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   Chapter 87 New Company

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Soon, Monday came. Cecilia got up early on purpose. She had breakfast early and put on light makeup. In fact, she was still a little nervous. After all, she hadn't been to interview for a long time. Moreover, when she was in J Group, Shaw was also very considerate for her. She hadn't felt like going to the battlefield for a long time.

Cecilia took a deep breath and cheered herself up in her heart. Then she went out to the commercial building of the branch company of Fang Group.

There was only Cecilia in the elevator. Seeing that there was no one around, she adjusted her appearance in front of the mirror, and then took a deep breath before she strode out of the elevator.

Fortunately, there weren't many people coming for the interview today, but Cecilia was arranged to the last one. When it was her turn, it was almost time to get off work. Cecilia was also hungry, but she endured it.

The interviewer for Cecilia was a man in his forties or fifties. He had a kind look on his face, which gave Cecilia a very kind feeling, which made her relax a lot. Cecilia sat upright in her chair, waiting for the interviewer opposite to her to ask her questions. However, the interviewer had been looking through Cecilia's resume.

Then, the interviewer suddenly raised his head and looked at Cecilia. With a big smile on his face, he asked, "You once worked in the J Group?"

"Yes." Cecilia blinked her eyes and answered in a daze. She didn't know why he asked this question.

The interviewer continued with a smile, "The J Group is a big group here. The people who can work in it are all outstanding. But I have a look at your resume. You haven't graduated from university yet?"

"No, I didn't. At that time, because my family was poor, I dropped out of school and went to work. " Cecilia said in a neither humble nor pushy tone. She never felt that her experience of dropping out of school was shameful.

"Okay..." The interviewer said in a low voice, and then he said, "Since the J Group hired you at that time, you must have something special. I believe that you can certainly do a good job in the Fang Group. If you have no problem, you can come to work tomorrow. What do you think?" After saying that, he looked at Cecilia with a smile.

"Okay, no problem." Cecilia said in a daze. She was still completely confused. She didn't know why she was admitted? She was still confused. 'Could it be that the interviewer hired me just because I had worked for J Group? Sure enough, J Group could really improve people's background.' Cecilia could only comfort herself like this.

When Cecilia went home, she bought half a roast chicken fro

"Carol, don't worry. My home is very close to the company. I promise you that I won't be late for work." As Cecilia spoke, she really raised her hand to make a gesture of swearing.

Carol Huang couldn't help laughing at her reaction. This girl was so innocent and lovely, which added some fun to their dull work life. Therefore, Carol Huang smiled and said, "Then you should go back as soon as possible. By the way, you can do some work with Camelia this afternoon. If you have any questions, you can ask her directly."

"Yes, Carol. I go it." With that, Cecilia nodded vigorously. Carol Huang nodded at her and went out for lunch.

As for Veronica, she was in a better mood without Cecilia. Moreover, she had been taking care of Shaw in the hospital every day recently. The two of them got along with each other day and night. During this period of time, Shaw's attitude towards her had changed a lot, and he didn't hate her as much as before. This made Veronica happy for a long time.

One day, Veronica just brought the tonic soup made by the nanny to Shaw. As soon as she arrived at the hospital, she received a call from her assistant Ella.

"Haven't I told you that I have to take care of Shaw these days? Don't call me if there is nothing important!" As soon as Veronica answered the phone, she shouted at the person on the other end of the phone.

If it were anyone else, they would definitely not be able to bear Veronica's temper. However, Ella had been with her for many years, and she could clearly understand her temper. Although Veronica always looked fierce on the surface, she was still good to her own people.

After a short pause and Veronica calmed down, Ella said slowly, "It's about Cecilia. It should be an important thing, right?"

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