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   Chapter 83 Rescue

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"Why can't it be me?" Hiram walked towards Cecilia with a playful look.

Cecilia shook her head sadly. Hiram's face was still gentle and elegant, but now he was thinner and his cheekbones were a little high, which made him look a little strange. However, there was a fierce expression on his face that Cecilia had never seen before. Cecilia knew that Hiram was no longer the man she knew before. He was in danger now, so dangerous that Cecilia could not guess what he would do.

"Why did you do that?" Cecilia asked calmly. After knowing that it was Hiram who kidnapped her, she was not so afraid.

"Why? How dare you ask me why? " Hiram roared at Cecilia, seeming to be stabbed in the heart.

"I begged you before. Please talk to Shaw and let him let me go. Give me a way out. But what about you? " All of a sudden, Hiram strode to Cecilia and strangled her neck with his hands. The blue veins on his neck bulged because of anger. He glared at Cecilia and said, "But you don't say to him for me. We have lived together for more than 20 years. Do you really want to force me to death?"

"It's all your fault. You lied to mom and me first. It's you who did the wrong thing!" Tears began to come out of Cecilia's eyes because of the pain, but she didn't cater to him. Instead, she spoke out her true thoughts.

"So what if I lie to you? I did this for your own good. I did it for your own good. Anyway, you are going to marry me. Why don't I accept one million? What's more, what I have done later is for the sake of you two. But what about you? You have hooked up with Shaw, and you have a rich life. Do you want to leave me alone? Huh? " As Hiram spoke, he pinched Cecilia's neck again. Cecilia was a little out of breath.

Looking at her painful face, Hiram suddenly felt a little comfortable. "Now, I don't have to beg you humbly. Since you don't help me and don't give me money, well, if someone pays to kill you, I'll accept it all."

Until Shaw returned home, he knew that Cecilia hadn't come back yet. Mary looked at Shaw nervously and said, "Mr. Shaw, is there anything wrong with Miss Cecilia? I called her but her phone was turned off. Miss Cecilia has never been like this. Even if she came back a little later before, she would inform me in advance. "

Shaw's eyes darkened and asked softly, "Does Nancy know?"

Mary took a look at Nancy's room and said in a low voice, "I told Mrs. Nancy that Miss Cecilia went out with her friend and her phone was out of power, so she couldn't get through. After I said so, Mrs. Nancy

down and comforted Nancy, "Cecilia is playing with her friends crazily. I'm going to pick her up. Have a good rest. It's late now."

"Yes. Well, that's good. I'm relieved now. If you pick her up, come back early. " Hearing what Shaw said, Nancy was finally relieved.

Seeing that Nancy went back to her room, Shaw rushed out of the house. According to the location sent by Willis, Shaw found the small shabby house. It was dark, and his heart sank.

Shaw cautiously walked towards the small room for fear of making some noise and alerting the people inside. Finally, Shaw came to the door of the shabby house. He listened to the sound inside quietly. When he heard no sound inside, he gently pushed the door open, looked around, and gently walked in.

When he walked in, he saw Cecilia tied to a chair with a cloth in her mouth, unable to speak. When Shaw saw Cecilia, he was finally relieved. Without thinking too much, he rushed to Cecilia and shouted, "Cecilia, I finally find you!"

But Cecilia didn't look happy. She widened her eyes and couldn't make a sound because of the cloth in her mouth. She could only make a sound while shaking her head hard, indicating that she wouldn't let Shaw come over.

However, Shaw, who was so happy that he finally found Cecilia, didn't find anything unusual about Cecilia. He just wanted to untie her as soon as possible and take her home. That was why he relaxed his vigilance.

When he walked in front of Cecilia, he felt something wrong before his hand could touch Cecilia. He lost consciousness because of a sharp pain in his neck.

Hiram walked out of the darkness, kicked Shaw's falling body with a snicker, and said, "Just in time."

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