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   Chapter 10 An Unexpected Adversity

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She stood up, picked up the U disk, walked to the front, inserted the U disk into the computer, and pressed a few buttons to open a PPT.

"Please have a look at the dress I designed." She said while operating the computer.

But when the PPT was opened, even Cecilia herself was shocked - that was not the dress designed by her at all!

At the same time, the meeting room began to be noisy. Everyone whispered to each other and looked at Cecilia with a very disdainful look.

On the PPT was a very beautiful dress. It was a long black floor-length backless dress, with V neck design. The dress was decorated with black crystal, and there was a fur grass outside. The dress inside was not very splendorous, but with the help of the coat with a fur grass askew, the whole dress immediately went up a level.

It was a very beautiful dress, but not designed by Cecilia.

With a snap, Mr. Wang stood up with a serious expression and anger in his eyes, "Cecilia! Is this your design? Can you explain to me why you plagiarized Kevin's new design? Do you really think we are all idiots? "

Kevin's design?

Kevi was an internationally renowned designer. She liked Kevin very much, but how could she plagiarize the work of her favorite designer?!

She had seen the prototype of this dress. It was indeed very similar to Kevin's new dress, but it was not her design.

She looked at Veronica subconsciously and saw her expression of watching a good show. She immediately understood everything.

It turned out that Veronica framed her!

Plagiarism was the taboo in the design industry. As long as the designer was involved in it, her life would be ruined.

Veronica used this to make her leave the fashion design industry forever. How vicious she was!

She immediately explained to the manager, "Mr. Wang, this is not my work. There must be something wrong!"

"Not your work?" Mr. Wang frowned.

Although Cecilia said so, the whispers in the meeting room were still endless. Cecilia looked at her colleagues and felt aggrieved when she saw the contempt in their eyes.

"It's not my work. My work is not like this. I've seen Kevin's work. I won't plagiarize him!" Cecilia explained at a loss.

"Oh?" Veronica smiled, "Really? It seems that there is a misunderstanding. You must have made a mistake, Cecilia. Since it is a misunderstanding, where is your original design? "

The original design!

It turned out that this was Veronica's real purpose. Veronica must have taken away her U disk and replaced it with this U disk. Although she explained that this was not her work, no one would believe that if she couldn't take out her own work.

Veronica was really a horrible woman...

She remembered that she still had the original copy on her computer, but she thought that since Veronica was such a vicious woman, since she had the chance to replace her U disk, she should also have the chance to delete it.

There was still a draft, but after putting the picture on the computer, Cecilia place it at home, which could not be get within a short time.

Seeing that Cecilia was stunned and bit her lips, Veronica smiled, "What's wrong? Can't you take it out? Or, do you think all the colleagues in the design department are stupid? You thought that they have never seen Kevin's work, but found that they had seen it, so you excused that it wasn't your work, right? "

Veronica's words were impeccable, and Cecilia could not refute at all.

"I..." Cecilia couldn't explain herself even if she jumped into Yellow River.

Mr. Wang's eyes were full of disappointment. "Cecilia, I thought that since you were recommended by the CEO, you must be a good person. But I didn't expect that I gave me such an important case, but you offered me a plagiaristic work. You really..."

"Really what?" Suddenly, a deep and cold male voice sounded.

Hearing the voice, the people in the meeting room stood up almost reflexively, lowered their heads and said respectfully, "Hello, Mr. Shaw."

Mr. Shaw? Shaw?

Thinking of this, Cecilia looked up in surprise and found that Shaw was at the door. He looked at Veronica and Mr. Wang coldly.

For a moment, Cecilia felt that Shaw came to save her.

Veronica didn't expect that Shaw would come in person, and didn't expected this situation, so she said to him naturally, "Mr. Shaw, when we were discussing the case, we found that Cecilia was suspected of plagiarizing the work of master Kevin!"

"Are you deaf? Didn't she say that it wasn't her work? " He cast a cold glance at Veronica. The coldness in his eyes made Veronica feel a chill down her spine.

He walked to Cecilia and said, "All sit down."

