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   Chapter 95 Heartbroken

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Cecilia didn't know why, but she looked at Shaw for help instinctively and shook her head helplessly. "I didn't mean it. I really didn't mean it."

Deep in Cecilia's heart, she might have thought that Shaw was her guardian God. He would always stand out to protect her when she was in trouble, and would always be on her side. But now, her guardian God seemed to have changed.

The moment Shaw saw Cecilia, especially when she was beside him, he could clearly smell the familiar fragrance that he hadn't smelled for a long time. He really wanted to hold her in his arms and kiss her hard.

However, he recalled that when they were kidnapped by Hiram in a small dark room, this little girl dared to kiss Hiram in front of him. Although he had figured out that it was Cecilia's tactic to save him, he did not allow her to do such a thing. Did she really think that he was unable to save her? And what she did made his heart ache for a long time.

And Shaw was famous for holding grudges, even when he was facing the rabbit he liked. Therefore, he suddenly smiled mysteriously, trying to hold back his tenderness in his heart, pretending not to see Cecilia's pleading eyes. Instead, he turned around and took Veronica's hand with concern. "It's red. It must be very painful. If you get hurt like this, I'll feel sorry for you." Then he looked at Veronica tenderly.

Veronica didn't expect that Shaw would care about her so much. She had known he was a mysophobia earlier, he would have asked her to stay away from him even if she had been closer to him usually, let alone take her hand now. Veronica was flattered. Her arrogance towards Cecilia was replaced by a happy look on her face. She pouted and acted like a spoiled child to Shaw, "Shaw, my hand hurts." After saying that, she squeezed two drops of tears to pretend to be pitiful.

"Well, don't be afraid. I'll take you to apply medicine after the meeting." Shaw said with a gentle smile.

"Yes. Okay. " Veronica also smiled.

Standing behind the two of them, Cecilia saw their affectionate love and felt heartbroken. She had thought that Shaw would still care about her as before. But she thought too much. Was it said true that rich people were as ruthless as her mother said. When I like you, I can treat you as a treasure and hold you tightly in my hands. When I don't like you, I can abandon you as if you are a piece of trash and get rid of you ruthlessly. She was the only one who got hurt in the end.

Cecilia felt as if a knife were piercing her heart. He

ia softly, "It's almost time to get off work. Let me drive you home."

"No, No. It's just a scald. I can go back by myself. Thank you, Frank." Cecilia refused immediately.

Frank shook his head disapprovingly and said, "If you don't let me drive you back, I'm afraid you wouldn't know it in your such mental state even you are hit by a car." After saying that, Frank looked serious and looked at her with an expression that could not be refused.

Cecilia knew what he said was true. She was in a bad condition now. So she lowered her head with a guilty conscience and said with a smile, "Thank you."

"It's not troublesome. We are on the same way anyway." Frank replied with a smile.

On the way back, Cecilia kept silent. She looked out of the window and thought about something. When they arrived at the gate of the community, Frank also got off the car like a gentleman and opened the door for Cecilia.

Cecilia said with a little embarrassment, "Thank you. I'll go upstairs first. Take care. "

"Cecilia, Cecilia..." Suddenly, Nancy's voice came from behind them.

From afar, Nancy saw her daughter get out of a car, and the boy standing next to her looked really tall and handsome. Nancy had a good first impression of him. So, when she saw that the boy was about to leave, Nancy immediately called Cecilia loudly.

With the dishes in her hands, Nancy walked quickly to Cecilia and Frank. She looked at Frank up and down for several times and concluded that this boy was tall, handsome, gentle, elegant, polite, and had a good taste. He was a good son-in-law. Thinking of this, Nancy smiled with satisfaction, as if the mother-in-law was looking at the son-in-law.

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