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   Chapter 30 I'm Glad You're Back

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"Get in the car." When Shaw got on the car and started the engine, he found that Cecilia was standing by the door, unwilling to get in. Depressed, Shaw said to her helplessly. Frightened, Cecilia trembled all over and agreed to get in.

"Are you angry?" Cecilia wanted to coax him, but there was a huge gap in status between them. She didn't think she was good enough to make friends with Shaw, so it was good to keep a distance from Shaw for this reason.

"No." Why did he care so much about a little girl's attitude? Suppressing the depression in his chest, Shaw steadily drove away.

"I have to go to work tomorrow." The doctor had agreed to let Nancy go home to recuperate, and the bandage on Cecilia's arm had been removed. As long as she didn't stretch it too much, it would be fine. Cecilia, who had shouldered the heavy responsibility of raising her family, was in a hurry to improve her mother's health. The most important thing was to earn money, or everything would become empty talk. "I know it's not appropriate to talk about it now, but I..."

Before Cecilia could finish her words, Shaw interrupted her angrily, "Whatever."

In this case, the conversation between the two had basically ended. When Shaw sent Cecilia to the gate of the hospital, they did not say a word.

After getting out of the car, Shaw drove away before Cecilia said goodbye.

"Why is he so mean?" Looking at the car speeding away, Cecilia muttered.

Ignoring Shaw, she turned around and walked to the bus station not far from the hospital.

In fact, she had been discharged from the hospital today, but she didn't want to tell Shaw, so she had to take a bus home from the hospital. She didn't want others to see her. She carefully hid behind the bus stop, which made Shaw who drove back laugh. He sneered and honked the horn.

Startled by the sudden sound, Cecilia was like a rabbit. When she saw that it was Shaw's car parking in front of her, her face flushed and she grinned shyly at the cold-faced judge in the car.

She walked towards Shaw. Cecilia scratched the back of her head and greeted him. "What a coincidence! What a coincidence!"

The more he looked at her, the more stupid he felt she was. He snorted and turned his head away. "Get in the car."

Following the command, Cecilia got on the car and sat next the door closely. Cecilia sat in the car quietly and didn't dare to look at Shaw, who was sitting in the driver's seat with a frosty face. She felt very guilty.

"How do you know I'm here?" She remembered she didn't tell Shaw that she was discharged from the hospital one day earlier than her mother. Now that she was caught by Shaw, Cecilia only wanted to find out the truth.

"I don't know." In Cecilia's eyes, Shaw's real answer was a representative that she should tell the truth. Cecilia thought it was not good. Then she admitted it without hesitation.

"Mom will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, so I have to go back to clean my house. I thought you were busy, so I didn't tell you."

Well, the little white rabbit is more and more good at lying. Shaw's eyes were like a knife, and the sharp blade was shining at Cecilia. Cecilia was frightened and quickly admitted, "Well, I admit that I don't want to tell you, because I owe you too much. Moreover, there is a huge gap between our families. If we get too close, I'm afraid it will have an impact on you."

Cecilia's words almost made Shaw spit out a mouthful of blood. "It's in the 21st century. Are you still talking about family gap?" She shook her head and said in disgust, "In that case, please get off the car."

The car was driving at a fast speed. Unexpectedly, he asked her to get off. She timidly pushed the door and looked up at him. "I can't open it."

How could there be such a silly person? Shaw, who was amused by Cecilia, forgot his previous unhappiness and pulled back Cecilia, who was clinging to the car door.


His question made Cecilia confused, so she asked. "What?"

Shaw grinned from ear to ear when he saw the dull expression on the rabbit's face.

"Where is your home? Tell me how to get there."

It took Shaw a lot of effort to explain. Then Cecilia understood. With a long "Oh", she pointed out the direction and said directly. "Thank you."

"Shut up!" Shaw, who was just in a good mood, changed a cold face because of this sentence. Cecilia immediately shut her mouth and stared straight ahead, not daring to breathe.

"Well, talk to me for a while." Frustrated, Shaw ordered. He drove to the direction of Cecilia's house, thinking about how to close the distance between the two.

"You just asked me to shut up, and then you asked me to speak again. What on earth do you want? I'm not an order system which can sing whatever you want and stop whenever you want. "

Shaw smiled at the stubborn Cecilia.

"Well, whatever." In order to show his sincerity, Shaw chose to be silent.

The awkward atmosphere made Cecilia sitting on pins and needles.

"Okay, I'll talk. What do you want to hear?"

