his face was closer to hers. "Why do I have to ask you when I enter my own room?"

Sophia turned over, trying to escape from his face, but Lucas held her waist with his hands, making her unable to move. "What? You can't recognize your husband after only a few months?" His deep voice suppressed his anger. Sophia snorted, "Husband? Do you still remember that you are a married man?"

"Woman, are you blaming me?"

"I dare not. Let me go. I'm getting up." Sophia looked out of the window. It was dark. She went up late today.

Lucas said, "It seems that you have almost forgotten who you are. Now let's review it again." After saying that, regardless of Sophia's resistance, Lucas kissed her fiercely and overbearingly. Sophia couldn't move. She was only wearing a nightgown with straps, and her hair was scattered on the white bed sheet, looking sexy and enchanting. Lucas put his hand into her pajamas. At this moment, Sophia raised her foot and kicked his lower abdomen. Lucas snorted and fell on the carpet. His deep eyes sparkled with coldness, as if he was in the Antarctic Pole. Sophia ignored his anger. The man who was dissatisfied with desire was the most terrible. She tidied up her clothes, and a gentle voice came from the door, "Lucas, it's time for dinner."

When Rebecca walked to the door and saw Lucas sitting on the ground, she was stunned. Then she looked at Sophia with a sad expression in her eyes. Anyone who saw them would know what had happened and the door was not closed.

Lucas stood up and took Rebecca downstairs. Sophia sneered, went into the bathroom, changed her clothes and went downstairs. It was eleven o'clock. It was midnight snack time.

Lucas sat on the main seat, while Rebecca sat beside him. The two of them held their hands tightly in an intimate posture. Sophia sat opposite him, picked up the chopsticks and put the food into her mouth silently. Lucas stared at her, wondering why she could be so calm. Feeling the change of Rebecca, she smiled and said, "Sophia, eat more. You'll look more beautiful if you get fatter."

Sophia looked up at her and asked, "Miss Rebecca, are you calling the host?" She should have asked her to eat more.

The smile on Rebecca's face suddenly turned pale. She looked at Lucas pitifully, but Sophia ignored her and continued to eat. Well, it was a harmonious scene when a mistress and the current wife were having dinner face to face. Perhaps it should be said that she had never been the protagonist. She was just a pawn of Lucas. She was just fidgeting around. But she was not reconciled. What was the love and tolerance of two years? Was it really fake? "Mary Liu, clean up a guest room for Miss Rebecca and move her things upstairs." After saying that, Lucas went upstairs without looking back.

"Yes, sir." Mary Liu replied. Mary Liu was the nanny of the Ling family. She had worked here for more than 20 years. So Lucas respected her very much. She looked at Sophia. Shaking her head, she turned around and went upstairs without saying anything.

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