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   Chapter 1 Sophia Su

Love Killer: Tricky But Seductive By Jing Buhui Characters: 5606

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In A city

It was hot in summer and the warm wind blew at this time, which made people feel bored.

The wide windowsill and beige curtains were decorated in Lucas Ling's large villa. Birch and poplar formed a semicircle. The whole villa was like the mirage that appeared suddenly in the forest. There was an independent space on the top, and a private garden on the bottom. It was a single villa with strong privacy. It was shown that the upper, lower, left, right and back were independent space. There was an open-air swimming pool. And there were various green lands and courtyards around. It was so beautiful. This was the biggest villa district in A city - Hillside Villa. The villas here were all worth hundreds of millions, and there were not many people who could live here.

In the garden, a large number of roses were blossoming, emitting a faint fragrance under the scorching sun.

The whole pool of water lotuses also took a nap. A woman was dressed in a French beige light gauze dress, with a tall figure and exquisite appearance. Her long black hair hung over her shoulders like seaweed. She had a pair of beautiful eyes. Her facial features were so delicate. Her bangs were of the middle fraction, and she looked like a queen.

She happened to stand under the shade of the birch tree, and her fair skin was a little red because of the violent sunlight.

She was reading a magazine in her hand. Finally, she stopped when she saw the man and the woman on the magazine.

Her eyes dimmed. The man was her husband, but the woman beside him was not her.

The wind came slowly, rippling green waves, so that a bunch of beautiful water lotuses fluttered flowers and leaves. It was like a fairy, pleasing to the eyes and mind.

"Sophia Su, what are you doing?" She murmured. Her voice was full of sadness. How could she be reluctant to leave such a man? Why couldn't she be ruthless to Lucas Ling? They had known each other for two years, but she had failed like this.

"Lucas Ling, I'm waiting for your explanation." She sighed in her heart. After Rebecca Shen came back, she hadn't seen him for four months. He had never been home before. The outside media were reporting that the two of them went in and out together.

The breeze blew her long hair, making her a little moved. Her charming eyes shone brightly.

He didn't give her an explanation and she was sentenced to the end? Why did he marry her?

Was she crazy? She still cared about him till now.

"Sophia." A gentle voice came.

Laura Ling wore a pink shirt and beige jeans. Her curly hair was tied up. She had beautiful facial features, bright dressing and she was a real beauty.

"Yes, you're back." Sophia Su and nodded.

"The sun light is so strong. Why do you come out?" Laura Ling saw the magazin

e in Sophia Su's hand. Her beautiful smile became a little stiff.

"It's okay. Let's have some fresh air." Sophia Su said in a plain tone.

"Actually..." Laura Ling wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

"You want to talk about this?" Sophia Su asked, raising the magazine in her hand. A smile appeared on her beautiful face.

Laura Ling looked at her in astonishment. Sophia Su was really different from others. Her husband cheated on her. Didn't she cry two times and make troubles? Why did she talk and laugh happily?

"Rebecca Shen, twenty-two years old, the apple of Dragon Gate's leader's eye. Five years ago, she and Lucas Ling, the CEO of the Ling Group, were a couple. But somehow, three years ago, there was no news about her. Now she came back to renew her relationship with him. Why didn't you tell me that I'm a substitute?"

"No, it's not like that. You and Rebecca Shen are different."

Pointing at Rebecca Shen on the magazine, Sophia Su asked, "Aren't the eyes the same?" Rebecca Shen disappeared. She happened to appear in Lucas Ling's world. He loved her so much. After Rebecca Shen appeared, he abandoned her.

"It's not what you think. I believe my brother will explain. If you don't believe my brother, please believe me." Laura Ling held Sophia Su's right hand and said. It was so hot, but Sophia Su's hands were so cold.

Sophia Su looked at Laura Ling and shook her head. It was not that she didn't believe it, but that she didn't know how to believe it now. She could feel that Laura Ling had always been good to her. She looked at Laura Ling's eyes, which were the same as that of Lucas Ling's, dark and cold.

"You don't comfort me. I know what to think about my own marriage."

"I just hope you can believe my brother. Everyone knows that he loves you very much." She had never seen Lucas Ling treat a person so gently. No matter how good the relationship between her and her brother was, she had never seen such tenderness. As for Rebecca Shen, it used to be her who compromised to Lucas Ling. She once thought that her brother would never be gentle in his life.

But after Sophia Su appeared, he loved her to the bone. How she wished she could still remember the wedding which caused a sensation all over the world and the shocking scene. Wasn't this a sign of love?

"Forget it. Leave me alone. You can go back first. Let's have dinner at home. I'll cook something delicious for you." Sophia Su gave her an elegant smile.

"Okay." Laura Ling really admired her for being able to smile.

Laura Ling left and couldn't help but look back at Sophia Su. Sophia Su's back was a little lonely. No matter how strong she looked, she couldn't calm down in her heart. Laura Ling just hoped that her brother wouldn't be too wrong.

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