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   Chapter 91 Met Again

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After that, Frank simply pulled Cecilia to sit next to him. The two of them stayed in the meeting room for more than an hour. Frank patiently explained the problems in the scheme she had made and what she should pay attention to in the future. Cecilia had been listening carefully. After more than an hour, Cecilia felt that she had really benefited a lot.

So in the end, Cecilia said to Frank gratefully and shyly, "Thank you so much, Frank."

"If you really want to thank me, just treat me with dinner." Frank looked at Cecilia with a smile. However, when he saw that Cecilia was a little stunned and didn't know what to do, he held back the slight loss in his heart and said with a smile, "I was just kidding. In fact, just like what I said at the meeting, you are very potential, but you need a talent scout."

"Then I really have to thank you for being my talent scout." Cecilia said with an innocent smile.

Through the glass window of the meeting room, the colleagues who were working outside saw that Mr. Shaw and the new CFO were talking happily. They couldn't help but discuss in the group chat. Everyone believed that Cecilia and Frank must have an affair. Even if they didn't, they are very suspicious. There were even some jealous people in the group said that it was Cecilia tried to seduce Frank. All in all, the gossip about the relationship between Cecilia and Frank was immediately spread in the company's internal group chat. Of course, they didn't know it.

After thanking Frank, Cecilia pushed the door open and walked out of the meeting room. As soon as she came out, her colleagues outside rushed to her and began to inquire about the gossip.

"Cecilia, Cecilia, what are you talking about with this new CFO?"

"We saw Mr. Frank talking to you so gently outside. Have you known each other before?"

"Oh my God! Have you already known that he is coming to our company? Why didn't you tell me? "

"By the way, does he really have no girlfriend now? What kind of girl does he like? "

"Are you his girlfriend?"

They kept asking questions to Cecilia. Before Cecilia could answer them, they continued to ask, which made her don't know what to do. What made her even more helpless was that their questions were getting more and more ridiculous. How could she be Frank's girlfriend? Sure enough, people's imagination was immeasurable.

Cecilia was surrounded by a group of colleagues, and she didn't know what to do.

Just then, Frank also came out of the meeting room. He had a cold face with a smile on his face, but his tone was harsh. "What's wrong? Why are you all here? Do you have nothing el


Willis's face darkened and said, "Hiram ran away before the police arrived. We haven't found him yet." As soon as Willis finished his words, he lowered his head. It was the first time that he had been frustrated like this.

"Okay..." Shaw answered coldly with a serious look on his face. Then he asked, "Where is Cecilia?"

"Miss Cecilia..." Willis suddenly stopped talking and carefully looked at Shaw's face. He knew that Shaw was in a bad mood these days because Miss Cecilia didn't show up.

"Tell me, where is she now?" Shaw's face darkened. If it weren't for his health, he would have caught the ungrateful rabbit back himself. He would ask her why she hadn't shown up these days and why she hadn't come to see him.

"Miss Cecilia is now working in the Fang Group, and she is in charge of an important project. The people of the Fang Group have visited our J Group before. They may not have enough money, so they want us to join this project." Willis told Shaw everything he knew.

Shaw frowned slightly and said, "Why did this little girl go to the Fang Group?"

"Uh... Well... " Willis looked embarrassed. He wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. He didn't know whether he should tell Shaw the truth or not.

"Tell me about it. Don't look at me like that." Shaw rolled his eyes at him and said impolitely.

Willis felt bitter in his heart, but his face darkened. He said softly, "Miss Cecilia was fired by Veronica, so she works in the Fang Group."

"It's Veronica again." Shaw said coldly, "Tell the Fang Group that we agree to participate in that project."

Willis looked at Shaw in a daze. He didn't know what his plan was for the moment, but he could only do as he ordered. So he answered, "Okay."

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