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   Chapter 96 Having Dinner Together

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"Hi, Ms." Noticing that this was Cecilia's mother, Frank greeted Nancy politely with a polite smile.

"Hi, nice to meet you." Nancy also looked at Frank with a smile. After hearing his gentle voice, she liked him more and more.

Cecilia knew her mother very well. She felt embarrassed when she saw her mother looking at Frank as if looking at her son-in-law so obviously. She knew what her mother was thinking about. So she smiled awkwardly at Frank and said, "Mr. Frank, this is my mother, Nancy." Cecilia specially called Frank as "Mr. Frank", in order to keep a distance from him and prevent her mother from having any improper desire.

Then, Cecilia looked at Nancy with a warning, "Mom. This is Mr. Frank, the CFO of our company. " After saying that, Cecilia tugged at Nancy's sleeve, indicating that she should be more reserved and stop looking at Frank like that.

But Nancy didn't pay any attention to her at all. She shook off Cecilia's hand and pretended to be angry at her. Then she turned around and looked at Frank with a loving and happy expression. "Oh, you are Mr. Frank. I didn't expect you to be the CFO at such a young age. You are so young and promising, unlike our CeciliaI who knows nothing. Please take care of her in the future. "

"Thank you. Cecilia is a good girl and she has a good working ability. She can help me a lot." Frank also took a gentle look at Cecilia and then said to Nancy seriously.

"Well, I know my own daughter very well." Nancy turned her face away with a smile and continued, "But today, Mr. Frank, you specially sent Cecilia back. Thank you so much." After saying that, there was a trace of gossip on Nancy's face.

"It's my pleasure. We are on the same way. My home is in the same direction." Frank replied with a smile. Then he looked at Nancy and said politely, "Ms. Please don't call me Mr. Frank. Just call me Frank. "

"Okay, Frank." Hearing what Frank said, Nancy became friendlier. She grinned from ear to ear. She looked at him and said, "Frank, thank you so much for sending our Cecilia home today. How about having a simple meal at my home tonight? Look, I happened to buy a lot of food. " As Nancy spoke, she showed food to Frank.

Hearing that her mother was going to invite Frank to have dinner at home, Cecilia was unhappy. She grabbed Nancy's arm and said unhappily, "Mom, what are you doing? Mr. Frank is very busy. Don't waste his time. " Then Cecilia turned around and waved at Frank, "Mr. Frank, you can go back first. Thank you for sending me home.

But in order not to embarrass Cecilia, he turned his face quietly, pretending that he didn't see anything.

Then, Frank suddenly pointed at the row of photos of Cecilia and Nancy and asked doubtfully, "Why are there only the photos of you and Nancy?"

Cecilia's face darkened slightly and said indifferently, "I haven't seen my father since I could remember, so I don't know what he looks like. I almost forget that I have a father."

Looking at her disappointed face, Frank realized that he had said something wrong. He also felt sorry for what had happened to Cecilia, so he said with embarrassment, "I'm sorry, I didn't know it... I am sorry. "

"It's ok." Cecilia shrugged her shoulders and said with a smile.

"What are you talking about? Come here. Dinner is ready." Nancy came out of the kitchen with a dish and put it on the table.

"Wow, it smells so good." As Cecilia spoke, she ran to the table and was about to reach out for a piece of braised pork with her hand.

Unexpectedly, Nancy slapped her hand and said angrily, "Wash your hands first. Frank is still here. How can you act like a child?"

However, Cecilia didn't take Nancy's words seriously. She made a face at her and ran to the kitchen to wash her hands.

With embarrassment, Nancy said to Frank, who was looking at Cecilia with a smile on his face, "Please excuse her."

"It doesn't matter. Cecilia is cute." Frank said seriously.

During the dinner, Nancy put all the delicious dishes into Frank's bowl. His bowl was almost full, but Cecilia's bowl was empty. She could not help but feel jealous.

So she acted like a spoiled child and said to Nancy, "Mom. Who is your biological child? "

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