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   Chapter 88 Crisis In The Company

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"Oh? What happened to her? " Hearing that it was about Cecilia, Veronica became interested. She raised her eyebrows and asked Ella with interest.

Ella could tell the interest in Veronica tone, and she were also excited to know the news that interested Veronica. She thought that she had finally done a "good thing", in case Veronica said that she was useless all day long. Ella tried her best to suppress the excitement deep in her heart, and then said somewhat tantalizingly, "I just received news from the branch company of Fang Group. Recently, the company has hired a new employee. Guess, who is this person?"

Veronica frowned slightly and guessed unhappily and tentatively, "Cecilia?"

"Yes, it's Cecilia." Ella said happily, "She is working for in the Market Department with Carol."

"Humph!" Veronica snorted slightly, and then said, "Call Carol over there and tell her to keep Cecilia there first. I will teach her a good lesson and ask the subordinates to follow my orders. I can't hurt her because she was protected by Shaw when she was in J Group. I don't believe that I can't hurt her now. Now she is in our Fang Group. This time, I must teach her a good lesson, so that I can feel comfortable. " As Veronica said, her face also became fierce. When passers-by saw her like this, they all consciously dodged.

"Okay, I know what to do," Ella answered after hearing Veronica's order.

Veronica hung up the phone with satisfaction and became happy because of the news.

In the branch company of Fang Group.

Sitting in the manager's office, Carol suddenly received a call. During the whole call, she did not say anything, but after hanging up the phone, her face became more and more gloomy, and her eyebrows were tightly wrinkled. Through the glass window of the office, she looked at her subordinate who were working hard outside and could not help but sigh slightly.

Then she dialed the internal phone of the landline and said, "Camelia. Come in please. "

Cecilia had a good time working in the Fang Group these days, even happier than when she was in the J Group. Because no one here knew the relationship between her and Shaw, and no one would suspect or alienate her, let alone deliberately alienate her because of her relationship with Shaw, afraid of offending her. At the same time, without the protection of Shaw, she really realized what work should be like.

Especially for Camelia and Carol, Cecilia had always been grateful to them, because they had really taught her a lot of things and she felt that she had improved a lot in a short time.

In the past few days, the Department had been very busy. Because their de

th her, they were very strict with work, so such a mistake was unforgivable for them. Therefore, everyone left after work, leaving only Cecilia working overtime in the company.

When Carol walked out of her office, she saw only Cecilia was silently typing on the computer in the working area. Her heart was suddenly full of guilt, and she even felt a little sorry for her. In fact, she liked Cecilia very much. Although she didn't have a high education, she was insightful, and she was diligent and hardworking. Very few young people were as energetic as her now. Most of the people were muddled with their work, so she appreciated Cecilia very much. Most importantly, Cecilia was simple and innocent. She was friendly to everyone. In fact, everyone liked her.

It was all Cecilia's fault that she offended the lady of Fang Group. Carol had no choice. She worked for the company for living. She had to rely on this job to support her family, so when Veronica's assistant called to ask her to make things difficult for Cecilia, she was actually very reluctant, but she had no choice. She got the salary of the Fang Group, so the lady of the Fang Group was not someone she could afford to offend.

Looking at Cecilia's back again, Carol shook her head. Cecilia could only blame herself for being too unlucky. But Carol was also confused. How could a good girl like Cecilia offend the lady of the Fang Group? She couldn't imagine.

Cecilia had been working overtime silently all the time. She was so focused on her work that she had completely forgotten the passage of time. When she finally sorted out the two piles of documents and enter them into the computer, it was completely dark outside and the whole office was dark. Only her seat was left with a little light.

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