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   Chapter 86 A Fresh Start

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Since Cecilia was driven away from hospital by Clare that day. Then she went straight to Shaw's apartment and took her mother back to the community that they used to live before. The two of them returned to a peaceful life.

"Mom, it's time for breakfast." Cecilia poked her head out of the kitchen and said. Then she took out the breakfast and put them on the table one by one.

Nancy had been looking at Cecilia in the living room for a long time. When she saw that Cecilia heated the milk three times and finally took it out, she could not help but shake her head and sigh slightly.

She knew her daughter very well. Nancy had noticed something wrong with Cecilia. Since they moved back from Shaw's apartment that day, Cecilia had been absent-minded and didn't go to work. She had been staying in the room all day long, either in a daze or cleaning. Sometimes she had cleaned it four or five times, but she didn't know it herself.

Since Cecilia didn't want to talk about it, Nancy didn't ask her. However, Nancy still read the news about the injury and hospitalization of the CEO of the J Group from the daily newspaper and roughly got some information. Cecilia felt guilty and guilty, but she missed Shaw more. As for why she didn't go to work, Nancy didn't know.

As for Cecilia, although she left voluntarily, she missed Shaw and worried about his health. She wanted to know how he was recovering. Although she didn't tell her mother what happened the day Hiram kidnapped her. However, she knew that her mother might have guessed something more or less. She knew that her mother had secretly read the news about Shaw, and then hid the newspaper, in order not to make her sad. However, she would still secretly find it out when her mother was not noticing, because only these newspapers could enable her to know something about Shaw.

Thinking of this, Cecilia picked up the cup beside her and wanted to drink water. When she was about to put the cup to her lips, her mother stopped her and said loudly, "Cecilia, don't drink it. It's vinegar..." With these words, Nancy took the vinegar from Cecilia's hand, with a worried look on her face.

Cecilia smiled awkwardly and said, "Oh, vinegar? I wanted to drink water." After saying that, Cecilia looked a little upset and stared at the bottle of vinegar in Nancy's hand.

"Cecilia, what's wrong with you? Tell me what happened, okay? " With a worried look on her face, Nancy grabbed Cecilia's hand and looked at her sincerely.

"Mom, don't think too much. I... I'm fine. I just feel tired recently, so I'm so sleepy. Don't worry. " Cecilia took Nancy's ha

Cecilia began to make a plan in her mind. She thought that if she worked in such a close company, she could not only save a lot of traffic fees, but also come back to have lunch with her mother, which could save some food expenses. Moreover, it was close to home. If her mother had something emergent, she could come back soon. It was really great.

While thinking happily, Cecilia sent her resume to the e-mail left on the recruitment information. Then she lay on the bed again and went to sleep.

After a nap, Cecilia subconsciously turned on her computer to check her e-mail. As expected, she received a reply from the branch company of Fang Group, which said that she would go to the company for an interview next Monday.

Cecilia couldn't believe her eyes. She patted her face and felt a little pain. It seemed to be true. Most of her job applications she had sent out received no reply before she worked in the J Group. This time, she just wanted to have a try and used it as a shot. She didn't expect that she had really succeeded.

Cecilia happily shared the good news with her mother. Her mother was finally relieved when she saw that she had returned to the happy look as usual. Cecilia took her mother to her room and took out several sets of formal clothes to show to her mother. When she asked Nancy which one was more beautiful, Nancy was also happy and said happily, "All of them are beautiful."

Cecilia looked at her shyly, "How can you praise your daughter like that? Don't you feel ashamed? "

"You are my daughter, I'm willing to do that." Nancy said happily and raised her head proudly.

They talked and laughed, as if they had returned to the happy and comfortable days before. Or maybe this was a fresh start.

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