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The second day, Cecilia was awakened by the sound of the door being pushed open. She thought it was the doctor who came to make the rounds of the wards, but unexpectedly, a sharp and acerbic female voice came, "Why are you here? What are you doing here? " Clare said fiercely and looked at Cecilia with disgust.

"That's right. Don't you think you make too much trouble?" Veronica, who was holding Clare's hand, rolled her eyes at Cecilia.

Although Cecilia was unwilling to deal with the two of them, she still said in a low voice, "I have to take care of Shaw here. I have to wait for him to wake up."

"You? You take care of him? Please don't hurt him. " Clare glared at Cecilia and said.

"Yes. If it weren't for you, Shaw wouldn't have been injured? Will he be lying here in a coma? " Veronica was also angry. She had asked Hiram to kidnap Cecilia and teach her a lesson, but she didn't expect that Shaw would go to save Cecilia alone. As a result, Cecilia was unharmed, while Shaw was lying in bed in a coma. The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. What's so good about Cecilia that she deserved Shaw to save her.

"It was an accident. I'm also sad that Shaw was injured I... " Being scolded by the two girls, Cecilia felt sad and aggrieved. She had been blaming herself all the time, and now she was even more upset and didn't know what to say.

"All right, all right. Don't talk here and don't wander in front of me anymore. I feel annoyed when I see you!" Clare frowned and waved at Cecilia.

"But I have to wait for Shaw to wake up." Cecilia bit her lips and said stubbornly in a low voice.

"Cecilia, don't be so shameless. Look at what you have done to Shaw? 'what? It would be fine if he can wake up, but if he can't, I won't let you go. Just do what you should do. If you really care about him, you can leave now. You are a jinx to him. You know what? You are hurting him when you are with him. I don't know what you are doing. You are just messing with those immoral people. " After saying that, Clare glared at her.

"Auntie, as the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. Those poor people are just like this. They only care about money. In my opinion, the reason why Hiram kidnapped her was to extort a large amount of money from Shaw. Maybe this is carefully designed by the two of them. They just want to deceive Shaw's money." Veronica added fuel to the fire.

"No matter what happened to them, I don't want to see her anymore!" As she spoke, Clare beckoned the bodyguards beside her to drag Cecilia away

s from Hiram. She almost forgot him. She had thought that the police would catch him, but she did not expect him to escape. She thought he wouldn't contact her since he would be caught.

Suddenly, her phone rang. It was the strange number which had just sent her the message. Veronica looked around nervously and found an empty garden. Then she picked up the phone and scolded, "What's wrong with you? I asked you to kidnap Cecilia. How did you make Shaw in a coma? Ah? "

"Alas, it's hard to predict what will happen in the world. He came to save Cecilia all of a sudden. If I don't beat him, he will beat me." Hiram said indifferently. Then he straightened his voice and said, "Miss Veronica, we have agreed that you will give me five million. At that time, you say that if I kidnap Cecilia, you can give me five million."

"Why are you in such a hurry? The police are looking for you everywhere. We can talk about it when the situation is stable in a few days. I don't want to cause any trouble. Don't get me involved. " Veronica said nervously.

"Miss Veronica, do you want to break your promise? Huh? I don't care about you. I'm waiting for your money to run away. If I haven't received the money today, I'll go to the police station to confess everything and tell them that you asked me to kidnap Cecilia. " After saying that, Hiram chuckled.

Veronica was afraid that he would call the police if he was really anxious, so she comforted him, "I don't have so much money now. I'll transfer two million to you first, and I'll give you the rest in a few days. You take the money and go out to hide."

"Well, if we can see the money today, we two will be fine." Then he hung up the phone first.

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