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   Chapter 9 Make Cecilia Doomed Eternally

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The manager probably knew why Cecilia was mentioned.

It was said that Veronica was the CEO's fiancee, but recently there was a sudden news that the engagement between two people was cancelled. At this time, Cecilia appeared. She was selected by the CEO. Anyone with a little brain knew that it was the jealousy between women.

But after weighing the pros and cons, Mr. Wang still felt that he couldn't offend Miss Veronica.

Although Cecilia was appointed by the CEO, he was not sure that if Cecilia was the person the CEO's cared. Moreover, she had no power or background, so she was not as powerful and powerful as Veronica. Therefore, Mr. Wang finally agreed to Veronica's request.

He could only sigh that Cecilia looked very simple. How could she offend Veronica? However, although he had to make things difficult for Cecilia in front of Veronica, he would show mercy to her. After all, this girl was kind-hearted and hardworking. Perhaps she would be the future wife of the CEO.

At this time, Cecilia didn't know that she was facing traps one after another.

In the afternoon, her colleague Lily gave her a stack of documents and said, "Cecilia, I have something urgent to deal with in the financial department. Can you help me deal with these two piles of documents? Copy the files on the left and shred these on the right. Thank you. I'm leaving now! "

Before Cecilia could say anything, Lily left in a hurry.

Cecilia sighed and put down the pen in her hand. Then she picked up the two piles of documents and walked to the nearby shredder.

Cecilia had a habit of being very careful. She would check everything, no matter what it was, so she used to look through it before she shred it. But unexpectedly, she found that documents to be shredded was the most important information of the case, because it had just been printed out and hadn't been copied yet. If it was shredded by her, she would be dead for sure.

'Lily must have made a mistake.'

She thought to herself. Then she looked through the documents that needed to be printed, and found that the documents that needed to be printed were useless. Then she shredded those documents and made many copies of useful documents.

When she came back, Lily had already returned to her desk. She looked at Cecilia and smiled brightly. "Thank you, Cecilia. You have helped me a lot."

Cecilia also smiled, "It's okay. It's not a big deal. But Lily, you gave me the opposite instructions. Fortunately, I checked it before I shredded it and found that it was useful. Otherwise, I'll cause a big trouble. You must be careful in the future."

"Oh..." Hearing what Cecilia said, Lily's eyes were a little erratic and she felt a little uncomfortable. She said with a remorseful look, "Really? It's all my fault. If I really make a mistake, I'll be dead. I'll definitely be fired by the CEO. Thank you, Cecilia!"

Cecilia smiled, "It's okay. I'm going to work."

Then she returned to her seat and continued her work.

She felt something was wrong, but she couldn't tell.

It was a strange feeling.

Sitting in front of the computer, Cecilia felt something was wrong.

Maybe the woman's sixth sense was right. Anyway, she felt that Lily's expression just now was very strange. It was very regretful and panic, but in fact, it was more like a guilty conscience.

But, why did Lily feel guilty? She must have felt wrong.

Cecilia had a very simple mind. She always believed that as long as she didn't mess with others, no one would mess with her. Although she was a little confused, she didn't think that Lily was setting her up. She didn't even have such an idea.

However, she didn't know that there were more traps waiting for her ahead.

In a sense, the saying "Misfortune does not come alone," was reasonable.

After a few days of peace, Cecilia had gradually mastered the basic knowledge that a designer needed to know, and was much more skillful in design.

This time, in the planning cooperation with the GH group, Calvert was required to design a leading dress within a month, and it would be showed in the finale of the clothing conference held in next month. Because the two companies were very authoritative in the clothing design companies, and it was known to all that Calvert's clothing designers were top designers, so the responsibility of the final dress naturally fell on Calvert.

However, the GH Group would never have thought that Shaw would hand over such an important planning case to an unknown little girl.

In fact, there were also some colleagues in the company who felt unfair and more worried. But they guessed that there might be some secrets between the boss and Cecilia. Perhaps she was his mistress, so even if they were not convinced in their hearts, they still looked harmonious on the surface.

In fact, Cecilia was simple and easy to get along with, so her colleagues didn't care about those things after a long time.

Mr. Wang came over early in the morning and told his colleagues that the financial department was going to have a meeting with the

design department, about how to make the formal dress they designed and the budget needed.