Hearing Shaw's words, those colleagues sat down one after another,

but now they didn't dare to say anything.

"Cecilia said it wasn't her design. I trust her and I will find out the truth." With an expressionless face and an indifferent and alienated look, Shaw said word by word.

He looked around the meeting room and found that Lily from the design department was lowering her head, biting her lips and trembling slightly.

"The U disk must have been replaced. There is a camera in the design department. Now, go and get the surveillance video. If the design department doesn't fix it, I'm afraid there will be more trouble in the future. " He kept staring at Lily and found that she was shaking more and more violently, then he might know what was going on.

This woman was so unlucky that she might not know that she was used by Veronica until now.

Veronica frowned.

If Lily betrayed her, she would lose face and she wouldn't be able to work in Calvert anymore.

Willis was very efficient. Within five minutes, he got the video and played it on the computer.

The video showed that Lily took away the U disk of Cecilia and deleted the original copy.

Lily couldn't sit down anymore. She stood up and lowered her head. "Mr. Shaw, I'm sorry. I did it out of my mind! I... I don't like Cecilia, so I... I came up with this idea to frame her. "

Hearing Lily's words, Veronica breathed a sigh of relief.

As long as she didn't sell her out, she still had a lot of chances to persecute Cecilia.

Shaw sat in the middle of the chair, leaned against the back of the chair and looked at Lily. His voice was emotionless. "I only ask you once. Is it a personal grudge or you are instigated by someone else?"

Hearing this, Veronica became anxious again.

Lily looked at Veronica subconsciously and kept silent for a few seconds.

Veronica clenched her fists, her face pale and her head sweating.

"No one told me to do that. It's all because I don't like Cecilia! I'm just not convinced. Why can an inexperienced newcomer easily reach the position that I have worked hard for a long time, or even higher than my position? "

Hearing what Lily said, Cecilia felt bad.

What she said was true, and Cecilia always felt that she was not qualified to sit in that position. But she didn't know that Lily was so hostile to her. It seemed that she did it on purpose last time.

If Cecilia really shredded the useful documents, Lily would probably insist that it was Cecilia's fault. If so, she should have been in trouble.

It was the first time that Cecilia felt personally that human had such a bad side. No matter how hard you try, there will always be someone who doesn't like you trying to frame you.

"There is no room for crooked people in our company. You pack up and leave." Shaw said lightly.

Lily panicked when she heard this. She didn't expect it to be so serious. "Mr. Shaw, I really know I was wrong this time. I really can't lose this job. Please give me another chance!"

Shaw rubbed his eyebrows and said, "If I give you another chance, I'll give others a chance to be hurt. Well, that's it. This matter won't be repeated again. It will be the same next time. "

Lily cried in panic, feeling aggrieved.

Seeing her like this, Shaw sneered in his heart, 'Why didn't you cry when you set up Cecilia?" If she had just told him that it was Veronica who asked her to do so, he would not let her go, but let Veronica get out of here. This was her own choice, and she could not blame other for this.

"Where is Cecilia's U disk?" He asked in a low voice.

"It's in the trash can of the bathroom." Lily said in a trembling voice.

Shaw asked Willis to find it. Willis left the meeting room.

"You can go out now." Shaw looked at Lily and said coldly.

Seeing the matter was irreversible, Lily ran out of the meeting room, crying.

The farce seemed to have come to an end.

Standing there, Cecilia had complex feelings.

She also knew that it must be Veronica who did it secretly. She was surprised that Lily didn't sell Veronica out.

But today, she finally saw what was called sinister. It was her first lesson in the workplace.

A few minutes later, Willis found the U disk in the trash can outside the bathroom.

He put the U disk in front of Cecilia and Shaw and stepped back consciously.

"Show your work and continue the meeting." Shaw indifferently pointed to U disk on the table with his head.

"Wow..." It was not until then that Cecilia came to her senses. She picked up the U disk on the table and inserted it into computer.

The PPT opened this time was finally the original design draft of Cecilia. She was finally relieved that her suspicion was cleared.

If she was really accused of plagiarism, her life would be ruined.

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