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   Chapter 7 Evil Results Of Evildoing

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Cecilia was anxious, "I'm just your fake girlfriend. I won't take it seriously!"

Shaw scratched his head and walked out of the kitchen, saying, "Go and cook. I'm starving to death."

Looking at the slender but annoying figure fading away, Cecilia raised the kitchen knife subconsciously, and then pouted and put it down -- Revenge of a gentleman, it's not too late to wait for ten years!

In fact, Shaw had seen what Cecilia was doing in the reflection of the window in the living room. Seeing Cecilia's childish and funny behavior, he couldn't help shaking his head.

'Why is she still like a child?'

Thinking of this, he couldn't help smiling.

About fifteen minutes later, the aroma of tomato and beef noodles floated out of the kitchen and went into Shaw's nose. Then Cecilia took out two bowls of noodles in turn, took off her gloves, and said to Shaw who was sitting on the sofa, "The dinner is ready."

Shaw raised his eyebrows, stood up and walked to the table. He looked at the two bowls of noodles she had cooked -- they were beautiful, fragrant and very tempting. In addition, the aroma was very good, making him want to eat at a glance.

He didn't expect her to be so capable.

After the first bite, he praised in his heart, 'Although I don't often eat such food, I have to admit that it's really delicious, even much better than the delicacies I always eat.'

Soon, he finished the bowl of noodles.

He wiped his mouth gracefully and said to Cecilia, "It's delicious."

Cecilia raised her eyebrows proudly, "Of course. Anyone who has tasted the food I cook will say that the food is delicious!"

Looking at the complacent look of the little girl, Shaw put his chin on his hand and looked at Cecilia with a faint smile. "Cecilia, do you think you owe me a lot?"

Hearing this, Cecilia nodded subconsciously and said, "Yes... You gave my mother so much money, helped me, and came to visit her. I think I owe you a lot... "

As she spoke, she suddenly felt something wrong.

Why did Shaw say that?

Before she could figure out the reason, Shaw raised his eyebrows and said, "Since you owe me so much, in addition to pretending to be my girlfriend, you come here every day to cook for me as requiting favors."

"What did you say?" Cecilia was shocked, "You don't really mean it, do you? !"

'I'm screwed. If I had known it earlier, I wouldn't have proposed to cook for Shaw...'

"Okay." Shaw nodded.

"It's unrealistic. Both the hospital and my home are far away from your apartment. It's inconvenient to go back and forth. Forget it..." Cecilia's voice was getting lower and lower.

He stood up and said, "I'll ask the driver to pick you up every day. I just ate too much food outside. I don't know if these food were healthy or not, so you'll take care of me. "

Cecilia was speechless.

What he ate were all imported from abroad. Was there anything unhealthy?

Excuses, they were all excuses!

But she had no choice. It was all her fault. Well, now she saved the thousands of dollars for dinner, but fell into a trap.

All in all, only two words could describe her situation -- bad luck!

"What did you say? Mr. Shaw asked you to work for Calvert? !" Yvonne widened her eyes in disbelief.

"Shh, Shh, Shh..." Cecilia signaled her to lower her voice. Then she looked at her mother who was sleeping on the bed and pushed her out of the ward. "Cousin, keep your voice down. Don't let my mother know, or she will blame me again."

Yvonne looked excited, "Really? Are you really patronized by Shaw? !"

Cecilia rolled her eyes helplessly. "What do you mean by 'patronized'? I don't know why. Maybe it is for convincing his family that I'm indeed his' girlfriend..."

"Then, what's Veronica's attitude?" Yvonne got angry at the thought of the arrogant and domineering woman.

"She..." Cecilia thought for a while and said, "She seemed to be very angry, and the way she looked at me is very resentful. I'm a little afraid..."

"Humph," said Yvonne with a smug smile. "Evil results of evildoing. I thought Veronica was not a good woman at the first sight of her. Now I finally vent my anger!"

Cecilia sighed, "Cousin, it isn't time to think about her. I've already in a wolf's den... "

Yvonne raised her eyebrows and said, "Isn't that a good thing? Cecilia, think about it. What kind of company do you work in? And what salary do you get from Calvert? I'm not kidding. In Calvert, in the same position, your salary is at least 5 times higher than your current company. If you work there, you and your mother won't have to worry about your lives. Are you stupid? Do you think it's a bad thing? "

She educated Cecilia earnestly.

Hearing this, Cecilia's eyes widened, "5 times? Really? "

"I won't lie to you?" Yvonne glanced at her and said, "In fact, you are lucky enough to act with Shaw."

