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The female colleagues, who had planned to continue to inquire about the gossip, immediately returned to their positions obediently as soon as they heard the manager's words and prepared the things needed for the meeting later.

Cecilia prepared her things absentmindedly, thinking about the overtime work last night. 'In addition to me, Frank was the only one who worked overtime here last night. Is Frank the new CFO? This, this is too ridiculous? He looks so young. After all, the former CFO is old man who almost lose his hair.'

While Cecilia was still lost in various fancies and conjectures, a colleague pulled her and reminded her, "Cecilia, what are you doing? The meeting with the financial department is very important. If you are still in a daze here, Carol will scold you again. Let's go."

"Okay, okay." It was not until then that Cecilia came to her senses. She immediately took her laptop and followed her into the meeting room.

As expected, as soon as Cecilia entered the meeting room, she saw Frank, who she saw last night, sitting at the front seat. He was whispering to Carol. Cecilia's heart trembled. Fortunately, she didn't really treat him as a ghost or a thief last night. Cecilia took a long breath carefully and then sat down in the last seat.

"Let me introduce to you. This is the new CFO, Frank Yang." Seeing that everyone was here, Carol began to introduce Frank to them.

Everyone applauded at the same time, especially the female colleagues who were discussing about Frank just now. They applauded even louder with excitement on their faces. As for Cecilia, she worked overtime and went back home late last night. It took her a long time before she fell asleep, so she didn't sleep well and was a little dazed. Therefore, when she saw that everyone was applauding, although she was a little confused, she clapped with them. At least, after working these days, she learned a lesson that she should never be special and follow the tide.

With a slight cough, Frank waved his hand and said, "Don't make a fool of yourself. I think you know the purpose why the boss hires me this time. I checked some accounts here last night and found a lot of problems. After that, I will talk to each departments. The reason why I have a meeting with you Marketing Department today is that you have a project at hand that the boss pays a great importance to. The scheme you submitted was... How should I say? " Frank smiled. Looking at them, he was so charming that Cecilia was attracted as well.

After a pause, Frank looked at everyone and continued, "It's a little difficult to explain. I want to know which colleague did it. Can you explain it to me?"

For a moment, the meeting room fell into silence. At this moment, everyone finally understood that although the new CFO was tall

Frank also smiled gently, completely different from the serious expression in the meeting just now. He looked at Cecilia and said softly, "Don't be so formal. You can call me Frank, and we had become friends last night, didn't we?" After saying that, he smiled and observed Cecilia's reaction.

Cecilia immediately waved her hands and said, "No, it's against the rules. You are the superior in the company. It's disrespectful to call your name directly. No, no, no."

Looking at her distant and polite manner, Frank felt somewhat displeased. He couldn't tell why. Therefore, he didn't care about such thoughts for the time being, but still said kindly, "Then you can call me Frank in private, just like now, okay? Cecilia?"

Cecilia was frightened by his calling of "Cecilia", but she couldn't say anything else to refuse. She could only nod in agreement. Then, she suddenly thought of something and looked at Frank gratefully, "Thank you so much just now. Otherwise, I thought I was going to take the blame and resign. "

"Even someone had to take the blame and resign, it's not you. I think I have roughly guessed what happened, so I let you stay and continue to be in charge of this project." Speaking of work, Frank became serious again.

"How could you trust me? Why? " Cecilia was surprised at his answer. She had thought that her grievance would be buried in her stomach forever.

With a mysterious smile on his face, Frank said, "It's my instinct."

Hearing this, Cecilia was speechless and thought, 'Really?'

Looking at the funny expression on her face, Frank was in a good mood. In fact, he did rely on his instinct at the beginning. He knew that Cecilia was an innocent and serious girl, but it was also because of her character that she was easier to be taken advantage of in work. Later, the reaction of Camelia and Carol confirmed his guess.

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