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   Chapter 6 Girlfriend

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Seeing that Cecilia was in a hurry, Shaw suddenly felt that she was very interesting and wanted to tease her.

"What do you think? If I ask you act in the play with me all the time, isn't it good that you can marry me? Many women dream of being Mrs. Yang. " With his hands in his pockets, Shaw looked down at her beside him. His eyes were shining, but he didn't stop walking.

His voice was deep and pleasant, with a hint of banter.

Cecilia didn't get the meaning of Shaw's joke at all. She took it seriously and quickly waved her hand, with a frightened expression on her face. "No, no. How can I do that? Don't make fun of me."

She felt her face burning. Fearing that Shaw would see her red face and tease her with words, she quickened her pace and left him behind, not letting him see her face.

It was a joke, but when Shaw saw Cecilia's firm attitude, he was stunned.

Then he smiled helplessly in his heart. After all, this little woman was Cecilia. She was born with a different brain from other women.

He thought of the first time he met her and misunderstood her. He really misunderstood her. Not only did Cecilia not admire vanity at all, but she was also very kind. To be honest, there were not many women like her.

At this moment, Shaw began to have some different feelings.

Walking to the car, Cecilia quickly sat on the back seat and distanced herself from Shaw. Seeing her action, Shaw didn't say anything. He just felt that she was very stupid, just like... A little rabbit was trapped in a cage. Although it wanted to be free, it had to curl up in a corner because it was afraid of its master.

He smiled bitterly, 'Am I really that scary?'

Shaw was good at driving and soon returned to the downtown.

Cecilia had thought that she could go back to the hospital to take care of her mother as soon as she returned to the city, but she didn't expect that Shaw would take her to the opposite direction of the hospital.

"Well..." Cecilia said in a low and soft voice, "This is not the way to the hospital..."

Shaw looked at her from the rearview mirror, "When did I say that I would take you to the hospital?"

Cecilia shivered and felt like she was in a wolf's den. "Where are you taking me to? No one takes care of my mother!"

Shaw snorted and turned the steering wheel with one hand. "Your cousin is taking care of her."

Hearing Shaw's words, Cecilia was speechless. Although she knew that her mother was taken care of by Yvonne, she was still worried. After all, her mother had just received an operation.

What's more, Shaw's tone made Cecilia feel wronged.

She didn't do anything wrong!

Shaw looked at the little girl behind him with a variety of facial expressions. He sighed and said in a soft voice, "What time is it? Let's have a dinner before go back. "

Hearing what Shaw said, Cecilia noticed the time just now.

The whole city was shrouded in lights. The night had already fallen. The lights were on, and it was a prosperous scene.

Looking at the time on the phone, Cecilia found that it was almost eight o'clock.

Speaking of dinner, she felt a little hungry.

It was true that she needed to eat something, but when she thought of the well-off Shaw, she knew that he must go to a very high-end restaurant to eat. If she went with him, she would owe him again.

If she owed him, maybe she need to keep acting with him. She didn't know when it would come to an end!

"Let me cook for you, okay?" After thinking for a while, Cecilia finally said.

It's best cook by herself, so that she didn't need to owe him a favor.

"What did you say?" Shaw was shocked by her words.

Cecilia didn't know that it sounded so abrupt and ambiguous in the ears of people who didn't know her psychological activity.

However, she was born to be a little slow, and did not feel the silently flowing ambiguity in the air.

"The restaurants outside are very expensive, and I think my cooking is very good. It should be able to satisfy your stomach." Cecilia said after thinking for a while.

It was not until then that Shaw understood what was on Cecilia's mind.

It turned out that she was afraid of spending money.

After knowing this little woman, Shaw had been "fed his sight on" for many times. It turned out that there was really such a different little woman in the world.

"But I don't have any food at home. How can you cook?" Shaw said calmly.

Cecilia straightened up and leaned against the back of the front seat subconsciously. "You can buy food if you don't have. Isn't there a supermarket everywhere on the street? Is there any supermarket near your home? "

"Oh?" Shaw raised his eyebrows. "Go to buy some food materials first?"

"Okay!" Cecilia nodded incessantly.

Looking at Cecilia's silly and sweet face, Shaw couldn't help smiling.

However, Shaw didn't realize that they could also buy food in supermarket until they arrived at it.