"In fact, it was my carelessness that caused the current situation..." Cecilia sighed in silence.

She had no choice. It was all her fault. Shaw had indeed helped her mother and her family a lot, so she couldn't refuse his request.

In fa

ct, she had to thank him.

He asked her to go to Calvert at nine o'clock in the morning of the second day. She thought it might be a good thing.

So she went to the company and resigned her original job. On the second day, Cecilia put on her office lady dress and went to Calvert.

She walked to the front desk and asked, "Which floor is Shaw on?"

Hearing someone call the name of the big Boss, the receptionist raised her head in confusion and was a little surprised. She couldn't believe that someone dared to call the name of the big Boss directly and looked at the little woman in front of her. Although the little woman in front of her was dressed formally, she had a delicate face without any makeup, which was very pitiful.

You are looking for the CEO?

The receptionist asked respectfully, "Excuse me, who are you?"

Cecilia smiled and said, "My name is Cecilia Song. Shaw asked me to come here at 9 o'clock this morning."

Suddenly, she remembered that the special assistant of the CEO said that a person who was specially cared by the CEO would come to him this morning. If she came, she would go directly to the CEO's office. It seemed to be a woman named Cecilia. She must be the one in front of her.

The receptionist smiled and said, "Hello, our CEO's office is on floor 32. He asked you to go to his office directly after you came. The whole 32 floor is the CEO's office, so you don't have to worry about that you can't find it. "

"Oh, thank you." Speaking of this, Cecilia walked to the elevator and pressed the button to go upstairs.

"No wonder he is the CEO. His office is on the whole floor..." Cecilia pressed the button of floor 32 and muttered.

She arrived at the 32 floor soon. The door was opened with a "Ding". What entered Cecilia's eyes was a super large room similar to the living room.

It was like a small apartment, equipped with all kinds of TV sofa and other rooms. No one would believe that it was just an office.

After getting out of the elevator, Cecilia found a room next to the elevator door, which was built in an office style. There were two women sitting in the room, and they should be Shaw's secretary. She poked her head into the room, and then politely knocked on the door and asked, "Excuse me. Is Shaw here? "

The two women heard the voice and looked up, with surprise in their eyes.

They had never heard anyone call the CEO's name so directly, let alone a little woman.

The two were both highly educated people. Although they were a little surprised, they didn't show it. One of them smiled and said, "Hello, what can I do for you?"

Cecilia had to tell her what had happened.

After the introduction, the two secretaries knew what was going on as soon as they heard her name. They smiled and said, "Miss Cecilia, the CEO is in the innermost room. Please wait a moment. I'll call to inform him."

Cecilia nodded.

In the room.

The huge French window was half covered by the curtain. The sunshine could only be sprinkled to the ground covered with cashmere carpet through the curtain. The office area was also decorated in a simple black and white style.

Shaw sat behind his desk, on which there were piles of documents. He was wearing a black shirt, on which two buttons were unbuttoned, revealing his honey colored skin. There was no expression on his handsome carved face. Even when he was alone, he exuded the temperament of a born king.

He was upset by a planning case. He had changed many people deal with it, but he was not satisfied.

At this time, the sudden ringtone of the internal telephone broke the silence.

He frowned slightly and picked up the phone with one hand. "What's up?"

The voice of the Secretary Coco came, "CEO, Miss Cecilia is here. Do you want her to go in directly or wait outside for you to finish your work?"

Hearing the name "Cecilia", he loosened his frown immediately, but his voice was still calm, without any waves. "Let her in."

Then he hung up the phone.

Fortunately, the secretaries had been working for him for so many years and had already known his boss's iceberg nature. They had already been used to it. After hanging up the phone, Coco said to Cecilia with a smile, "The CEO asked you to go look for him."

Cecilia also smiled. Her simple face and smile made her look more beautiful. After saying thank you to the Secretary, she walked into the room.

With a click, the door was opened.

It was summer and the temperature outside was very high, so it was natural to turn on the air conditioner in the room. But Cecilia felt inexplicably that Shaw's room was even colder than other rooms.

To be honest, Shaw was always cold, just like a natural refrigerator.

Of course, she didn't dare to say that in front of Shaw.

Hearing the voice, Shaw raised his eyes and put down his pen. He leaned against the back of the chair and said, "You came on time."

Cecilia felt that the atmosphere was a little cold, so she licked her lips involuntarily and said, "Well... What should I do now? "

Seeing Cecilia licking her lips, Shaw felt thirsty.

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