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   Chapter 80 Showdown

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"Humph!" Veronica glared at Cecilia again, clenched her teeth, stamped her feet and left.

Veronica was pissed off by Shaw. She was angrier and didn't want to work, so she drove out of the company and arrived at the old house of the Yang family.

Sitting on the sofa, Veronica cried and said to Clare, "Aunt, please help me. I'm Shaw's fiancee, but he had been protecting Cecilia that bitch. I don't know what she has done to Shaw and make Shaw scold me for her every time. I... I'm so wronged... "

"Veronica, stop crying. Tell me what happened. Didn't you tell me earlier that Cecilia had disappeared and was going to marry Hiram? Why did she suddenly come back to the company? " Clare asked in confusion. She knew that Veronica had bribed Hiram to make Cecilia leave Shaw. She thought it had succeeded.

"Don't mention it. Hiram is also a useless man. He can't even handle such a small matter well. I don't contact him anymore." At the thought of Hiram, Veronica became angrier. Then, she said to Clare seriously, "Aunt, we must find a way to deal with Cecilia. I heard that Shaw had given her two million in total, and the medical fees of her sick mother were all paid by him. In my opinion, that bitch must have taken a fancy to the property of the Yang family. If she is really married to the Yang family, and Shaw is still obsessed with her now, it seems that the property of the Yang family will fall into her hands sooner or later. " After saying that, Veronica looked at Clare meaningfully.

She could see that Clare's expression changed. She knew that Clare valued the property of Yang family most. If someone threatened Clare, she would not let him go. So she continued, "I'm not interested in the property of the Yang family. I just care about Shaw. But aunt, you're different. You're the hostess of the Yang family now, and the property should be yours." After saying that, she deliberately raised her eyebrows and looked at Clare.

Hearing this, Clare was really anxious. She pulled a long face and said, "Then, what should we do now?"

Veronica smiled cunningly and said, "Get her and discourage her, so that she can shrink back from difficulties."

When it was almost time to get off work, Shaw suddenly received a call from Clare. He just glanced at the phone and didn't answer it. She called again, but he still didn't answer. She continued to call. It was not until she called for the fifth time that Shaw reluctantly picked up his phone.

"Say it." Shaw picked up the phone and said coldly. There was no emotion in his tone, because in his eyes, he had no feelings for Clare at all.

Clare was a little angry because he didn't answer the phone. Now she was even more dissatisfied when she heard his tone. However, she still held her breath, because she was still sober enough to realize the purpose of her call. Clare took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. After calming down a little, she said with a smile, "Go home for dinner tonight." Her tone was firm, so it sounded more like an o

e right time.

"Well, let's have dinner first. The food will be cold later." Then she looked at Veronica sharply and shook her head.

Veronica just wanted to vent her anger. She didn't expect that her aunt would stop her like this. She was not interested in it anymore. She stamped her feet and walked to the dining room first. While walking, she said, "Let's just have dinner. Humph! "

While having dinner, Clare finally opened her mouth. She looked at Cecilia coldly and said, "Miss Cecilia, I think you should know that our Yang family is very rich. The future hostess of the family must be a girl from a family of equal social rank. Only in this way can she help Shaw with business and be a good wife. Although you are happy to be together now, you will know how hard it is in the future. So I advise you to leave Shaw. I can give you as much money as you want. " After saying that, she smiled like a kind mother.

Cecilia had been unhappy while having the dinner. She had been trying to endure it and wanted to leave after the meal. She didn't expect that Clare would finally show her fox tail. Although what she said was reasonable and for the sake of Shaw, the deep meaning was that she was born in a poor family and she stayed with Shaw for his money. She admitted that she was born in a poor family, because it was indeed a fact that was undisputed. But she was not happy to hear that she was with Shaw for money.

Cecilia frowned slightly and curled her lips. She gently put down the chopsticks in her hand and looked back at Clare calmly, with no fear in her eyes. She looked into her eyes and said, "Mrs. Clare, it's true that my family is poor, but everyone has no choice to choose family. I don't think it's shameful for me to be born in a poor family. I don't think a rich lady like you is superior. At least among the few rich ladies I have met, I think you two are no different from the shrews who curse all day long... " Said Cecilia, shaking her head innocently at Clare and Veronica.

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