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   Chapter 98 Meeting

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Cecilia sighed slightly, put the newspapers on her knees, lowered her head and said dejectedly, "I'm sorry. I've hidden it from you for so long. In fact, I know I can't hide it from you for too long. It's really hard to lie."

With a sigh, Frank said sadly, "Are you lying to others or yourself?" Frank also knew that Cecilia still loved Shaw, but he didn't know why they broke up and why they ended up like this. He just knew that she still loved him. It made his heart ache slightly.

But even if he felt uncomfortable, he didn't want to see Cecilia unhappy. So, looking at the depressed Cecilia, he couldn't help comforting her, "Don't worry. I'll be at the meeting tomorrow. I'll take care of everything."

Cecilia turned around in shock, looked at Frank gratefully and said, "Thank you." All of a sudden, Cecilia felt warm in her heart. She was grateful to him for helping her solve the problem in front of her and for not asking her about the matter with Shaw, so that she wouldn't be so embarrassed.

On the second day, Cecilia and Frank arrived at the meeting in advance. Not long after they arrived, Shaw and Veronica also arrived. When Cecilia saw Shaw, she felt a sharp pain in her heart and took a step back involuntarily. Frank, who was standing aside, felt her uneasiness, so he reached out his hand and gently held the little hand of Cecilia, pulling her closer to him.

Cecilia looked up at him in surprise. Frank smiled at her and gave her a reassuring look. Cecilia nodded with a smile.

Shaw, who just came in, saw this scene clearly. And in his eyes, it had a completely meaning. In his opinion, the two of them looked at each other more affectionately.

Anger inexplicably surged up in Shaw's heart, and his face darkened coldly. He walked up to Cecilia and Frank step by step.

"Hello, Mr. Shaw." Frank nodded at Shaw and said modestly. After learning from the lesson that Carol couldn't shake hands with Shaw last time, Frank also learned to be smart. He just nodded politely, so that both sides wouldn't have trouble.

Obviously, Shaw didn't buy it. He didn't even reply Frank, but kept staring at Cecilia beside him with blazing eyes. Cecilia only dared to lower her head, because she had already felt the gaze of Shaw on her, so blazing that she seemed to be able to see through a hole.

With an evil smile on his face, Shaw said, "Cecilia, you look so beautiful today. Sure enough, I have a good taste. The clothes I bought for you are ver

one who doesn't let go of the trifles and bully my subordinate deliberately, as her boss, I also have the responsibility to protect her. " After that, Frank still looked at Veronica calmly, not afraid of her at all.

"You You... " Veronica was rendered speechless. As for how hard her father had tried to invite Frank, she often heard from her father. Trent often said that Frank was young and promising. There were many big companies abroad scrambling for him. If he hadn't been moved by Trent's sincereness for him and he was eager to come back to see the development of the domestic economy, he probably wouldn't have been able to hire him.

Thinking of this, Veronica shut up obediently. Although sometimes she was a little unruly and wayward, she had her own discretion on important matters. This time, she didn't want to waste the fruit that her father had worked hard to get back because of her impulse.

"Well, since there is no problem between us, let's sign it." Shaw finally spoke. In fact, he had been observing Frank carefully. Shaw didn't pay much attention to Frank because Frank didn't speak much at the meeting with Fang Group before.

However, after he saw his intimate behavior with Cecilia that day, he went back and asked Willis to check his background. It turned out that Frank was a business genius and a very powerful character. Moreover, in the communication with Frank just now, Shaw did understand some of his unique business ideas, which were very far-sighted and feasible. Shaw also appreciated him a little. If Shaw hadn't found out that Frank had a crush on Cecilia, he thought they might have become good friends.

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