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   Chapter 89 Frank Yang

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Cecilia couldn't help stretching out her hand to look at the watch in her hand and exclaimed, "Oh my God, it's already eleven o'clock!" After saying that, she quickly put away her belongings. She didn't feel anything wrong when she was working just now, but now when she finished her work and stopped, and knew that it was so late, the timid Cecilia felt even more nervous.

While tidying up her things quickly, Cecilia muttered to herself and comforted herself, "Don't be afraid, don't be afraid. It's okay. As Shaw said, there is no ghost in the world. It's all her fault to scare herself. Boo... Hoo... Oh my God! But I'm still so scared... "

When Cecilia put the last thing into her backpack, she suddenly heard a strange sound. Cecilia held her breath and listened carefully. Plump... Plump...Plump..." It sounded like someone was walking. At the thought of this voice, Cecilia was even more scared. It was so late now, and there should be no one else except herself working overtime in the company.

"Plump... Plump... Plump..." The voice seemed to be getting closer and closer and was walking towards the place where Cecilia stayed.

"What should I do? Is there really a ghost?" Thinking that it was a ghost, Cecilia was even more scared. When she was a child, her mother took care of her alone. She was afraid that she would walked around, so Nancy had told her a lot of ghost stories since childhood, which made her afraid and dare not run around. But it was also because of what her mother had done to her when she was a child that she had left a big shadow. Even if she grew up and have learned from science that ghost did not exist, she still felt scared.

Moreover, she was in a dilemma now. She couldn't go out even if she wanted to. What if she went out and saw the "it". Without thinking too much, Cecilia covered her head with her backpack and hid herself under the desk. She murmured, "It can't see me. Go away, go away..."

However, what scared Cecilia more was that the footsteps did not leave. At this moment, she clearly felt that the footsteps had stopped in front of her steadily. Cecilia closed her eyes tightly and covered her face with her backpack.

Unexpectedly, at this time, a gentle male voice came from above Cecilia, "Why are you hiding under the table?"

Cecilia thought that his voice sounded gentle and pleasant. Even if he was really a ghost, he should be a gentle ghost. Thinking of this, Cecilia slowly moved away the backpack that covered her face, and gradually exposed her face.

Frank Yang looked at the little girl hiding under the table in front of him with interest. When he saw her bright eyes and delicate face, his heart was inexplicably touched. He felt that this girl was spe

l female colleagues were gathered together, all with excitement and shyness on their faces. She didn't know what they were talking about. Besides, these female colleagues include colleagues from both her department and other departments.

"What are you talking about? Why are you so excited? " Cecilia asked casually when passing by these female colleagues.

"We are talking about the new CFO."

"The new CFO? What about the previous one? Why change it? " Cecilia asked in confusion. In fact, she was not very sensitive to the gossip in this kind of company and did not pay much attention to it.

"I heard that the previous CFO embezzled a lot of money from the company and was found out. But he seemed to have something to do with his superior, so the company didn't call the police. They just dismissed him in private."

"Oh, that's not the point. The point is that the new CFO is really handsome, and it is said that he is single!"

Those female colleagues were so excited to hear that. However, Cecilia asked coldly, "How do you know he is single? Isn't it personal privacy? "

"Oh, you don't know, Cecilia. We are good at prying into information. I heard that this new CFO used to live abroad. He just came back recently and is very capable. "

"No wonder the company paid a lot of money to hire him here."

"I heard from the Human Resources Department that the CFO came to the company after work yesterday afternoon. Afterwards, he had been working overtime to read documents."

"Hey, Cecilia, didn't you work overtime in the company last night? Have you seen this handsome CFO?"

"Well... I... " Before Cecilia could finish her words, Carol suddenly walked out of the office and said to them, "Don't gossip here. The financial department said that they would have a meeting with us. Get ready now."

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