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   Chapter 93 An Unexpected Meeting

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Veronica sat in her office and read the report about her and Shaw again and again. She was overjoyed. Especially when she saw that she was as Shaw's fiancee, and the two of them were unusually affectionate, and they were going to marry soon, she felt very satisfied. She thought that she must call the newspaper later and raise the salary of the reporter who wrote this report.

Veronica thought happily. She really wanted to cut off this report and collect it well. Veronica was lost in the fantasy of her grand wedding with Shaw, when her assistant Ella suddenly opened the door and came in.

Veronica glanced at her angrily and said, "Why do you come in? I told you not to disturb me unless there is something important. I have to appreciate the photos of me and Shaw. " Then Veronica continued to smile at the photo of them on the newspaper.

"Ahem... Miss, in fact, I really don't want to disturb you. " "It's Mr. Shaw. He asked you to come to the CEO's office right now. He has something to tell you," Ella said awkwardly. After saying that, Ella looked at Veronica with fear. Because Veronica's temper was the most unpredictable. Maybe something would make her angry, and she would vent her anger on Ella.

As soon as Veronica heard from Ella that Shaw was looking for her, her face lit up and her tone softened. She smiled and said, "Okay, I see. I'll go upstairs now. You can go out to work first."

"Oh. Yes. " Seeing that she didn't lose her temper, Ella breathed a sigh of relief. She answered in a low voice and left respectfully.

Veronica immediately took out her makeup bag and quickly fixed her makeup. She thought to herself, 'Why does Shaw want to meet me in such a hurry? Does he really plan to marry me after reading the news? If that is the case, all my efforts would not be in vain this time.'

Veronica thought happily and took the elevator to the 32 floor.

In the CEO office.

After reading today's newspaper headlines, Shaw had a long face the whole morning. Coincidentally, Coco came in with a document and wanted to ask him to sign it. But when Coco saw his expression, she felt bad and thought that it was really bad luck this time. She didn't expect it. She stood at the door with a document in her hand, wondering if she should ask Shaw to sign it or wait until he calmed down.

When Coco was hesitating, Shaw looked at her impatiently and said, "What are you doing there?"

"Oh, boss, there are two urgent documents that need your signature right away." Knowing that she couldn't escape, Coco straightened up and put the two documents on Shaw's desk.

Shaw took a few glances at them

d don't make any mistake. Especially for the people related to the project, you must behave well and don't make any mistake. All right, all right. Let's move and get ready. " After saying that, Carol clapped her hands to encourage everyone and turned to walk towards her office.

"Oh my God! Is the CEO of the J Group really coming to our company? I'm so excited! "

"Yes, I heard that the CEO of the J Group is very handsome."

"Yes, yes. I used to see his photos on the newspaper. Oh my God, I have the chance to meet him this time!"

The female colleagues began to discuss excitedly again, but Cecilia couldn't be happy with a sad face. She didn't want to see Shaw now. To be exact, she didn't know how to face him.

So she rushed to Carol and told her, "Carol, I suddenly feel a little uncomfortable in my stomach. Can I ask for leave?" After saying that, Cecilia blinked her big pitiful eyes and looked at Carol expectantly, hoping that she could really pity her.

Unexpectedly, Carol was not affected at all by her pretending to be pitiful. She frowned and said decisively, "The J Group said that all the people related to the project must be present. If you feel uncomfortable in your stomach, go to the bathroom as soon as possible, or you have to endure it." Then she went back to her office without looking back.

Carol's words disappointed Cecilia. Looking at his receding figure, she could only stay there like a deflated ball. In the distance, Frank also noticed that something was wrong with her. He walked over and asked with concern, "Cecilia, what's wrong? Are you not feeling well? "

"No, I'm fine. Thank you for your concern. " Cecilia smiled at him and left.

Looking at her receding figure, Frank was lost in thought.

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