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   Chapter 81 Veronica's Trick

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Shaw was amused by Clare and Veronica whose faces darkened. Thinking of what Cecilia had said carefully, he tried hard to hold back his laughter. He gave Cecilia a thumbs up under the table.

Seeing that Shaw supported her so much, Cecilia felt more relieved. She continued to pluck up the courage to say to Clare, "Besides, I'm not with Shaw for his money at all. I am healthy person, and I can earn money by myself. Therefore, no matter how much money you give me, I won't leave Shaw. We two love each other sincerely, because he is good to me, and I also want to be good to him. " Then Cecilia looked at Shaw gently. It was the first time that she had made her relationship with Shaw so clear.

Shaw, who was sitting next to her, felt happy when he heard what she said. He thought to himself, 'As I expected, I would win by bring her back tonight. She didn't fail me.' Thinking of this, he looked at Cecilia gently.

Veronica couldn't bear to see the two of them looking at each other affectionately in front of her. The anger in her heart had been rising. She suddenly pointed at Cecilia and shouted, "Don't say you are so pure and noble. Shaw doesn't know what you have done, but I know it clearly. Didn't you say that you were with Shaw for money? But as far as I know, he gave you two million dollars in total. Besides, he also paid for your mother's medical fees in hospital! How do you explain this? " After saying that, Veronica crossed her hands over her chest and looked at Cecilia with a playful look.

Cecilia pursed her lips, looked at Veronica and said firmly, "Shaw did give me money and pay for my mother's medical expenses. I thank him very much, but I borrowed all the money from him. I will pay it back, not as you said!"

"Humph! Who knows? I don't believe you. If you don't pay him back, no one will know. " Veronica rolled her eyes at her contemptuously and continued, "Besides, you said that you and Shaw really love each other. Then what about your childhood playmate, Hiram? I heard that you went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a marriage certificate before, but now you suddenly don't get married. I'm afraid you come here to cheat Shaw's money!"

"You, you, you are slinging mud at me. I was because of you..." As soon as Veronica mentioned it, Cecilia got furious. It occurred to her that it was Veronica who bribed Hiram to marry her. Now Veronica had completely forgotten what she had done. 'What a drama queen!'

"Well, stop arguing..." Clare couldn't help interrupting them. She took a look at Shaw, who had been silent all the time and was watching a good show, and said to him sincerely, "Shaw, no matter what, Cecilia has an unknown origin and an impure purpose. Not to mention being your girlfriend, she can't even be an employee of J Group. So, you'd better fire her as soon as possible. J Group can't have such an employee who is immoral! "


for money from her. 'The poor people are really so poor, greedy and shameless.'

Veronica said coldly, "How much do you want?"

With a cunning smile, Hiram silently stretched out five fingers and said, "Five million."

"Five million?" Veronica rolled her eyes at him and said scornfully, "Why don't you rob the bank? Let me tell you something, Hiram. I have been kind enough to give you one million. By rights, what you have done is not worth the money at all. Now you want five million from me. Do you think I am stupid? "

Hiram was not anxious to hear what she said. He just took out his mobile phone and pressed the play button. It turned out to be the recording of what Veronica said to him when she talked to him about how to deal with Cecilia.

Veronica's face darkened. She didn't expect that he would be so cruel. She looked at him and asked, "What do you want to do?"

"I don't want to do anything. As long as you give me the money, I'll leave immediately." Hiram said shamelessly, and then his face turned gloomy and cold again. "But if you don't want to give me the money, I will sell this recording to a person who can afford it, and then expose the dirty things you have done to the public. Anyway, I don't care about it at all. My life is not important. But Miss Veronica, you are different. You are a lady from an upper class family. If the news is made public, I think your Li family will feel ashamed, right? Huh? "

Veronica was furious. Of course she knew what would happen to her and the Li family if he made the news public. Suddenly, a vicious idea came to her mind. She couldn't care about anything else now. She looked at Hiram with a cold smile. She said, "I can give me five million as long as you do one more thing for me."

"What is it?" Hiram looked at her vigilantly and asked. He also knew that Veronica was not easy to deal with.

Veronica said calmly, "Kidnap Cecilia and kill her."

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