Mr. Wang also asked Cecilia to take the design drawing to the meeting room for a general explanation.

After a few days, the specific direction of the dress Cecilia designed had been decided, but this design draft still needed to be modified, and Cecilia had to modify it for a long time. Even so, she could do the preliminary explanation right now.

She copied the design drawings to the U disk and checked the time. It was only half past nine in the morning and the meeting was ten o'clock. She had to go to the meeting room in advance to get ready, so she planned to go to the washroom before she went to the meeting room.

Before she went to the bathroom, she put the U disk on her desk and didn't care about it.

Of course, she didn't know that Lily took away the U disk on her desk and changed it to another same U disk and she opened the computer document and clicked the "delete" button.

Cecilia came back without any suspicion. She picked up the documents and the U disk and went to the meeting room.

Looking at the receding figure of Cecilia, Lily showed a very quirky smile behind her.

She came into unavoidable confrontation. It was not until today that Cecilia knew that Veronica was the CFO of Calvert.

When Cecilia saw Veronica, Veronica didn't look as fierce or vicious as before. Instead, she smiled at Cecilia kindly.

In fact, Veronica was pretty. If she hadn't seen the vicious look of her, the smile just now might have made Cecilia think that she was a kind woman.

However, at this moment, seeing Veronica's smile, Cecilia only felt a chill in her body.

Since the incident in the hospital, Cecilia had a bad impression of her.

Out of politeness, she smiled back and sat back in her seat. She didn't say anything and watched her colleagues come in one after another, intending to ignore Veronica directly.

Seeing Cecilia's reaction, Veronica was naturally pissed off. She looked at Lily, and Lily smiled at her. She knew that the plan had succeeded, and a coquettish smile appeared on her face, 'Cecilia, I must give you a hard time.'

The meeting began. As the CFO, Veronica was naturally the first to make a speech. She looked at the people in the meeting room and said, "This time the case cooperated with the GH company is very important. The clothes we design will not only be shown at the clothing conference of S city next month, but also be displayed in Calvert's American and British branches. It will be our main suit this year. It's limited to sale, so the workmanship must be very good. We paid a lot of money to hire the world famous tailoring Doris to make it in person, so the design of this dress must be very good. "

Mr. Wang put on a flattering smile and said, "Of course. The strength of our Calvert Group is obvious to all."

Hearing this, Veronica smiled coldly. "That's for sure. The strength of our Calvert's designer must be very good. After all, we all came in through legal means. But there are some people who get in through some connections. Maybe they can't afford such a praise."

Her words were very straightforward. Anyone who heard her words would know that she was targeting Cecilia.

The air froze in an instant.

Cecilia frowned slightly, but said nothing.

"Then..." Veronica smiled, "Calvert's chief designer, can you show us your works these days?"

Her voice was full of banter.

Hearing what Veronica said, Cecilia clenched her fists.

"Mr. Shaw..." Willis Xiao, the special assistant of Shaw, just came back from his business trip yesterday, carefully looked at the gloomy boss in front of him.

Recently, a guest suffered food poisoning in a hotel of Calvert. In fact, the hospital said that it was the guest's own fault and he had nothing to do with Calvert. But the guest insisted that there was something wrong with Calvert's food and asked them to compensate for him. Otherwise, he would go out and damage Calvert's reputation. Shaw was upset about it.

He looked at the document in front of him and frowned slightly. He asked impatiently, "What's the matter?"

Willis Xiao wiped his cold sweat and said, "Well... Just now, someone reported to me that the design department and financial department were in a meeting, but Director Veronica... It seems that she is making things difficult for Miss Cecilia... " He had been working for Shaw for so many years, but he didn't dare to offend Shaw who was about to explode.

Veronica made things difficult for Cecilia?

He felt annoyed.

Veronica was so annoying. How dare she bully her under his nose?

"Where are they?" He asked in a low voice.

"The meeting room on the eighth floor..." Willis Xiao said in a low voice.

"Are you hoarse? Why is your voice so low? " Shaw glanced at him, stood up and walked towards the door.

Willis Xiao breathed a sigh of relief, 'Boss, your horrible expression made me dare not speak loudly...'

Cecilia took a deep breath and persuaded herself not to argue with Veronica.

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