Although she

admitted defeat sincerely, her tone sounded uncomfortable. Shaw, who was driving, didn't make a sound. He looked straight ahead with a pair of bright black eyes and raised his eyebrows secretly.

"In fact, I'm glad that you're back..." Cecilia's face turned red before she finished her words. Shaw heard her nervous voice.

"What's wrong?" Said you didn't want me to leave. Hurry up! Shaw murmured to himself.

However, Cecilia said, "Because I forgot to bring my changes."

Unwilling to hear more sad words, Shaw groaned, depressed. "Well, you'd better stop."

The car arrived at the designated place, but Cecilia didn't seem to get off at all.

"Shaw, can you do me a favor? My clothes seem to have left in your apartment. "

She had changed her clothes in Shaw's apartment and went to the press conference. Now she came back in a gorgeous evening dress. Cecilia was stunned.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Having forgotten that Cecilia had changed her clothes in the apartment, Shaw said apologetically, "I'm sorry. I'll send you to the apartment now."

Turning around the car, Shaw drove Cecilia back to the apartment.

This time, Shaw kept a distance from Cecilia and walked in tandem. When they entered the elevator, they stood in each corner separately and didn't touch each other.

After entering Shaw's apartment, the make-up artist invited by Shaw had already left. Only Mary was watching the soap opera in the empty living room alone. Hearing the noise at the door, she quickly stood up from the sofa and went back to her room to continue watching.

"I'll ask Mary where she put my clothes." As she said, Cecilia ran to Mary's room to ask for clothes.

"Oh, my God! Why do you still need those clothes? I should have thrown it away. " Mary, who was interrupted when she was watching TV, went to the guest room to open the wardrobe. A line of famous brand clothes were hung in a wooden dress. Mary pointed at them and said, "You can choose whichever you like. These are specially bought for you by Mr. Shaw, and they all fit you."

After saying that, she went out of the room and continued to watch TV, regardless of Cecilia's comment.

Looking at the wardrobe full of clothes, Cecilia remembered that she once complained that there were women's clothes in Shaw's house. Now combined with Mary's words, she misunderstood Shaw's kindness.

"But I just want my clothes back." No matter which dress she chose, she couldn't hide it from her mother. She didn't want her mother, who hadn't recovered yet, to be angry because of her stubbornness. Cecilia nervously chased after Mary and asked for it.

"Mr. Shaw, come here quickly. You asked me to throw away those clothes. Now she comes to me for them. You can talk to Miss Cecilia."

Without a doubt, Shaw gave the order directly.

"It's not the time for garbage collection yet. Mary, I'm sorry to trouble you to go to the garbage bin and find them back. Here is the salary for looking for clothes." Shaw said and he had handed a stack of money to Mary, who was resisting, and then he took a few more and handed them to Mary. "Find the clothes and send them to the dry cleaning shop to clean them as soon as possible."

Seeing that Shaw had spent so much money on several cheap clothes, Mary took the money and felt it unworthy. "Ouch, the money is enough to buy clothes of famous brand. Why?" Then she went downstairs to find clothes for Cecilia.

"Wait here. I'm going to take a shower." When Shaw became cold, he didn't care about Cecilia's feelings. He went to the bathroom to take a shower and left Cecilia alone in the living room, standing blankly.

With a big heart, Cecilia sat on the seat where Mary had sat before. She watched the soap opera that Mary hadn't finished watching with great interest and soon began to laugh.

After taking a shower and changing his clothes, Shaw came out of the bathroom. As soon as he arrived at the stairway, he heard Cecilia's horrible laughter, which echoed in the empty hall, adding a lot of fun to this usually cold family.

When Mary found Cecilia's clothes and sent them to be washed hurriedly, she saw Cecilia fall asleep on Shaw's legs, and Shaw was watching the strange scene of the soap opera with relish, with half a bucket of popcorn in his hands.

Suspecting that she might have a nightmare, Mary secretly pinched her leg with one hand. It was not until then that she was sure that Shaw, who was cold and otherworldly, was really eating popcorn and watching the soap opera that he had always sniffed at.

"You found it?" His words were still concise, but there was a rare tenderness in his tone.

"Yes, sir." Surprised, Mary nodded and put the bag on the tea table in front of Shaw.

"Thank you. Please get a thin blanket for me. Then you can have a rest." Mary, who had been taking care of Shaw all the year round, had never seen such a talkative Shaw. With a sigh, she went to the wardrobe and took out a thin Persian blanket to cover Cecilia gently. Then Mary went back to her room happily and quietly.

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