In fact, it was not his fault. He had never been to a supermarket since he was a child, and everything he wanted was ready-mad

e. Even if he went to a supermarket occasionally, he would go to an imported supermarket, which was full of imported big brands, and there was no place to sell vegetables.

So, seeing that Cecilia was carefully selecting vegetables, he couldn't help saying, "It turns out that there is such a place."

Hearing Shaw's words, Cecilia was shocked, but after a while, she said, "People in the upper class can't understand the hardships of ordinary people like us."

Seeing that Cecilia had clearly distinguished their status, Shaw felt a little uncomfortable.

Finally, they selected all the food they needed. Cecilia went to pay the bill.

In fact, Shaw wanted to pay, but he found that his wallet was full of 100 dollars, and there was no change at all. Cecilia seemed to have expected this, so she took out her wallet to pay.

Shaw said unhappily. He muttered to himself, "A hundred dollars can also be changed."

He had never let any woman pay for him in his life.

Back in the car, he said in a muffled voice, "Little woman, I will return this to you in the future."

Cecilia wanted to laugh, "Forget it. It's only dozens of dollars in total. Don't be so serious. "

Shaw started the car, "That's different. I'm not used to being paid for."

Cecilia raised her eyebrows and said nothing.

The car went straight to Shaw's apartment.

This was the most high-end apartment in S city. Most of the people living there were rich and had to work in the city center, so it was very convenient for them. It was said that an apartment here was worth tens of millions of dollars. It was impossible for ordinary people like Cecilia to afford it in their whole lives. Therefore, when Cecilia entered the elevator of the apartment, she felt as if she was dreaming.

After all, she had never thought that she would have any connection with the rich.

After entering Shaw's apartment, he pointed to the kitchen, pulled his tie and walked into the inner room. It should be the bedroom.

Cecilia quickly changed her shoes and walked into the kitchen with the food. She only glanced at the structure of the living room from the corner of her eyes.

The color was simple black and white, and the decoration was also very simple and elegant. It was the temperament of Shaw.

Even the kitchen was black and white, which looked a little cold.

The kitchen was empty. Cecilia sighed, put the food in the sink, took them out one by one and washed them, preparing to make tomato and beef noodles.

As soon as Shaw returned to his bedroom, he lay down on the bed. Looking at the white ceiling and the simple light, he had complex feelings.

This little woman... She always gave him a different feeling.

Thinking of what the little woman had done, he felt annoyed. He stood up and walked outside to see what she was doing.

When Shaw walked out of the kitchen, he stopped.

Cecilia wore a pink apron around her waist, which should have been bought together in the supermarket. Her originally shawl hair was tied up, and only a strand of hair was hanging beside her quiet face. She was concentrating on cutting vegetables on the chopping block, not noticing Shaw behind her.

Seeing such a scene, Shaw only thought of one sentence: Time is quiet and good, and the world is stable.

This scene... It was so damn beautiful.

In fact, it was not a bad thing to have a little woman at home

He walked to her side and saw her skillfully cutting tomatoes. Next to her, there was beef wrapped in a plastic wrap and noodles that were not unsealed. He suddenly asked, "Tomato beef noodles?"

"On my god!" Hearing a low male voice behind her, Cecilia was seriously frightened. She couldn't hold the kitchen knife steadily and was about to fall down. Shaw was quick to see that. He held Cecilia's waist with one hand and held Cecilia's hand with the other to prevent the knife from falling down.

Cecilia pretended to be shocked, "Why don't you make any sound when you walk?"

Shaw glanced at her indifferently, "You are too concentrated while cooking. How can you be so concentrated while cooking? You don't even know that a living person has walked behind you. "

Cecilia] was not convinced. "If I don't cook it with concentration, how can the food I cook be delicious? You have to do everything with your heart! You, you.... Don't scare me all the time. "

"Okay." Unexpectedly, Shaw only replied one word this time without refuting her.

Perhaps it was because he found that it was very comfortable to held Cecilia's waist.

Stunned, Cecilia immediately found that their postures were very ambiguous, but she could not get rid of him directly, so she had to ask cautiously, "Well... Mr. Shaw... Can you let go of me? I'm going to cook the noodle. "

Hearing the word "Mr. Shaw", Shaw frowned slightly. "You are my girlfriend. Don't call me Mr. Shaw. Just call me Shaw." Then he let go of her and added, "Of course, if you want to call me honey or husband, I have no objection."

Obviously, the last sentence was really a joke to Cecilia.

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