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   Chapter 82 Kidnapping

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"What?" Hiram was shocked by Veronica's words. He stared at Veronica in disbelief.

"What? Don't you dare? " Veronica raised her eyebrows, looked at him provocatively and said jokingly.

Hiram frowned slightly and said unhappily, "kidnapping and killing are illegal. Although I have a dead end now, I can't do illegal activities."

Veronica snorted and said, "Are you still in the mood to think about this? You should think about who did this to you? You can't go back home or run the company. You used to be a good young man, but now your life is ruined. What a pity... " After saying that, Veronica glanced at him from the corner of her eyes. As expected, she saw that he was getting more and more excited and unwilling.

Seeing that she almost convince him, Veronica continued to exaggerate, "It's all Cecilia's fault. If it weren't for her, Shaw wouldn't have treated you like this and made things difficult for you. In my opinion, she must have spoken ill of you in front of Shaw. You have always treated her like a family member. However, she didn't take you seriously at all. And now, she has been dating Shaw, the CEO of J Group. She is rich now, and she won't care about a poor friend like you anymore. Think it over. Is it worth it for what you have done for her? "

"Humph! She is indeed an ungrateful woman! " Hiram said fiercely. Veronica's words provoked Hiram's anger. He immediately thought of the indifferent look on Cecilia's face when he went to ask her for help. Moreover, he even saw that she and her daughter lived in Shaw's luxurious apartment, and there was a luxurious car to pick them up. But what about himself? He was like a rat crossing the street, hiding everywhere and having nothing. Indeed, as Veronica said, it was all caused by Cecilia. And he also said that he would not let Cecilia go easily, and now he could take advantage of Veronica to teach Cecilia a lesson.

"Deal!" After thinking it over, Hiram said to Veronica with an evil smile, "But you must give me money as soon as it's done, and you must arrange a way out for me. I don't think you want me to be caught and turn you in, right?" Hiram threatened her.

Veronica gave him a cold look and couldn't help but despise him in her heart. She hated him the most, who was greedy and petty. She rolled her eyes at him and said coldly, "Don't worry about it. Just focus on what you should do. Besides, change another phone number to contact me. Be more careful. Don't let me waste money and complete nothing again. " Af

to a chair with a thick rope. Moreover, the environment there was dark and wet, like a small abandoned house in the wilderness. Cecilia's first reaction was that she had been kidnapped.

Cecilia was scared and frightened. The scenes of being kidnapped that she saw in the TV play kept flashing through her mind. The hostages were either raped or killed. Whom could be saved were usually leading actors. But Cecilia was very clear that she was just an ordinary person. If she had to appear in the TV play, she couldn't live through one episode.

The more Cecilia thought about it, the more scared she became. She tried her best to break free from the rope, but in vain in the end.

"Hello? Are you awake? " A cold man's voice came from the darkness.

Cecilia heard that the man seemed to stand up, pat the dust on his body and walk towards her step by step. The sound of his steps echoed in this empty room step by step, like a hammer hitting Cecilia's heart.

With a trembling voice, Cecilia shouted at the darkness, "Who, who, who are you? Why did you tie me here? Don't come here! "

"Don't you want to see who I am?" The cold voice sounded again, and his footsteps did not stop because of Cecilia's shout.

There was a small window in the cabin. The man just walked to the window and stopped. The moonlight in the night sky outside just shone on his ferocious face. He slightly raised the corners of his mouth, revealing a chilling smile.

At this moment, Cecilia finally saw who he was, but she would rather she didn't see him. Her heart was getting colder and colder. Looking at the man, she said in disappointment and shock, "Hiram, how could it be you?"

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