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   Chapter 94 Fell Silent With Each Other

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Ten minutes later, all the senior leaders and project related personnel of the Fang Group were sent out to welcome the CEO of the Fang Group on the first floor of the office building of the J Group as a sign of respect.

Although Cecilia was reluctant, she was indeed related to the project. Although she was just a staff, she was still pulled down. But her colleagues had different opinions. They were all envious of her. After all, it was rare for a newcomer like her to undertake such a big project when she came to the company. It was rare to meet and cooperate with the CEO of the J Group in person.

"Wow, Cecilia, I envy you so much. You can see the CEO of the J Group at a close distance."

"Yes, I thought all our colleagues could see him. What a pity..."

"But the most pitiful one is Camelia. She could have participated in this project, but after the last meeting, I heard that Mr. Frank kicked her out."

"Yes, you are right. Camelia kept silent for a few days, and she has a long face every day."

"So, the luckiest one is Cecilia..."

Cecilia was listless, thinking about the colleagues' discussion about her and their envious eyes when she came downstairs just now. However, Cecilia had difficulty saying anything. Moreover, they had been waiting here for almost forty minutes, but the legendary CEO of Calvert's group hadn't shown up yet. However, the people of Fang Group were obviously very patient. They stood straight and didn't move at all.

But fortunately, staffs like Cecilia were usually standing at the end of the crowd, so she prayed by luck that she was so short that after the crowd, Shaw would not see her. Thinking of this, Cecilia exhaled softly.

Frank was just standing in front of Cecilia. He heard a slight sigh from him. Thinking of that she had told Carol that she was not feeling well, he stepped back slightly and walked to her. He asked with concern, "Cecilia, are you okay? Are you still not feeling well? "

"Me? No. No. No. I'm fine. " Cecilia was in a daze that she didn't expect Frank would come over. She was taken aback.

"He is coming! He is coming! Mr. Shaw is coming! " Someone said. When they heard it, they immediately became serious and stood up to wait.

Sure enough, before long, people saw Shaw and Veronica. Behind them, Cecilia secretly looked at Shaw through the gap of the crowd. They hadn't seen each other for a long time, but he was still as handsome and charming as before. Moreover, he recovered well, and he looked as imposing as before, and there was no sign of losing weight.

at Cecilia with an evil and attractive smile on his face.

All of a sudden, Cecilia was mentioned by Shaw. She pointed at her nose with her index finger and asked in disbelief, "Me?"

Shaw was amused by her cute appearance, but he didn't show it on his face. He thought to himself, 'This little white rabbit is still as cute as before.'

Shaw nodded and said to Cecilia affirmatively, "Yes, that's right. It's you. Stay and pour tea for me." Shaw said in a serious tone, but the people present were stunned and didn't react for a moment.

It was Carol who was more ready-witted. She was the first one to react. She coughed slightly and said to the other colleagues present, "Then please go out first. Cecilia, come to the tea room and make a pot of tea."

As soon as Carol finished her words, everyone stood up and acted quickly.

Cecilia also ran to the tea room and made a pot of good tea. When she returned to the office, she poured tea for them one by one. Cecilia stood beside Shaw. When she smelled the familiar smell, Cecilia felt a little restless.

So she almost forgot that she was pouring tea, and the tea was very hot.

"Hey, what are you doing? Cecilia! " Veronica suddenly shouted in a sharp voice, and then glared at the culprit, Cecilia.

It turned out that just when Cecilia was in a trance, she had forgotten that she was pouring tea for Veronica. The tea had spilled over the cup and scalded Veronica's delicate white hand.

Looking at her scalded hand, Cecilia was frightened and at a loss.

"I... I'm sorry." Cecilia said anxiously, almost crying.

"Is it useful to apologize? Huh? Tell me, did you do it on purpose? " Veronica pointed at Cecilia and said loudly.

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