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   Chapter 2 The Husband Returns

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The villa's furnishings were simple but elegant. Laura watched Sophia bustle about in the kitchen from the living room sofa. She could hardly wait to dig into Sophia's delicious cooking.

In the kitchen, Sophia watched the steaks sizzle on the grill. She had chosen to grill steaks for dinner because she didn't trust herself to make anything more complex in her current mood. Sophia usually let the servants handle the cooking, but in the last several months, she had had to cook most of her own meals to make up for her loss of appetite.

A few minutes later, Sophia emerged from the kitchen with two covered plates and set them on the dining table. Laura leaned over her plate, her face shining with excitement. "What is it?" She removed the cover. The steak, arranged artfully on the plate, seemed to glisten in the light. Laura had to wipe the drool from her chin.

"Go on. Don't be shy now," Sophia said with a smile.

That was all the encouragement she needed. Laura picked up her fork and knife and attacked her steak with gusto. The two women were so engrossed in their meal they didn't hear the front door open.

Lucas, dressed in an expensive silver-gray suit from Italy, closed the door behind him. His jet-black hair was styled in a medium-length haircut, and his cold, unreadable eyes glittered from under his bangs. He had the chiseled features of a Greek god. There was a perpetual aura of darkness about him. His chilling aura, combined with his jet-black hair and eyes, gave everyone who saw him the impression that he was the God of Darkness.

Sophia looked up at the sound of footsteps, and found herself caught in Lucas' dark, bottomless gaze. There was a moment of awkward silence as Sophia and Lucas stared at each other.

"What's that you're having, Laura?" The sweet, flirtatious voice shattered the silence.

Laura, who had been too busy eating to notice her brother, finally looked up. Rebecca was now standing next to Lucas. Laura grabbed a napkin and wiped her mouth. "Lucas, you're back." She didn't look at Rebecca, or answer her question.

Rebecca's smile stiffened at the open animosity emanating from Laura.

Lucas nodded to his sister in greeting.

Sophia ignored them. She kept her eyes on her steak as she methodically cut it up and shoved the pieces into her mouth. She could feel Lucas' cold, hard stare on her. He had been staring at her ever since he entered the room, but she wasn't about to acknowledge his presence by looking at him.

"Laura, it's been such a long time since I last saw you. You were pretty back then, but you're absolutely beautiful now," Rebecca added nonchalantly. She walked over to Laura and squeezed her hand like a long-lost friend.

Laura forced a smile. They had never been that close, and Rebecca's sudden affection for her was making her uncomfortable. "You too, Rebecca," Laura said woodenly. She looked at Rebecca's hand on hers, and cleared her throat awkwardly.

Sophia chewed serenely on her steak as she inwardly rolled her eyes at the awkward acting from the two women.

"Laura, is that steak? Did you make it yourself? Lucas and I are starving, we haven't had dinner yet." Rebecca's voice was the kind of cloyingly sweet voice that seduced men and annoyed other women. Laura felt the hair stand on the back of her neck.

"My sister-in-law made it for me."

"Sophia, I didn't know you were such a good cook. I'd love to try your cooking, you know." Sophia stopped to look at Rebecca. She took in Rebecca's thin blue T-shirt and black miniskirt. She noted the way Rebecca's voluptuous curves strained against her clothing with some distaste.

Sophia frowned. Why was Rebecca addressing her by her first name? They weren't even friends. Sophia put her fork down. She forced a smile. "You're hungry, Miss Shen?" It took all of Sophia's self-control to keep her composure.

"Oh yes, we haven't had anything to eat. Would you be a dear and cook something for us, Sophia?"

Sophia looked steadily at Rebecca, before arching an eyebrow at Lucas. Her husband had been conspicuously silent the entire time.

"Miss Shen, if you're hungry, the kitchen is over there. Cook your own food."

It would be a cold day in hell before Sophia cooked a meal for her husband's mistress. She wiped her mouth without breaking eye contact with Rebecca. She rose, tossed the napkin onto the table, and made for the stairs. She was almost at the stairs when she heard Lucas say to a servant, "Rebecca's things are outside. Bring them in."

Sophia froze in mid-step. She could hardly believe her ears. Was Lucas moving his mistress in? She clenched her jaw. So this was the real Lucas. She had been a fool to trust him. She went upstairs without a second glance.

