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   Chapter 84 Get Hurt

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Hiram poured cold water on Shaw. Shaw felt a chill all over his body and woke up in a daze. He tried to move, only to feel a pain in his neck and shoulder, and his body was tied up.

"Are you awake?" Hiram said in a cold voice. He slowly walked out of the darkness and walked to Shaw. He squatted down and pinched Shaw's chin with one hand, with a playful look on his face.

Although Shaw was not feeling well, he was still very conscious. His eyes were gloomy and unruly. He looked at Hiram coldly.

"Ha ha..." Hiram snorted and slammed Shaw's head on the ground with a loud bang. Then he stood up, looked down at Shaw's handsome face and said, "I didn't expect you can find out that I tied her here. How dare you come alone? Do you still want to be a hero to save the beauty? What a pity... " As Hiram spoke, he laughed wildly, looking a little crazy and abnormal.

But Shaw ignored him. No matter how he provoked him, he didn't respond.

Seeing no response from Shaw, Hiram felt even more bored and annoyed. Fury rose in his heart. Then he thought of his recent experience. His company couldn't continue to run, and no company would accept him even if he went to look for a job. They all said that he had offended Shaw and couldn't continue to work in the industry. He was angry and annoyed that his life shouldn't have been like this, but now it was all destroyed by this arrogant man.

'You are superior, so what? Now you're still under my shoes.' Hiram thought madly.

Therefore, in order to vent his anger, he kicked hard on Shaw who was lying on the ground one after another. While kicking, he cursed, "What's wrong? What? Why don't you say anything? Why don't you say anything? You are capable, aren't you? Talk to me! How dare you destroy my company? Huh? That's all my efforts. How could you destroy it so easily? Tell me! You're the CEO of the J Group, so what? Now you are beaten up by me! Hahaha... "

As Hiram laughed madly, he kicked Shaw hard. Shaw's shoes was kicked to the chair of Cecilia. Shaw could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood after enduring Hiram's kick in a low voice.

"Waah... Waah..." Cecilia's mouth was gagged and she couldn't speak. Seeing that Shaw was humiliated by Hiram and was beaten so violently, she felt very painful in her heart. Because she knew that it was all because of her that Shaw suffered these pains. If it weren't for saving her, he wouldn't have endured these. It was all because of he


After the doctors' rescue, Shaw's body was all right, but he was still in a coma and needed to be hospitalized for observation.

Cecilia had been staying beside Shaw's bed with him. She held his hand tightly while crying. She was so scared. If the police came a little later, she might never see him again. At that moment, she finally realized that Shaw had occupied such an important position in her heart unconsciously. It was also because of his importance in his heart that it was more different for her to see him get hurt because of her.

This time, she realized that she was wrong. She shouldn't have trusted Hiram at all. If it weren't for her, Shaw wouldn't have taken the risk to save her. She suddenly felt that she was just a jinx. Every time she made a mess, Shaw had to deal with it.

He was so kind to her that she felt moved and guilty.

Thinking of this, Cecilia gently took Shaw's hand and gently leaned her face against it. She slowly rubbed her face, imagining that Shaw was gently stroking her face. She suddenly remembered every detail of her life with him, their playfulness, their laughter, their happiness.

"Shaw, please wake up quickly..." Cecilia gently stroked Shaw's unconscious handsome face. Even at this time, his innate noble temperament did not subside, and his face was still as charming. Cecilia really wanted to see his face smile at her again. "Wake up quickly. We will be good together after you wake up. No matter who objects in the future, I don't want to be separated from you. "

As Cecilia spoke, tears fell unconsciously. She just rested her head on Shaw's hand and fell asleep.

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