She would play the part of the dignified wife, come hell or high water.

"Lucas, what's wrong? You're so quiet tonight." Rebecca draped her arms around Lucas' neck seductively.

"I'm fine. Let's go upstairs." Lucas put his arm around Rebecca's hips as they walked up the stairs together.

Laura watched them go with an arched eyebrow.

Sophia returned to her bedroom. She showered and turned on the AC before flopping onto the bed. It was still early in the evening, but it was too hot to do anything else. She was sound asleep within seconds. It had been months since she had had a good night's sleep. As she drifted comfortably in dreamland, she sensed someone entering the room. She felt a familiar warmth spread across the palm of her icy cold hand; someone was holding her hand. Sophia's eyes flew open, and she almost jumped out of her skin. Lucas' handsome face was right in front of her. It hadn't been a dream after all. Sophia glared at him. "Why are you here?" Lucas had been leaning in to kiss her. He stopped.

His eyes were full of fiery anger as he snarled, "This is my room. I don't need your permission to be here, do I?"

Sophia tried to turn away from him, but Lucas pinned her waist down with his hands. She couldn't move. "What's wrong? I'm your husband, remember? Have you forgotten me in the last several months?" There was an undercurrent of anger in his deep, masculine voice. Sophia snorted. "You're one to talk. How dare you call yourself my husband when you haven't been acting like a married man!"

"Are you complaining?"

"No, of course not. I wouldn't dream of it. Now let get of me, I'm getting up." Sophia looked out the window. It was pitch-black outside. She wondered what time it was.

Lucas pinned her down. "Looks like you've forgotten who your body belongs to. Perhaps it's time for you to review your lessons." Lucas' eyes traveled hungrily over Sophia. She was a delectable sight, dressed only in a thin chemise and with her dark hair fanned out over the white sheets. Before she could open her mouth to protest, he kissed her fiercely on the lips. He put his hand up her chemise, and she responded to this with a mighty kick into his stomach. Lucas tumbled off the bed and onto the carpeted floor with an undignified yelp. Sophia could feel his dark, icy glare on her. It chilled her to the bone. She ignored him. He had been humiliated in his attempt to have his way with her, and she knew better than to engage with him in his angry state. She smoothed her chemise demurely as a gentle voice sounded from the door. "Lucas, the food's ready."

Rebecca walked in and saw Lucas sitting on the floor. She stared at him for a moment, perplexed, and then turned to Sophia with a troubled look in her eyes. It was clear as day what had happened.

Lucas got to his feet and led Rebecca out of the room without another word. Sophia watched them go with a sneer on her face. She went into the bathroom, changed her clothes, and went downstairs. It was eleven o'clock. Time for a midnight snack.

Lucas was already seated at the dining table. He held hands with Rebecca, who sat beside him. Sophia nonchalantly took the seat opposite Lucas. She picked up her chopsticks and began eating in silence. Lucas glared at her. She had humiliated him just moments ago. How dare she sit before him now and eat her meal as if nothing had happened! Rebecca saw the tension in Lucas' face. She smiled and said, "Eat up, Sophia, don't be shy. I think you'd look better with a little more meat on you."

Sophia looked up at her. "Miss Shen, you're the guest here. Learn your place." It was ridiculous for the guest to ask the host to "eat up."

The smile disappeared from Rebecca's face as she turned to Lucas with a wounded expression. Sophia arched a sarcastic eyebrow and returned to her food. 'What a lovely, heartwarming scene! The mistress, the wife, and the cheating husband are seated together at the same table, enjoying a peaceful meal, ' Sophia thought sardonically to herself. She had had enough of his games. But she wasn't ready to walk away. He had showered her with love in the last two years, and she was almost sure his love had been genuine. Was it possible that Lucas had only been pretending? "Mary, prepare a guest room for Rebecca. See that her things are moved into it as soon as possible." With that, Lucas went upstairs without another word.

"Yes, sir," Mary Liu said respectfully. She had been with the Ling family for over twenty years. She had been Lucas' nanny since he was a kid, and he treated her with a level of respect not usually shown to the other servants. Mary Liu stole a furtive glance at Sophia, before walking up the stairs with a disappointed shake of her head.

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